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When the sun shines directly on the Tropic of Capricorn, the night in the northern hemisphere is long and the day is short, and the polar night phenomenon appears in the Arctic Circle. This is a good time to watch the aurora. From November to February every year, many people plan to go to Northern Europe for an aurora. trip.
Finland Aurora

Iceland Aurora

I don't know if the stars fell into the sea, or the sea was swallowed by the sky, I can't tell which is heaven and the world. Aurora is a luminous phenomenon caused by the collision of charged high-energy particles and atoms in the upper atmosphere in the sky at high latitudes. Aurora is mostly green, blue, red and purple, because different particles produce different colors of light.

But~ you know, according to Herald Sun, you can see the aurora in Victoria! And Melbourne is the best place to watch the aurora! In the past two days, dozens of videographers from Flinders, Mornington Peninsula to Surf Coast have captured images of the Southern Aurora.

So beautiful! ! No need to hoard money and go to Finland~ Drive a car and go to Mornington!

There are many places where you can see the aurora in Victoria:

Lake Tyrrell

Lake Tyrrell is located in northwestern Victoria, 4 hours from Melbourne all the way north. Tyrrell's original intention is the lake of the sky, which is also the largest salt lake in Victoria! In addition to camping and stargazing, if you are lucky, you can also encounter a dreamy scene where the lake turns pink!

Address: Lake Tyrrell, Sea Lake, Mallee District, Victoria

Loch Ard Gorge

Lake Ade, after a shipwreck in 1878, the two rocks here were named after the two survivors of the accident, Tom and Eva. Standing on the top of the cliff, you will be shocked by the steep and rolling cliffs, and when night falls, the sky full of stars will bring you an extremely shocking experience!

Address: Loch Ard Gorge, Port Campbell National Park, Port Campbell, Victoria 3269

Cape Otway

Otway Point is located at the center of the trails of the Great Ocean Road and Great Otway National Park. It is an excellent base for stargazing at night! There is also the oldest Otway Point Lighthouse in Australia. Ascend to the top of the 90-meter-high tower, look down at the wildness of the Southern Ocean, and look up at the endless starry sky. All of this is so beautiful that you can't believe it!

Address: Cape Otway, Victoria 3233

Cape Schanck

If you want to explore the picturesque Morrington Peninsula, you can use Cape Schanck as your base! There is a fantastic lagoon and an old lighthouse built in 1800! Follow the trail to admire the magnificent Bass Strait, visit the private places of Cape Schanck, or wait for the night to fall and admire the beautiful endless starry sky!

Address: Cape Schanck, Victoria 3939


Flinders is located on the Morrington Peninsula in the south of Melbourne. It is a beautiful, quiet and historic town. Stroll through the quaint streets, small shops and post office here during the day, or go shopping in the antique shop, and wait for the gorgeous Milky Way and the bright aurora to slowly light up in front of you at night!

Address: Flinders, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria 3929

Phillip Island

Phillip Island is only a 90-minute drive from Melbourne. It is an island suitable for the whole family to enjoy a seaside holiday. There is so much fun worth exploring! The iconic natural wonder penguin comes home, breathtaking natural beauty, exciting motor sports, delicious seaside meals, and of course, the pure starry sky that is breathtakingly beautiful!

Address: Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia

Wilsons Promontory National Park

Wilsons Promontory National Park, the southernmost XNUMX hectares of beaches on the Australian mainland! Huge granite, cool rainforest valleys, ancient lighthouses and stretches of coastline gather here. There are also excellent jungle trails. Many friends are even willing to spend three full days savoring the natural beauty here! It's so beautiful to camp here at night under the starlight!

Address: Wilsons Promontory, Victoria

Best observation time

Watching the aurora is a test of luck and character. No one can guarantee that you will see the aurora, but many websites will predict the aurora, and you can know the probability of seeing the aurora. The KP value represents the sight of the aurora. Probability, the higher the KP value, the higher the possibility of seeing aurora!

Recommend this website Aurora Australis Forecast:


Aurora shooting skills

Shooting equipment: SLR + wide-angle lens + shutter release + tripod

If you want to take beautiful aurora and starry sky pictures, then SLR cameras and tripods are essential. People who don’t have SLRs just have to put on their phones.

Aperture value f 2-4, ISO400-1000, exposure time 15-30s, the specific value should be adjusted according to the camera lens and the brightness of the aurora. To put it simply, shooting aurora requires a large aperture, wide angle, long exposure and a tripod.

Aurora landscape pictures usually have a foreground (mountains, water, buildings, etc.) to make the picture more layered.

When the aurora blooms, the stars are shining and the sky is full of fluorescence! These beautiful scenery will always remain in your heart, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and take your camera to see the gorgeous light!

News compiled from "Herald Sun"


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