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The frequent thieves in Melbourne are too rampant, all kinds of tricks are used, it is useless,Finally a trick!

According to 7 News, on a dark and windy night not long ago, a group of brave young gangsters holding golf clubs came to the streets of Derrimut suburbs and broke into a few homes by breaking windows. The keys of a Volkswagen car and two cars were stolen from the residents’ homes.

Last Saturday night, these brave teenagers came to this suburb again and stole a black Fiat.

And this is the sixth burglary in this suburb in the past 12 months!

A resident said, "I live here with fear every day. I dare not stay alone at night, let alone go out alone."

In order to protect the safety of themselves and their families, many residents have installed surveillance video and rolling shutters.

However, these measures seem to have no effect on the criminals. Therefore, the residents here negotiated,Plan to invite private security to patrol 24 hours a day to protect the safety of residents.

The person in charge of a security company in Melbourne said that due to the poor security situation, more and more residents are now employing security guards.

In addition to hiring security guards to patrol, residents of another suburb also came up with a good idea:Equip yourself with "weapons"-air horns!

The one who came up with this idea was Steven Archibald, a resident who lives in Narre Warren North, Melbourne. He used to be a soldier in the army, specializing in heavy weapons and reconnaissance technology.

In the past year, there have been 10 burglaries on one of the streets in this suburb alone., This makes residents feel very unsafe, hoping to take some protective measures. However, everyone is also very worried that if it is to prepare weapons such as knives, if they are snatched by criminals, they will pose a greater threat to themselves, so Archibald thought ofAir horn.

This air horn can emit up to 129 decibels, Almost as loud as a jackhammer, theoretically,Continuous noise exceeding 85 decibels can cause hearing loss, once it exceeds 120 decibels, it is enough to make your body organs feel pain. It is usually used for maritime rescue, when a ship encounters difficulties, to remind rescuers. Please cover your ears and listen!


Archibald thinks that when encountering criminals, this air horn is more practical than other weapons, because sometimes the victim is too scared to move and dare not make a sound, and the sound of the air horn can attract neighbors or The attention of passersby is a deterrent to criminals.

Therefore, after collecting donations from local residents, he ordered dozens of such air horns from the Internet and distributed them to every household.

A resident who has lived in this place for more than 60 years said that he feels safer with this air horn. In case someone breaks into his home, he can use this air horn to send out a call for help very conveniently.

The local safety committee even felt that this idea could be extended to the entire region.

In recent years, Melbourne’s crime rate has been increasing year after year, and juvenile delinquency occurs frequently, especially in the outer suburbs and rural areas of Melbourne.

among them,The number of forced burglaries in various places has increased by 4% compared with 39 years ago, and the number of ordinary burglaries has increased by 11%.

In all burglaries, about6.5%In order to forcibly enter the room, in Berwick, southeast of Melbourne,1/5All burglaries include violent crimes.

Actually,"Burglary Burglary""Theft from motor vehicle"They are already the two largest crimes in Victoria.In the past year, the number of attacks in Melbourne's Docklands, West Melbourne, North Melbourne and Parkville districts has reached the highest level in five years.

Nowadays, more and more Chinese and community neighbors have united and started self-rescue measures on security, and the Victorian police actually provided some very useful protection knowledge.

For example, if the owner is not at home for a long time, it is very easy to be targeted by criminals.Friendly reminder from Victoria Police: When you are away for a long time, the best way to prevent burglary is to "pretend to be someone in the house."

Tips for disguising someone at home

  • Turn on the timer switch function of the radio;
  • Cancel the subscription of the newspaper to prevent the accumulation of mailboxes, or find an acquaintance to help you pick it;
  • At the same time, pay attention to finding acquaintances to help take out the various bills in the mailbox, which is very important personal information;
  • Hang some old clothes outside the house, and put a pair of old shoes at the door;
  • If you leave home for too long, remember to find someone to help mow the lawn;
  • Do not leave information about going out on vacation at home, such as posting vacation plans on the refrigerator, writing on the whiteboard, etc.;
  • Remember to leave a light and close the curtains when you go out at night;
  • Please change the automatic reply of fixed phone or mobile phone to "I can't reply now" instead of "I am on vacation now...";
  • For single women living alone, please change to "We can't reply now".

Police Housekeeping Service

Many people do not know that the Victoria Police Department also provides a "special" housekeeping service.

If you want to travel a long distance and can’t find anyone to look after the house, you can go to the local police station to register the "Absence From Residence" form. The main purpose is to leave your contact information and the time of departure and return, so that the local police car will be during your absence. Will go on patrol from time to time.

Form download link:http://www.police.vic.gov.au/retrievemedia.asp?Media_ID=63451

Special reminder is,If you submit this service to the police, remember to inform the police when you return, especially if you return early.

News compiled from "7 News" 


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