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Today I’m going to tell a story full of positive energy. After reading it, the editor feels warm.

I hope everyone can also know this beautiful Sydney girl.

Angela Tan, 24 years old, lives in Sydney.

Three months ago, this beautiful bride-to-be cancelled her upcoming wedding, and the wedding scene has already spent countless energy and 3 Australian dollars investment.

In order not to let these efforts go to waste, Angela decided to hold a charity party as scheduled to raise funds for women in third world countries, help them start their own businesses and create a better life with their own hands!

This shocked everyone!

In the "Daily Mail" interview, Angela mentioned that she and her ex-fiance met in high school, and the year the two fell in love,

She was 16 years old and he was 19 years old.

Since then, the two have spent 8 years of youthful and beautiful time with each other.

Witnessing the important moments in each other’s lives, going to college, graduating, looking for a job...

In 2015, the former fiance proposed to her, and the two became engaged naturally.

The two discussed and decided to get engaged first, save money, and then hold the wedding.

But after we got engaged and lived together, many real and not remote problems appeared one after another, leading to many differences.

The two people also gradually discovered that there is a big difference in their outlook on life.

For example, before marriage, the fiance wants children, but Angela has no such plans;

In her yearning for planning a trip, the former fiance wanted to work and save money...

The former fiance wants to return to work in Asia, but Angela wants to stay in Australia...

Questions like this have been plagued Angela.

As the wedding date slowly approached, a lot of energy and of course money were spent on wedding preparations.

Almost 6 months of careful preparation and careful planning, and about 5.5 Australian dollars in capital investment,

Angela was also at a loss.

But in the end she decided to be true to her feelings. She said that many issues were not discussed in depth when they were in love, and they would not be considered in depth when they were mentioned. But to enter marriage, it is different. These issues must Make a decision one by one.

In October last year, she told her former fiance her true thoughts and personal feelings.

Similarly, the former fiance also felt the same during this time.

But the two did not want to give up their long-standing relationships easily, so they decided to go on vacation together, adjust their mentality, and give each other another chance.

Unfortunately, things are not as good as they want.

The two eventually broke up.

So the two cancelled the wedding after Christmas, and then notified family and friends.

But Angela still feels very sad. It is a pity to waste so much thought and money to prepare for the wedding for so long.

Inspired by her colleagues, Angela decided to hold a charity party-"Something Borrowed" on April 4th, the date of their original wedding.

Her former fiance was also very supportive of this idea.

All the money raised on this day will be donated to "Opportunity International Australia" to provide micro-loans to women entrepreneurs in developing countries to help them create a beautiful life with their own hands and efforts.

Such a decision made Angela no more regrets.

She said that for so many years, the focus of life has always been on other people's lives, and that she will have to live for herself for a few years.

Hope to meet like-minded people on the road in the future.

Angela's decision is like the sunshine in winter, not bright but warm.

At the critical moment of their lives, the two of them did not have many plots like TV dramas, but they chose to quit each other's lives appropriately by mature and rational choices. Separate from each other and bless each other.

The wedding scene that was originally set up for love has now become another kind of love.

Such love should be spread.

Friends who are interested in this charity party, can click below to learn more.

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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