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Picnic, as one of the representative activities of life's interest, is often put on the agenda by various families in Australia. In everyone’s impression, this activity filled with sandwiches or fruit salads seems to come from far away Europe.

In fact, in ancient China, there are records of picnics that have been handed down to the world, ranging from the folks to the temple officials. The little family enjoys nature and enjoys the sense of return of "Mu Xinxin is flourishing, and the springs start to flow", while the prefect Ouyang Xiu also stated his intoxication of "fishing near the river and brewing the spring as wine".

Today, this picnic guide, I hope it can also help you find your heart's direction~

Where to go

1.Royal Botanic Garden

Birdwood Avenue, South Yarra, VIC 3141

Speaking of a convenient picnic spot close to the city, it must be here, the Royal Botanic Garden in Melbourne.

There are a wide variety of trees and flowers in the garden, and the fallen leaves are colorful in different seasons.

And if you indulge in it and spend the whole afternoon in the park, you can catch up with an open-air movie that starts in the evening. It is also the itinerary of eating and watching movies. Experience it in this way, the romance is worth up.

2.Grants Picnic Ground

70 Monbulk Rd, Kallista VIC 3791

Integrating into nature, the participation of small animals is indispensable, but if you go to a zoo like Healesville Sanctuary for a picnic, I am afraid that you will not be able to beat the kangaroos that are raised outside...

As a representative of picnic guests in the animal world, birds are the most suitable ones. If you yearn for the experience of grabbing pizza with pigeons on the banks of the Seine in Paris, then the parrots at Grants Picnic Ground can let you enjoy a more gentle version.

3.One Tree Hill Picnic Ground

Lord Somers Rd, Ferny Creek, VIC 3785

It can be seen from the name that this is a special area for picnics. After walking around 1000 Steps Kokoda Walk, you will arrive at the pleasant Dandenong National Park.

One Tree Hill Picnic Ground is in it. Don't be deceived by the name, which is actually surrounded by greenery, with branches and leaves entangled to shade the sun. Because it is far away from the city and there is no ensuing army, you can quietly enjoy the surrounding world.

4. Rippon Lea House &Gardens

192 Hotham St, Elsternwick VIC 3185

Unlike the recommended places above, it costs 12 yuan to get in and out, but if you are interested in European style picnic rituals, this place must be a good value for money.

Sitting on the grass, the majestic and gentle manor across the street has a panoramic view. Retro, maybe it can be the theme of your picnic~

What to eat

The English picnic picnic is derived from the French word Pique-nique, which means that everyone prepares their own drinks and meals. In such a display session that can give full play to everyone's novelty, the plain bread and lettuce may not be convincing.

Today I will teach you some good-looking and easy-to-make picnic foods.

1. Refreshing Vietnamese spring rolls

Method: Buy Vietnamese rice paper in the supermarket, soak it in warm water for 1-2 minutes, wrap your favorite vegetables or meat in it, sprinkle some olive oil or lemon juice to enhance the flavor, and finally make it into a spring roll.

2. Mashed potato

Peel the potatoes, cut into pieces and steam. When steaming, dice the sausage and cucumber. After the potatoes are steamed, pound them into a puree, add sausage and diced cucumber in turn, pour a little milk, and then add Thousand Island sauce to start stirring, and then knead it into small balls.

3.DIY cheese cup

This is very simple. Pour the cheese and jam layer by layer in a transparent plastic cup to form a colorful cheese cup. You can also put some of your favorite cereal or nuts.

4.Detox Water

A very simple combination of fruit and drink. Cut any fruit you like into pieces, put it in a sealed cup, put it in the refrigerator for a while, take it out before the picnic, and take it with the fruit-scented water after drinking it , And you can taste the remaining fruits, killing two birds with one stone.

Everything is ready, just a call to leave, take advantage of the fine weather this week, let’s include a picnic in this week’s itinerary~


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