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This ordinary little thing is repeated every day in Australia. It is a warm force that is endless...

NotA long time ago, an Australian netizen's post on Twitter touched countless people.

The netizen said that when he went shopping at a Coles supermarket in Central Coast, NSW last Tuesday, he witnessed a very heartwarming scene.

At that time, a father and his two children had just checked out at the self-service counter and were packing up and preparing to leave.

At this time, an old grandmother came from behind and was ready to check out after scanning the things she bought.

However, the grandmother took her bank card and swiped it over and over again, every time it showed that the card was rejected.

After many attempts to no avail, the old lady looked embarrassed, embarrassed, and anxious, not knowing what to do.

Seeing this, the father next to him said to the grandma without hesitation, "I'll help you brush it!"

Afterwards, he took out his card and settled the bill for the grandma without a word.

When I met such a warmhearted person, of course the old lady felt very moved and said that she must return the money to him.

But the father only said "Don't worry, have a good day" and then left with his two children...

The netizen who witnessed the whole process felt that the father's actions were very heartwarming, so he posted the incident on Twitter.

Netizens were also moved by this father's actions:

"What a wonderful person! If there are more people like him in this world, if we all know how to help others, how wonderful life would be!"

"This dad is great!"

"Although the world seems to be full of bigotry and hatred, there are still many kind and caring people."

"Great guy!"

"I did the same thing yesterday. There was an uncle who couldn't swipe his card and was very anxious, so I helped him pay the bill. These elderly people need our care and care."

Another netizen said,Such things do not deserve to be hyped up as news, because similar things happen every day in Australia.

The editor thinks that this netizen’s words are not exaggerated at all.The longer you live in Australia, the more you will feel how enthusiastic and kind the people here are.

Last year, some media issued a topic:Talk about the little touches you have met from strangers in your life in Australia.

The comments of Chinese netizens really make people cry...

"Once the car refueled and forgot to bring the money and was stuck and was ready to fill in the bill. The old black behind patted me and said if I forgot to bring the money. After confirmation, he helped me pay for the money. I asked him for the number and wanted to return it to him. He waved his hand "just pass the kindness"."

"The next day I went to Tuao, I suffered from heat stroke. The driver did not charge cash for taking the bus without a transportation card, so the ticket was free. Afterwards, the clerk looked at me and said that I was a freshman and praised that I had done a good job. Let me not worry. When I took a taxi, I took too many things. A couple at the door helped me to stop the car and I was relieved to wait. The taxi driver chatted with me and praised me, saying that I could make good friends soon, and taught me to recognize Coins. I will laugh when I get home."

"When I first moved to Melbourne, I went to the supermarket with my roommate to buy kitchenware and food. Each of them was carrying two full schoolbags and carrying two large boxes of things in his hands. I hadn't bought a car at the time, so I was exhausted when I walked halfway. My feet are numb. An old woman in her 60s who was driving suddenly stopped and told us to get in the car. We said we don’t need to. She got off and moved our things into the car and said "you guys are so crazy" and talked to her grandson Voice. My heart is warm."

"A family of three has just arrived in Sydney not long ago. I took my children to the park and encountered heavy rain. I had to carry the children, carts, and umbrellas. All of them were soaked. Suddenly a girl ran out and told me that I could come to her house. Taking shelter from the rain, my heart suddenly warms up."

"On the fourth day in Australia, after I finished shopping in the bicycle supermarket, various shopping bags were hung on the front of the car. During the ride, several shopping bags were worn out by the front wheels and everything fell on the ground. The brace broke again, and what was even more annoying was that the chain fell. At this time, a family of four passed by. My daughter and son helped me pick up things. The man helped me load the car chain. The woman went to the store and bought me a bag and napkin (to install the chain). Hands will get dirty), everything is in order, say goodbye."

"The first time I moved, I dragged two large boxes and took the bus. When I got on the bus, I couldn't move up the steps. The driver came out of the driver's seat to help me lift it up. When I saw I was about to get out of the car, he ran out to help me carry it down...Last time It’s hard to drag the box through the train from the airport. There was an uncle with tattoos on his arms that looked fierce and horrible. He picked it up for me and asked if I got off the train at Central, and then stood at the door waiting for me to the station. Help me carry it down."

"It happened to be a storm that day, and there was still some distance from the bus up and down to home. I was walking on the street alone with an umbrella. The walking was so hard and I was soaked. The thunder was so loud that I really wanted to cry. At this time, a foreigner stopped the car and picked me up. When I couldn’t open the door, he came down to help me in the rain and drove me home. I was still embarrassed when I arrived home, but it was really warm and warm. !"

"One year, we went to live on a large lake more than XNUMX kilometers away from Melbourne. During the trip, our motorboat ran into our cruise ship. My friend was seriously injured and the blood flow continued. But there was no signal from the mobile phone and we drove to the nearest one. A family wants to use a landline phone. The male host said, "Even if you call an ambulance helicopter, it will take an hour. I will take you to the nearest hospital immediately. It only takes half an hour." The situation is critical and we are welcome The male host stayed with us in the hospital for two hours before going back with us. We thanked him very much for his help and wanted to pay him at least some gas, but he said: "you own me nothing." "Afterwards, every year when we go to the lake, we will bring gifts to see him."

After reading the heart-warming stories shared by so many people, the editor feels that although there are still many places in this country that we want to complain about, there are still so many people who come here without hesitation, not because of the blue sky, white clouds and freshness. The air is not because of the comfort and welfare that can be enjoyed here.

It's because, here, you can feel the warmth from strangers anytime and anywhere. Here, we know that getting along with each other can be so simple...♥

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