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For international students in Australia, whether they are going to school, graduating, or applying for PR, they are most concerned about waiting time. Only by reasonably estimating your visa time can you make the most accurate short-term planning.

When we want to set foot on this land of Australia, it often takes 5-10 years until you become an Australian citizen.

In these years, the closest contact with us is this Australian government agency –Australian immigrationEvery time we apply for a visa, we have set the next stage of roles, from students, to graduates, to permanent residents, and even citizens.The Australian Immigration Service is simply a "judge of destiny"

Moreover, every time waiting for visa approval is a torment...

Now, the Australian Immigration Service is finally going to show us these waiting times.Australia's global visa and citizenship application processing timetableShocked!

According to this form, you can check the processing time of the visa you applied for (individual new applications are not accepted, visas with quota restrictions and queue requirements are not listed in the form). More importantly, the time of this table will be updated every month. Because the immigration bureau is affected by the number of visa applications processed each month, seasonal peak periods and other factors, the visa approval time will be different. If you log on the Border.gov.au website now, you can see this visa application form, dated March 3th, so it reflects the current time of visa approval in Australia.

Let's take a look at some of the visa approval times that are usually contacted..

1. Student visa

According to different education levels, the speed of the Immigration Bureau for approving student visas is different. The fastest is for university student visas. 75% of visa applications can be approved within 24 days, and 90% of visa applications can be approved within 52 days. Approval.

It can be seen from the form that, as far as the current progress is concerned, all types of student visas can basically be approved within 3 months (90 days).

Knowing this information, you can arrange where to go while waiting for your visa...

2. Tourist visa

Most tourist visa approvals can be completed within 1 month. Except for family sponsored tourist visas, it takes 90 days to complete 58% of visa approvals, which is nearly 2 months.


3.485 work visa

If you are a graduate, you may need to apply for a 485 work visa, which allows you to stay in Australia for more than 18 months to prepare for work or apply for PR.

The 485 approval time is closely related to the time you can stay in Australia, because usually during the 485 approval period, we can obtain the Bridging Visa (bridging visa). According to the editor’s understanding, the longer the 485 approval time, the longer The longer the bridging visa, it means the longer you can stay in Australia!

Currently, 75% of graduates work visas can be approved within 5 months, and 90% of applications require 6 months. That is to say, before the work visa, graduates can still have about half a year of visa time, right? Come on a half-year graduation trip?

4.188/189 immigrant visa

As the ultimate goal of skilled immigration, if you make up enough points, obtain an EOI, and submit an application for permanent resident, 75% of the applications will need to wait 4 months, and 90% of the applications will require 6 months. How many years have been waiting, is it still a few months away?

For the 188 business immigrant visa, it takes about 16 months on average to obtain approval.

5.417 working holiday visa

Working holiday visas are approved very quickly. 75% of applications can be approved within 14 days, and 90% of applications require 34 days.

In addition, there is the progress of the approval of the Australian citizenship application...

All in all, this form can provide a time reference, so that you can arrange your life in Australia properly and no longer have to worry about when the visa will be granted!

Other visa approval times can be checked on the official website of the Immigration Bureau below:



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