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Everyone who comes to Australia understands it. Unlike British accents and American accents, Australian English is quite unique at least in terms of accent...

When you didn't come to Australia, you were worried about what to do if you didn't understand foreigners.

After I came to Australia, I realized that it wasI really don't understand! Everyone must believe,It's not that you can't speak English,It’s Australian English, which is really lazy and willful——

Even other countries where English is the mother tongue are amazed at this. Those of us who are not native English speakers are often caught off guard.

First of all,Australians are used to using acronyms, Especially in slang, it is used a lot, let alone non-native English speakers, even people from English-speaking countries will have to react to some words for a long time.

These dismemberedvocabulary, Is commonly used in spoken language and literary works. According to ABC Radio’s video summary, two of the most common types

The first category ends with -ie.

Such as: bikie: cyclist; chalkie: teacher; ciggie: cigarette; footie: Australian football; sickie: sick leave; soapie: romance series; surfie: people who are passionate about surfing; truckie: truck driver. Australian-Aussie Australian.

The second type is to keep only the first syllable and add an "o" to the end

For example, "garbage collectors" is abbreviated as "garbos", "Fremantle" is abbreviated as "Freo", and avocado is abbreviated as avo.

Then, in addition to the characteristics of vocabulary and pronunciation, in Australian English"Vulgar language"There are also special features. The so-called "four B" vocabulary appears more often, namely:bloody, bastard, bitch and bugger(没错就是你以为的那个,日本人很早就从英语中学会了这句骂人话)。这四个单词在相当一部分澳大利亚人的日常口语中出现的频率极高,但是往往没有真正意义上的骂人的含义,尤其在关系较好的人之间,它们并无多少贬义,只说明对话的双方较熟,关系较密切。当然,在这里, 具体意思的表达主要取决于使用者的语气。

Also, inSpelling, Australian English is different from British English and American English. In 1978, the Australian Government published "Printed style manual for writers, editors and publishers"(The Style Manual for Authors, Editors and Printers), its purpose is to formulate a standard for the publications of the Australian Federal Government, and it is also an authoritative spelling rule guide that can be referenced by various written publications nationwide.

Not American English, nor British English

Australian English has neither fully followed British English nor fully aligned with American English.

For example, Australian cars use British gasoline petrol, but not American gas;

The highway on which Australian cars run is the American freeway, but not the British motorway.

After all, for Australia,Australian English is the most standard English!

In order for everyone to better integrate into the Australian society, chat with enthusiastic local people without obstacles~

The editor summarizes common Australian slang, I hope to help friends who often don’t understand like the editor~

Come with the editor to see what's in lifeCommon slang words~\(≧▽≦)/~

Can you eat?

If you want a cup of tea or coffee, you can say "GIve me Cuppa”, 就是 a cup of tea啦;

McDonald’s McDonald is referred to asMacca's;

The avocado was cut more than half and leftAvoAlready

The biscuit biscuit is also missing more than half a syllable, BiccyIs it cute

Chocolate transformChoccy, Then chocolate biscuits are naturally Choccy biccy

Australians’ favorite BBQ simplified toBarbie, Pronounced "Barbie", but there is not necessarily a beauty.

Any alcohol can be calledGrog.

BreakfastBrekki, What if I fall asleep, it’s okay! Australia alsoBlunch(Brunch)! Dinner is okHave a tea, Not just tea, but also used for dinner

Vegetables are called hereVegie , The potato is calledSpud, The sausage stewed together is calledSnag

A small bottle of beer is calledStubby; A box of 24 bottles of beer is calledSlab

Cigarettes can be calledCiggy, Can also be called "fag" or "durry"

Ketchup is calledDead horse, Is there a strong sense of blood plasma?

Do you recognize people?

Australians claimAussie, Pronounced "OZ", which means Australian

The ancestors of England were calledPom or Pommie

Since Queensland is the main producer of Australian bananas, people from Queensland are calledBanana bender. Is it simple and rude~

Men can also beBloke; Women areSheila; The little ones areAnkle BiterLa

But if you drink too much alcohol and you happen to be a vulgar male, you will be calledYobbo

If you rely on other people’s money to provide for, but don’t give back to those who will be condemned asBludger

The sirs (police) patrolling the street areCupLa

The firefighters are calledFirey

Ambulance and ambulance drivers were cut into oneBoth

Special craftsmen are referred to asTradie, Including fitter, mason, plumber, etc.

The postman brother ispostie

The musicians or musicians in the bar band areMuso

The taxi master isCabbie 

Do you know these?

The gas station is calledServo, I feel full of service consciousness

The shop that sells alcohol is calledBottle-o(This is not a shop selling bottles)

Small car accidents that did not cause much damage also have special namesBingle

Australians who love the outdoors have their own names for outdoor toiletsDunny, Can be more simply referred to aslooOh

Football football is too long! Just calledFooty! The stadium is officially stamped.

Laptop abbreviated asLappy(This doesn’t save a few words)

Garbage can beGarbo; Kangaroo abbreviated asRoo; Facebook abbreviated toFacey

礼物 present又叫做Prezzie; Daily necessities like sunglasses must haveSunnies

连圣诞节 Christmas 都没有幸免,澳洲人把它改成了Chrissie

everyday language

Say thank you can sayTa, The waiter and the supermarket clerk listen to it many times a day

The whole world should know it by now, the Australians say helloG'day

Afternoon is simplified toArvo,that S'arvo It's this afternoon

If an Australian says "That's crap"or"Crap on", thinking they don’t believe what you are saying is true

Heard someone praise youGood on ya It means "well done", which means well done

No worries This is a very common phrase that Australians love to use, which means "no problem" and "no problem".

If someone tells you TA, you can say No worries to the other person; someone tells you sorry, you can say No worries to the other person; someone tells you excuse me, you can say No worries to the other person; in Australia, you can speak well in one day No worries hundreds of times.

In addition, when someone apologizes to you, you can also useThat is cool/Cool

What to usegunna, Is the abbreviation of "going to (to be done...)". A plan that has many plans but not implemented can also be called a "gunna"

Say without hearing what others are sayingBeg yours? This is the short form of "I beg your pardon?"

If someone says,"I'll give you what for," They are basically saying "I'm not in the mood to argue with you, just do what I say!"

"Pull your head in"Is an old Australian phrase that means going to one side, similar to the meaning of "mind your own business".

To describe someone’s temper, you can use"Spit the dummy"Does it look like a child spit out a pacifier when he feels frustrated and angry~

I hope you can practice good listening as soon as possible, and integrate into the Australian society as you wish~

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