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Yarra ValleyThe unique climate provides good natural conditions for producing high-quality grapes.It is one of Australia's three well-known wine producing regions.

It has been planting grape wine since 1838. There are now 3800 hectares of vineyards and 162 wineries. Victoria’s earliest wine garden was built in the Yarra Valley.

James HallidHe has been engaged in the Australian wine industry since 1970. In the mid-XNUMXs, James Khalid chose to settle in the cool climate of the Yarra Valley and devote himself to his beloved Chardonnay and black pen brewing.

from1970Since XNUMX, James Hallid has authored more than70The best-selling seriesThe "Wine Guide" is regarded as the most authoritative and comprehensive introduction to Australian wineries and wines. It is highly anticipated by consumers and the industry when it is published every July.

In addition, James Hallid's "Wine Guide" bimonthly magazine was recently named Australia's best-selling wine magazine.

In the 2016 "Australian Wine Guide", James Hallid selected 162 outstanding 17-star wineries from 5 wineries in the Yarra Valley to recommend to wine lovers.Among the wineries in the Yarra Valley, in addition to the fragrance of wine, there are also beautiful green valleys, endless forests and mouth-watering restaurants. Not only can you taste wine, you can also learn about the top wine making process at the wine estate. The late summer and early autumn are good seasons, so it's better to go to the Yarra Valley. Wouldn't it be pleasant to taste wine and appreciate autumn?From the 17 outstanding 5-star wineries selected by James Hallid, the editor recommends 5 most popular wineries for your reference.

Selection of Yarra Valley Regions: 2016 Outstanding 5 Star Winery

1. DePauli Winery

DeBortoli Winery, founded in 1928, is one of the largest and oldest wineries in the Yarra Valley. Diablo Winery is now Australia's largest family wine company and a member of Australia's First Families of Wine. For more than 80 years, Diebertoli Winery has embraced a culture of sharing quality wines, delicious food and happy times with family and friends.

Here, the host will enthusiastically hold a "training meeting" for all tourists to demonstrate on-site how to pair red and white wine with cheese.

Address: 58Pinnacle Ln, Dixons Creek VIC 3775

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm, except for Christmas and boxing day

Phone: 03 5965 2271


2. Talavola Winery

Tarrawarra winery has been committed to producing high-quality wines since its inception. In 1983, the winery planted 10 acres of vines for the first time with the beautiful vision of the Besen family dedicated to making high-quality wines and sharing them with local people.

The newly released wine 2012 Reserve Pinot Noir won a high score of 97 points by well-known Australian wine critic James Halliday. Under the strict supervision of winemaker Clare Halloran, all the wines produced are made from grapes cultivated by the winery and matured in the winery.

Address: 311 Healesville-Yarra Glen Road, Yarra Glen 3775

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 11 noon to XNUMX pm

Contact number: +61 3 5957 3511


3. Yering Winery

Yering Station is located in the Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia, about an hour’s drive east of Melbourne. The history of Yeringzhuang's grape planting began in 1838. The black grapes from Hamburg, Germany and a white grape called "Sweetwater" were originally used. The first batch of Yeringzhuang's table wine was produced in 1845. Famous in the wine industry.

In 1861, Yering Station won the Argus Gold Cup and became the best winery in Victoria. In 1889, the owner, Paul de Castella, was awarded the Green Prix Award at the Paris Food and Wine Exhibition. It was one of the 14 wines in the world that won the award at the time. Yering Zhuang was the only wine that represented the southern hemisphere.

Address: 38Melba Highway, Yarra Glen

开放 时间:

Monday to Friday, 10 am to 5 pm,

Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm

Christmas closed

Phone: +61 (0) 3 9730 0100.


4. Chandon Winery

Domaine Chandon in Yarra Valley, 1985 kilometers away from the city, is the only unique, high-quality and global sparkling wine in Australia established by Moet & Chandon in XNUMX Brand.

It has a large grape plantation and is a place with magnificent vineyard scenery. Everything here reveals the nature of the French-laid-back and elegant, and even the road leading to the brewing workshop in the wine garden is planted with roses

If you like sparkling wine, you must go to Daomen Winery. Daomen Champagne House, which is rich in sparkling wine, belongs to the French champagne giant. The unique aroma and taste of its pink sparkling wine makes you feel the freshest flavor in the entire valley.

Address: 727 Maroondah Highway Coldstream VIC 3770

Opening hours: 10.30am – 4.30pm throughout the year, except Christmas and boxing day

Phone: 03 9738 9200


5. Cold Creek Mountain Winery

Coldstream Hills Winery was founded in 1985 by Halliday and his wife, James and Suzanne. Soon after its establishment, the wines produced have won numerous awards both inside and outside Australia, demonstrating the rapid development potential of the Yarra Valley wine industry on the international stage.

Today, the original 450 cases of wine produced by the winery have gradually become a representative of small Australian wineries, with 100 hectares of vineyards, with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir as the key products. The wine here is sold to 16 countries, and its popularity is out of proportion to the size of the winery.

Address: 31 Maddens Lane, Coldstream VIC 3770, Australia


Phone: (03) 5960 7000


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