The Bureau of Crime Statistics has announced the high incidence of car hijacking and violent robbery in Melbourne. Please be vigilant when passing through these areas

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In recent days, the number of carjackings and violent robberies in Victoria has surged, causing panic among the public.According to the latest data, the crime rate in Victoria increased from a total of 2015 cases recorded in 550,971 to a total of 2016 cases in 552,005 compared to last year, a 10.2% increase.Excluding the population growth factor, the actual crime rate rose by 8.1%, with an average of 9,119 crimes per XNUMX people.

On the evening of March 3 last Saturday, a young father who lives in the Chinese district of Box Hill was hijacked by two gangsters outside his home. He was also violently attacked to the point of bleeding. He is currently receiving treatment in the hospital. Optimistic, the injury is very serious.

Just two days ago, a group of bandits with masks and violent weapons ransacked Micheal Hill, a well-known jewelry store in Plenty Valley Westfield. They smashed the glass of the store, rushed into the store and took away the jewelry. Many witnesses The passers-by were terrified.

In January this year, a carjacking gang violently assaulted a woman and hijacked her car in the Brighton district. The woman was left by the road. In June last year, a group of gangsters armed with sledgehammers created a series of carjacking cases, which caused panic. In Clayton last year, an international student and a couple were also robbed and attacked and injured. In November last year, a mother’s Mercedes-Benz car was robbed by criminals, and her child was in the car at the time. Fortunately, the car was quickly found by the police and the child was fine.


According to data from the Crime Statistics Agency, the number of robbery crimes has doubled in the past five years, from 183 to 362. The robbery rate has increased by 25%, and the robbers have become increasingly rampant, lawless, and even attacking victims. The police said that the continuous increase in robberies and carjacking cases has aroused public outrage and aroused great concern. There are still many such vicious crimes. In order to solve the increasingly rampant robbery cases, the Deputy Commissioner of Victoria Police expressed his concern about the surge in crime rates and will definitely take measures to prevent more tragedies.

At present, carjacking is not regarded as a separate crime under Victorian law. Only when a robbery and an assault occur at the same time can it be classified as a crime. In order to solve the deteriorating phenomenon, the Victorian government has vowed to introduce new laws to clean up law and order, with a maximum sentence of up to 25 years.

According to data, Melbourne’s Latrobe and Yarra areas are the most prone to such cases, and Latrobe’s crime rate has risen by 9%. Moreover, the age of the offenders is relatively young, roughly in the range of 20-30 years old. Since December last year, perpetrators of this age group accounted for 46% of the total number of cases. According to Victorian Crime Statistics Commissioner Fiona Dowsley, “Our data shows that more than one-third of the related cases are related to theft.”

The following are the top five regions with the highest crime rate:
1. Melbourne (crime rate increased by 5%, 100,000 cases per 27,299.4 residents)

2. Latrobe (crime rate increased by 8.9%, 100,000 cases per 19,725.9 residents)

3. Yarra (crime increased by 3.5%, 100,000 cases per 15,232.3 residents)

4. Horsham (crime rate increased by 7.2%, 100,000 cases per 14,336.7 residents)

5. Greater Dandenong (crime rate increased by 3.4%, 100,000 cases per 13,332.4 residents)

According to statistics, from 2015 to 2016, the main types of crime trends:
-Judicial cases (up 51.6%, from 9 to 158)

-Traffic cases (up 43.3%, from 487 to 698)

-Robbery (increased by 24.4%, from 2572 to 3200)

-Negligence risk behavior (increased by 22.3%, from 4795 to 5863)

-Theft cases (increased by 15.9%, from 165466 to 191717)

-Assault cases (up 11.8%, from 38881 to 43478)

-Violation of management order (up 10.6%, from 52928 to 58563)

-Burglary (up 10.1%, from 49722 to 54745)

-Drug cases (up 6.9%, from 23010 to 24594)

Please be alert and pay attention to safety when passing through the above-mentioned high-risk areas.

News compiled from "abc news"


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