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The train is not only a means of transportation to a certain place, it will open a window for you and take you to experience a journey that cannot be described in words.

The famous travel magazine "Lonely Planet" counts out 5 must-see train travel routes for everyone. The first place is Australia's Ghan train The Ghan.

Train name: The Ghan (full name The Afghan Express) Average train length/weight: 774 meters/1400

Starting station/terminal station: Adelaide in South Australia/Darwin in the Northern Territory

Route length/time-consuming: 2979 kilometers/about 54 hours

Average speed: 85 km/h (top speed 115 km/h)

The train journey is like an epic traversing the inland Australia, traversing the entire coast, from the south of Australia (Adelaide) to the north (Darwin). This train line runs 2979 kilometers. The Ghan is not only one of the most difficult-to-build, long-distance, and abundant sightseeing trains in the world, it is also a very comfortable long-distance train travel line in the world.

Along the way, gradually away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to explore the vast hinterland-the red earth center. Shuttle between cities and travel along the winding coastline to the arid, dusty inland plains.

There are four types of cars and services on the Gan train, namely private, platinum, gold and red cars. Although it has a long distance, you must not question its comfort! This trip will definitely make you addicted and experience an unprecedented Australian journey~

Red Service

  • Suitable for passengers with a smaller budget
  • Sleeper carriage and reclining carriage for choice

Gold Service

  • Suitable for tourists who pursue a stylish and comfortable adventure holiday

Platinum Service

  • Brand new luxury train travel service
  • The carriage is twice the size of the golden double carriage

Private Service

  • Feel at home
  • The box provides a large conference table, audio and video

Red carriage: During the day and at night, the chair can be tilted at a 45-degree angle while sleeping, and it can also be turned to face to face with friends in other seats. You can use public toilets and shower rooms. You can purchase the food and drink at your own expense in the cafe or dining car. Meals and drinks.

Golden carriage:Gold Service is divided into double (Gold Twin) and single (Gold Single)

Gold Twin: A three-seater couch during the day, converted into a bunk bed at night, and a comfortable cabin with a private bathroom
Gold Single: A compact box with a bed that can be converted into a single seat during the day, sharing shower/toilet facilities

Platinum carriage:During the day, it is a spacious private lounge where you can invite three or five friends to gather together. In the evening, it will be converted into a comfortable bedroom, allowing you to have a good quality of sleep. There is a full-size private bathroom with shower, wash basin and cabinets. Space, toilets and free Australian toiletries, and free access to chef’s special dishes, alcohol and beverages.

Board The Ghan train in Adelaide,

Looking at the scenery outside the window, the undulating mountain scenery gradually from South Australia

Transformed into a rough inland,

Rusty red middle,

And finally become the tropical scenery of the top of Australia

The following stops can be a short stop: explore the famous inland towns of Alice Springs and Katherine, take a yacht cruise to Katherine Gorge, kayak down the Katherine River, Or choose other various carefully arranged adventure tours.

Day XNUMX: Adelaide-Alice Springs

Board the train from Adelaide at noon. Settle down in your seat and prepare for the next 24 hours with the rumbling of the train to enjoy the most remote and beautiful landscapes in Australia. Looking at the stretch of desert, red sand ridges and jungles passing by the window, you will begin to appreciate the vastness of this country. The train will travel all the way through the coastal areas of Coonamia and Port Augusta, and Manguri, not far from the strange underground mining town of Coober Pedy. Then you will cross the longest fence in the world-Dog Fence. Drive past Cadney Homestead at the entrance of the Painted Desert, passing many rural towns along the railway.

The next morning, you will cross the Northern Territory border, through the jungle town of Kulgera, passing by the red hills, purple vegetation and sandy Finke River. Before arriving at Alice Springs, enjoy breakfast while enjoying the view.

Day XNUMX: Alice Springs-Katherine

Arrived in Alice Springs at noon. Don't hurry, you can choose to join one of the many "stop" tourist routes to explore the iconic inland town of Alice Springs. Visit the Royal Flying Doctor Service, the National Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame and the Telegraph Station to observe life in the Australian outback from a unique perspective. Or learn about the aboriginal history of the area and appreciate the art works of local aboriginal artists under the leadership of a guide from the central Arendt tribe.

You can also go to Alice Springs Desert Park to see the birds and wild animals here. If you want to play more exciting, you can fly over Simpson's Gap by helicopter. Or join a quad bike tour through the desert. Re-board the train in the evening, and you can enjoy the sunset. The next morning, you will arrive at the ancient pioneer town of Katherine.

Day XNUMX: Catherine to Darwin

Arrived at Catherine in the morning. After breakfast, get off at Catherine and take some time to travel around. You can take a boat cruise along the Katherine Gorge and watch the birds and animals of Nitmiluk National Park up close. Or take a helicopter to overlook the continuous canyon. If you just want to enjoy the canyon scenery, you can disembark halfway and take a section of Barrawei trail. It’s okay if you just want to visit the town. You can take a shuttle bus and get off at attractions such as the Railway Museum, the ancient Springvale Homestead and the local Aboriginal gallery. Leave Catherine at noon.

On the last leg of the journey, I saw the undulating ancient land of Catherine Gorge passing the car window amidst the rumble. Then cross Pine Creek and pass through the historic town of Adelaide. In World War II, when the Japanese bombed Darwin, the town was a major military headquarters. The only Australian war cemetery on Australian soil is also in the town.

Arrive in Darwin near the evening. As the train drove into the capital Darwin, the dusty plains turned into lush tropical plants. This is the end of the "Gan" train journey, but you can continue to travel through Darwin's parks, ports, places of interest and markets. You can also set off from here to explore the waterfalls and rock pools in Litchfield National Park and visit the Tiwi Islands.

  1. Only Visa, Master, MasterCard and Diners Club are accepted on the train. If passengers do not hold these credit cards, it is recommended that guests use cash to pay for snacks and drinks during the train journey. Traveller’s checks and electronic transfers are not accepted on the train.
  2. Luggage: Due to the limitation of cabin space, all luggage cannot be carried on the carriage by passengers. It is recommended that guests only bring the luggage that needs to be used overnight on the train, and other luggage is checked in. Checked baggage cannot be picked up during the journey.
  3. Prohibited items (including luggage, checked luggage, personal belongings, etc.) * knives, weapons, firearms of any type. *Any potentially dangerous items, such as compressed gas, corrosive items (such as wet batteries, items containing mercury, bleach, acid-base items). *Explosives (including fire fighting tools and flares), flammable materials (such as paint, thinner or petroleum products), oxidizing materials (such as hydrogen peroxide), toxic materials (such as pesticides and herbicides), and radioactive materials; And all laws and regulations prohibit items. *Animals (except guide dogs). *Cannot bring food, plants, furniture, etc. with you.

Life is too tired and too fast, let’s take a trip!

Let your good time slow down with the train~


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