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In autumn, it is better to let go of your thoughts and indulge in art exhibitions full of literary atmosphere, or just to eat a few pieces of meat, and then run in Color Run happily, wouldn’t it be better? "Mo" is ready in autumn in April, are you coming?

Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 
Every year at the end of March and early April, Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Hall and Carlton Park will be heldThe largest annual flower show in the southern hemisphere. This is indeed an event worthy of the whole family! Children can enjoy coloring and craft activities, explore the charming Disney fairy tale garden and take pictures with the "Pelican Man".

Gardening enthusiasts can get inspiration in floral, outdoor and landscaping appraisals; children and adults alike can enjoy hundreds of plants, flowers, cacti and gardening exhibitions in a relaxing and beautiful environment.

One of my favorite activities in the flower show is "The Garden at Dusk": Carlton Garden dances passionately at night, offeringA whole night of entertainment, food, colorful light beams illuminate the entire garden, a spectacle.

Event Date:March 2017, 3-February 29, 2017

Event address:11 Nicholson Street, Carlton | Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Victoria 3053, Australia

Melbourne International Comedy FestivalMelbourne International Comedy Festival

Want to laugh? really? Well, you have come to the right place. For the past 30 years, Melbourne has been the comedy hub of Australia. At the beginning, its purpose was to give Melburnians a place to show off their comedy talents in dance halls and small urban venues, but it has now grown intoOne of the most important comedy festivals in the world.

This comedy festival is held in March/April for 4 weeks and is traditionally held in the town hall.

There you can watch 2-3 performances a day and move from one room to another, interacting with the performers and those participating in the celebration.Don’t miss the “All-Star” Super Show on the opening night, Can let fans know in advance what show will be on.

One of the flagship shows of the Comedy Festival isAustralia's biggest opening night competition: Raw Comedy, It has more than 1100 winners from all major cities in Australia who want to be comedians.

Event Date:March 2017, 3-February 29, 2017

Event address:240 Exhibition St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia

Official website:

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival
Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is mid-yearThe most anticipated event for chefs, gourmets and hospitable professionals around the world. There you can share ideas, attend master classes, meet new people and drink with old friends. It is not only an indoor cooking show and wine tasting; there are also outdoor activities, a long table lunch for 1500 people, a wonderful outdoor barbecue, a wine cellar with more than 60 wineries, as well as the roof and basement. And hidden events in the concert hall. At the end of March, the whole city started7 days of carnival, Making the city a backyard full of laughter, delicious food, wine, and passionate people.

Event Date:March 2017, 3-February 31, 2017

Event address:1A Queen St | Queensbridge Square, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia

Official website:

"World's 50 Best Restaurant Awards" Awards Ceremony
"World’s 50 Best Restaurants" and Tourism Australia have joined hands to invite world-class chefs, catering planners, sommeliers, media andInfluential people in the catering industry gather together, To participate in the global gourmet event. The event was held from April 4st to 1th, and promoted Australia’s outstanding food and wine culture to industry professionals and food lovers. On April 2017th, 4, Melbourne, the capital of gourmet food, will present a gluttonous feast for everyone:"World's 50 Best Restaurants" Awards Ceremony! You know, since the establishment of this diamond ranking list, Melbourne is the third city in the world to be eligible to host it!

More than 800 gourmet elites gathered in Melbourne from all over the worldAt the same time, there is also the annual delicious drama "Melbourne Food and Wine Festival". Ace meets an Ace, can you still hold the heart of eating?

Activity time:2017年4月1日至 2017年4月7日

Event address:Royal Exhibition Building, 9 Nicholson St, Carlton VIC 3053

Smurfs afternoon tea Smurfs Children's High Tea

"There are a group of Smurfs on the other side of the mountain and the sea." One, two, three, do you know how to sing? The fairy tales of the Smurfs are enduring and have a history of almost 60 years. What's more valuable is that it is still loved by friends big and small today. The Smurfs Afternoon Tea is to give a boost to The Lost Village, the new Smurfs that will be released this year. Why not go to relive that group of happy and cute elves first, and then watch the new movie with unlimited expectations! In order to keep it XNUMX% beautiful, there is no figure of Gegewu in the afternoon tea~ Parents who accompany the parents also have exquisite afternoon teas to choose from. At the stalls where the children play independently, they can gather together to share their parents’ experiences. Not bad too.

Event Date:2017 year 4 month 3-25 day

Event address:The Langham, 1 Southgate Ave, Southbank VIC 3006

price:$35 for children, $55 for adults

Surf contest Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach

Historic surfing meccaBells Beach (Bells Beach) Located at Torquay, the starting point of the Great Ocean Road, it is one of the important venues for the World Surfers League. The 56th session to be held hereRip Curl Pro Surfing Competition, Is also the longest surfing competition in the world. Surfing pioneers from all over the world are eager to try and compete for the supreme honor of ringing the bell of victory on the beach. Why not verify this extraordinary moment with the surfers and walk the waves together? What's more, there are colorful music festivals between the competitions, let the various music stir up the waves in your heart, and fly freely.

Event Date:March 2017, 4-February 12, 2017

Event address:Bells Beach, Torquay VIC 3228

fare:Adults $10 / free for under 16 years old (tickets purchased on the day of the competition)

Easter egg hunt The Big Goose Easter Egg Scramble

The Easter holiday is coming. Where are you going to find eggs this year? comeBig goose farm, Not only can you participate in a series of Easter activities, children can also get in touch with the animals on the farm and have a good time. The Easter bunny has already prepared enough eggs in the Big Goose Farm. Participate in the Easter egg hunting contest to see who finds the most eggs. The "Supreme" prize is waiting for you. Every child who participates in the game will get a bag of Easter eggs as a souvenir. There are more interesting games, such as spoon-and-egg game, face painting, mini golf, pony riding and so on.

Event Date:2017年4月14-17日 10am-4pm

Event address:The Big Goose, 233 Mornington-Tyabb Road, Moorooduc VIC 3933


Copy the link to grab tickets immediately:

Grand barbecue party Meatstock Melbourne

Together with the autumn wind, the appetite grows, and the appetite is full. The carnivores should quickly make up for the loss of Kuxia and start eating seriously!Meatstock FestivalIt can be called a grand gathering of barbecues, a big autumn event for carnivores! Grilled meats, burgers, sausages with different flavors from all over the world... Are you ready for your guts and belly? In the free time of digestion, you can also visit the most advanced barbecue equipment, watch the chefs show off their cooking skills on the spot, or gain a treasure in a workshop that teaches barbecue skills! Bands from all over the world and locals will cheer you up on the spot. The delicious meat and live music are all in one go. Whatever you want!

Event Date:March 2017, 4-February 22, 2017

Event address:Melbourne Showgrounds, Epsom Rd, Ascot Vale VIC 3032

fare:Single day ticket $35.00, pass $55.00 (free for children under 12)

Copy the link to book tickets now:

The Color Run Night

The color everyone loves is back! What’s more special is this year’s color under the stars""Run! The 5-kilometer race that can be easily completed is not a real race, nor is there absolute win or loss. It is just a happy and healthy night to break through the "dead house" and take an active and joyful step. Participate Runners are required to wear a white T-shirt. However, after the event, each runner will be colorful all over. At the finish line, the runners will be sprayed with color powder every 15 minutes to celebrate the completion of the race and push the entire event to the highest point. Will you become a night runner at this event?

Event Date:2017年4月22日6:30-9:30pm

Event address:Flemington Racecourse, 448 Epsom Rd, Flemington VIC 3031

fare:Single ticket is $73.65, group ticket for more than 4 people is $68.5/person

Copy the link and register now:

Van Gogh Art Exhibition Van Gogh and the Seasons

April,2017 Winter Masterpiece Series ExhibitionComing, the long-awaited "Van Gogh and the Four Seasons"The theme exhibition has finally arrived in Melbourne! The exhibition is jointly organized by the National Gallery of Victoria and the Australian Art Gallery. The works focus on the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and show the spirit of this color genius through the birth, bloom, maturity and death of nature. The world. These amazing original works of art are from Amsterdam.Van Gogh Museum(Museum with the largest collection of Van Gogh in the world) and Otterlo’sKulle Muller Museum(The world's second largest collection of Van Gogh's works), the vividness and agility in every painting will surely bring you unspeakable shock and resonance! The exhibition will also display some of Van Gogh's private collections and letters, so that people can understand the artist from a richer perspective. If the paintings of this "genius lunatic" are also your favorite, then "cross the ocean to see him"!

Event Date:March 2017, 4-February 28, 2017

Event address:National Gallery of Victoria, 180 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3000


Copy the link to book tickets now:

National Library Guided Tour  Welcome to the Library tour

Visit the beautiful scenery under the guidance of a professional guideNational Library of Victoria, Naturally don't have some fun! You might become a member of the library when you are excited, and become a frequent visitor here! Compared to visiting the library by yourself, a library tour accompanied by professionals gives you the opportunity to learn more about this place. Browse all kinds of books, magazines and audiovisual products in the magnificent ancient book reading room; pace to visit the free exhibition in the secluded gallery; you can also read your favorite readings in the reading area. Familiar with various library facilities, such as how to use library computers, printers, and Internet, and even how to quickly find auxiliary facilities such as coffee shops and toilets. In this way, you can spend a whole day in the library without any scruples.

Event Date:2017年4月4、11、18日,5月2日 10:30-11:00am

Event address:State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

fare:Free (individual visits do not need to make an appointment, just gather directly in the lobby)

Port of Melbourne Open Day Port Open Days

Always feel that the family day activities are not new and special? Then tryPort open dayOn a boat trip! As Australia’s busiest container port,Swanson DockIt is like the gate of Mocheng, carrying 200 million large containers of twenty feet each year! Take a boat tour with your family and watch the huge ships from all over the world go back and forth in the port. Their flags, badges and names contain a variety of fresh and interesting stories that make people think about it. The three open days every year are in the warm weather. If you miss April, you have to wait until the end of the year!

Event Date: April 2017, 4

Departure location 1: Gem Pier (located in Williamstown), departure at 11 am.

行程出发地点2:Victoria Harbor(位于达克兰),下午1:15与2:15出发。


Copy link to book itinerary:

hint:Online reservations for the April itinerary will open at 4 am on April 4.


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