The Victorian Meteorological Bureau issued a serious warning: 100Km/hour super strong wind is coming! The temperature in Melbourne will drop by 2 degrees at 10pm, which may be accompanied by thunderstorms

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

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At 3:48 am today, the Victorian Meteorological Bureau issued another: SEVERE WEATHER WARNING for DAMAGING WINDS!

This time, it was a super strong wind with a speed of nearly 100km/h!

Let me show you the text of the warning first

The main idea of ​​the original text:

The strong wind will bring a bit of coolness to Victoria.

The average speed of the northward wind this time is 50-60km/h, and the highest speed will reach 100km/h in central and eastern Victoria in the afternoon.

The above two parts may have thundershowers in the afternoon.

The Victorian Emergency Services Centre issued a reminder:

1. You should park your vehicle in a covered place, away from trees.

2. Put the things at home away and don't be blown away.

3. Stay away from those telephone poles.

The following is the scope of the wind swept through

And the most powerful thing is that around 2 pm, the temperature in Melbourne will drop by 10 degrees!

You know, the highest temperature in Melbourne would reach 32 degrees today!

But you underestimate Melbourne's temper too

"The thermometer was still pointing to 1 degrees at 32 o'clock, but at 2 o'clock, it was only 22 degrees."

This is based on the forecast of meteorological forecasters

In addition, if you want to play at the beach today, or go to beach areas such as Brighton, Dockland, St Kilda, please be safe. The wind near the sea is particularly strong, be careful of being blown away!

When I was writing this news, the wind outside the window had been blowing, which seemed to herald a big temperature change in the afternoon.

In short, please bring a thin coat when you go out today, so that you won’t get frozen when it suddenly becomes cold in the afternoon.

Finally say a cold joke

Q: How do you say one day and four seasons in English?

A: Welcome to Melbourne

News compiled from "The border mail"


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