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The flood caused by the hurricane has turned parts of Kunming and NSW into water cities! The number of casualties caused by the flood is unknown, and XNUMX people lost their energy supply... But even at this time, the mysterious optimists like the people of Turkey and Australia even started to surf...

The flood caused by Hurricane Debbie has now exceededFlood records in Australia in 1954 and 1974.

More than XNUMX Queenslanders currently live inNo energy supplyin the case of.

The government stated that currentlyIt's not even clear how many people are waiting for rescue because they can't make calls at all!

Queensland, it looks like this at the moment... It really becomes a "wave" for going out.

This has really reached an accident and disappeared into the "sea" of people.

This place is not a river, it is a train station...

But at this time, there are still smiles on the faces of the Tuoao men. They are so optimistic...

The children happily swing their oars, and the boat floats in the river...

Let's take a look at the area of ​​NSW again, it is even more terrible...

Like Murwillumbah, it's already a vast ocean...

Another example is Lismore in NSW.

As soon as I went out, people in NSW looked stupid...

The saddest thing is that there is a car that can’t be driven.

But nothing can defeat the optimism of the Tu-Ao people! At this time, the men in NSW are actually high!

No one can stop my passion for beer!

My own boat comes in handy!

Then came even more powerful! ! GentlemenStarted "Surfing"!!!

There are also fancy surfers!

At this time there are self-deprecating Tu-Ao brothers! ! The following big sign says:

"If you ever prayed that it would rain, please don't do it!"


However, it is a joke, this natural disaster has brought too much inconvenience to people's lives in parts of Queensland and NSW, and the casualties caused are really distressing. In fact, the editor is still very pleased to see that the people of Turkey and Australia are still so optimistic, because it shows that the casualties are not as serious as imagined.

May this disaster end quickly and everyone is safe.

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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