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Recently, the news that Amazon is coming to Australia has been reported by major media!

According to the Sydney Morning Herald report: Amazon just spent 5000 million Australian dollars to buy a super large warehouse on Old Wallgrove Road in the suburbs of Sydney!

Super warehouse of 9 square meters!

Equivalent to 5 large football fields! Such a large warehouse is to contract the food, clothing, housing and transportation of all Australians!

Amazon is aggressive this time!

CEO Jeff announced to all of Australia yesterday: We are building our first warehouse in Sydney! Sorry! We are late! We must give the Tuao people

lower price!

All are 30% cheaper than the market price!

more choices!

Clothes, appliances, snacks and cosmetics!

Faster delivery!

Place the order on the same day and deliver it the next day!

This news also maxed out the social platform!

People in Australia will be so happy!

But they panicked...

As soon as this explosive news came out, Myer, Coles, Harvey Norman, JB HiFi, Woolworth,These usually arrogant retailers can't sit still...

In these two days, the stock prices of Australia's largest retailers plummeted!Especially Harvey Norman, after Amazon released the news, the stock price plunged directly! untilToday, the entire Australian retail industry stock index continues to fall continuously...

The entire Australian retail industry is wailing!

Not only that, but the local and Australian netizens who always love to provide advice have not let go of this great opportunity.Give a lot of retailers a big cut!

"Australians can finally buy high-quality and cheap things! Over the years, these retail businesses in Australia have been exploited enough! Only when I was living in the United States and Europe did I know what "customers are God". By the way, There are still several good warehouses in Sydney, or have you bought them all?"

"The Amazon in the United States delivers goods to your door in 4 days regardless of the city. In Australia, it’s okay. I recently bought something online in Australia, but it’s been 12 days, and there’s no news at all! Call to ask, the attitude is pretty good. It's good, but I don't know if I ask three questions. Then I shirk. A business like this will definitely be swallowed by Amazon!

"In Australia, a country with a highly developed agriculture, it costs US$289 a month to buy vegetables. In the UK, it only costs US$227 a month. I always feel strange... ...)"

"Harvey Norman is simply exploiting consumers, OK! 40% off is still too expensive for me!"

Australia Post is also lying down in criticism! Everyone said,As long as Amazon does not cooperate with Australia Post,Anything!

Amazon is so supportive of the people,The prospects for development in Tuao are immeasurable!

Why did Amazon cause such an uproar?

Because these super retail groups in Australia have painstakingly managed the price alliance for so many years,Will be upset by this bald Jeff!

Amazon is no ordinary retailer, it is the world's largest e-commerce platform!

In the U.S. and Europe,Almost everyone buys on Amazon!

There are thousands of products on Amazon, only you can't think of it, there is nothing you can't buy! The point is, the price is cheaper than the physical store!

As the world’s largest and most powerful e-commerce platform,But he has been blocked from Australia's country for a long time!This is not because these retail consortia in Australia firmly disagree!

Although we have seen a lot of various department stores in Australia, they are actually a family...

Some super consortia such as Wesfarmer control almost the entire retail industry in Australia.After we shopped around, we bought everything for food and drink, and in the end all went into the same boss's pocket...

Before Aldi, Costco, etc. entered Australia, it caused a little disturbance, but they were not enough to shake the controlling position of the Australian Retail Alliance.But now, Amazon is here,Everything is different...Because it wants to disrupt Australia's retail industry!

Amazon said that they came to Australia this time to let Australian consumers understand what isLower prices, more choices, faster delivery!

The price is shuffled! Promised to be 30% cheaper

Amazon said that before the official launch of the Australian website, it must first collect the market prices of various commodities, and then, on this basis, reduce all by 30%! In other words, the same thing,Buy on Amazon and get XNUMX% off!All products are discounted!

Moreover, the first to sell on Amazon in Australia are home appliances, daily necessities and food with a long shelf life! Then, slowly expand to clothes, furniture...

After hearing this news, the first to break down were Harvey Norman and JB Hifi...Now Australian buyers can basically only go to Harvey Norman, JBHiFi or Good Guy, and the prices of several of them are not much different.

But, I don’t know... For example, this net celebrity sweeping robot is priced at 789 Australian dollars at Harvey Norman, but it is only 281 US dollars on Amazon, which is only 372 yuan in Australian dollars!

$789 VS $372,Not half price!

Australian products lack competition and are highly profitable. The exploitation is all hard-pressed consumers...Maybe in the near future, Harvey Normal, JB HiFi, Good Guy will find that the number of customers coming to the store suddenly increases, and then everyone just comes to find out and try it...

Over time,It becomes Amazon's physical experience store...

Not only are the prospects for these home appliance companies bleak, but department stores and supermarkets such as Mye and coles, and even DFO, are beginning to feel that something is wrong! Originally, as long as these shopping malls discounted, everyone swarmed over. But if you have AmazonVarious famous brandsThere are discounts every day,Then what are we going to grab...

Amazon's entry into Australia not only dealt a fatal blow to retailers, it also made Australia Post panic...Everyone knows that Amazon's logistics and distribution in the United States and Europe are god-level, and "reaching the next day" is not a dream at all!

But speaking of Austalia Post... Forget it, let’s not talk about it.If you look at this rating, you can feel the anger of the majority of users...

Amazon enters Australia this timeIt is very likely that I will also bring my super-efficient logistics and distribution system.After all, they have successfully practiced in other countries, so they can't smash their signs in Australia...

Amazon promisesWhether it is self-operated or third-party logistics,The same city arrives the next day!

Australia Post trembled suddenly and immediately decided to throw an olive branch to Amazon.We must strive to improve work efficiency,We want to be a partner of Amazon!

Many customers complain less than an Amazon,Australia Post, come on!

In fact, Amazon wanted to enter Australia more than ten years ago, but it has been blocked by various forces. Now I finally bought the warehouse and started hiring employees. It's real! It seems that it won’t be long before Australians can really enjoy the fun of domestic online shopping with a little bit of a mouse and home delivery!

The most important thing is that Australia is no longer the few oligarchs to say!Let the discount come more violently!

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