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There are not only local tyrants and scumbags in Australia, but also true love. Here is a true story that is more touching than a fairy tale:

This girl's name isTuria Pitt, From Australia.

The girl was a mining engineer and a fitness enthusiast. Because the body and face are very beautiful, I have also been a model.

She has a boyfriend, Michael, who has been in love for many years, and the two have come together since they were students.

A girl has a satisfying job and a boyfriend who loves her deeply. It can be said that the journey is smooth and the career and love have a good harvest.

The boyfriend turned out to be a policeman. In order to see her often, he even quit his job as a policeman and went to work where the girl was.

Have you noticed the smile and eyes of your boyfriend in the photo, and the full of love can be felt through the screen.

Most of the previous photos of girls with a happy life are in this sweet style.

However, after a marathon, all this changed.

In 2011, girls participated in a marathon in the Kimberley area of ​​Western Australia. Encountered a wildfire on the way.

When rescuers rescued her from the fire, she65% of the whole body burns, life is dying

The original beautiful appearance was burntUnrecognizable... Lost 7 fingers...

Even the doctor felt that she might not be able to survive... Even if she survived, the quality of life in the future will probably be very poor....

Surprisingly, after experiencingMore than 200 timesAfter the operation, Turia survived...

She stayed in the hospital for 6 months, and then spent another 2 years to recover, learning how to walk, how to live with mutilated hands...

During that time, she was like a baby who needed help anytime, anywhere. To dress, eat, go to the bathroom, do everything you need someone to help...

And in this whole process,Boyfriend Michael has never left

He quit his job and stayed with Turia wholeheartedly. He became her 24-hour personal caregiver, taking care of her daily life and encouraging her to face the future firmly.

He never thought of leaving for a moment, even when Turia was still in the bed, he was alreadyI secretly bought an engagement ring, hoping to find a chance to surprise her...

With the company and encouragement of her lover, Turia recovered well...

After their bodies recovered, the two lived as before, exercising, traveling, holding hands and taking selfies...

Maybe many people think Turia is lucky to have such a boyfriend who will never leave.

However, her boyfriend's insistence on Turia is definitely not just out of sympathy. More importantly, Turia has its ownUnique personality charm...

After the burn, she was like a phoenix on fire, still living her life dazzlingly...

On the cover of the magazine↓↓↓↓

Climb the Great Wall of China↓↓↓

Participate in the triathlon↓↓↓

Give an inspirational speech↓↓↓↓

Recently published books↓↓↓↓

Even if she was covered with scars, she tried to dress herself decently↓ ↓

In addition, she is the image ambassador of Australia & New Zealand Plastic Surgery Charity Organization... Actively participate in various activities to raise funds for the organization to help poor and disfigured people in developing countries have plastic surgery.

He also participated in the work of the charity foundation Haapii, dedicated to providing better educational resources for children in developing countries.

Frankly speaking, Turia's appearance after the fire can be said to be shocking, and even others are shuddering. Ordinary girls may have completely collapsed after undergoing this change in appearance, or even abandon themselves and have never recovered...

but,Turia was not destroyed by fate,But become the master of destiny!

In her own words, that is:

"Misery can bring down a person, or shape a person,I choose to let it shape me"

After walking on the death line, Turia cherishes her life even more:

"It used to be nothing to lie beside her boyfriend, but now,I get up every day to see him,I feel very grateful."

Although there will always be strange eyes, butTrue self-confidence and courage from the inside out will not be easily destroyed.

True love is the same

Someone asked Michael if he ever thought about spending money to find someone to take care of Turia, leave silently, and start a new life again.

"What I like is her soul, her personality, she is the only one, the lover of my dreams", Michael replied.

In 2015, Michael proposed to Turia in the Maldives.

Until now, she has performed an average of 3 operations every year...

"I still want to improve my appearance. If that requires another 1000 surgeries, I will do it too, but I'm not in a hurry, take it slow."

Maybe this sunshine and strength is her most attractive place...

Currently, Turia is preparing for her wedding with Michael. The following interview describes her plans for the wedding:

This Bonn love show makes people burst into tears, appearance is not everything, true love is priceless! The editor wishes them~

News compiled from "Daily Mail, news.com.au"


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