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Yes, Australian travel guides may never tell you this...

1. Art photos of cute animals in Australia, I want to hug them

Real Australian wild animals:

This is comparable to a kangaroo who is as strong as a boxer, and a dog who has licked the sea toad's back. (The sea toad's back is stimulated to secrete toad, which is classified as a first-class drug in Australia, similar to heroin and cannabis , Will produce mild hallucinations.)

2. Australia has romantic and charming beaches and coastlines

But the real Australian beaches are:

"At first I thought it was just some seaweed, eh... Then I found out it was a snake. Well, fortunately it died. I found out that its head moved on its own. It was terrible, but you know, it Bondi Beach (Anything hell will happen, smile)"

3. Sydney Harbour bathed in a gentle sunset

And the real Sydney Harbour:

It seems that foreign parents are also quite informal...

4. The unique and aura of Western Australia in our fantasy

But the truth in Western Australia is:

This big brother who lives in Western Australia is too lonely at night, so he wants to fly to the bar high. But the plane did not go to the sky, because he chose to start from his home and taxied directly on the main street of the town to the entrance of the bar. Please, this street is out of space too!

5. Australia’s beautiful and peaceful rural scenery is very beautiful when we stand without talking

There are always surprises in the Australian countryside. Yass is a suburban town in New South Wales. The McDonald’s billboard in the town is very beautiful, please understand by yourself...

6. Australia has a deeply rooted coffee culture. There are a variety of warm or romantic independent coffee shops in the streets and lanes, and there is an international coffee festival for coffee lovers every year.

Authentic Australian coffee culture

"I reluctantly wish you a Happy New Year. Please don't expect any thoughtful service from our store today."

7. The mysterious outback of Australia

The real Australian outback (face cover):

The editor thought, in this case, it might as well solve it directly in the grass...

8. Enjoy the afternoon sun and have a brunch at the Sydney Opera House.

As a result, I was stunned by the steady combat power of the Circular Quay seagulls...

9. Take a stroll in the winery and have an intimate contact with nature.

As a result, my feet were covered with seeds of various grasses, allergic to itching for a week.

10. The ideal Northern Territory environment

What I actually saw: the front page of the newspaper-IdiotAlmost lost his left testicle (a driver who nearly lost his left testicle in a car accident in the suburbs after drunk driving...)

11. Melbourne with strong humanity

This taste, this "humanistic breath", is so sour! Melbourne beaches occupied by fecal pollution (In early January this year, due to the impact of heavy rain washing the city's dirt, Melbourne's bays were threatened by feces.)

12. Why not take an epic Australian road trip in Australia?

Drivers, please drive carefully, you may encounter kangaroos, koalas, wombats, and...big bosses ahead?

News compiled from "Buzzfeed"


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