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In the deep mountains and forests of northern New South Wales, Australia, there is a "serial killer"...

In a few months, hundreds of live little lives have become its Chinese food.

The area with a radius of 300 kilometers is the scene of its crime.

It was so cruel that even the NSW government cried out in a hurry...

This crazy guy is it!


It’s this cute cat with a tongue out,

The New South Wales Department of Agriculture named it Fang.

It is believed that cats represent cold, lazy, but very popular pets in many people's hearts. After all, the title of cat master is not for nothing...Many people treat cats as masters, and they can only silently become shovel officers. But for the Australian government, cats are the worst ecological killer.

Fang looks harmless to humans and animals,

But for other small animals in the same forest, it is a nightmare!

See one eat one, see two eat one pair!

The mountain is almost eaten up!

Hmm...Actually, there are about 8 to XNUMX million wild cats in Australia...

Under their cute appearance, these guys suffer XNUMX million native animals every year....

In order to expose the true colors of this product and arrest these terrible "killers", friends from the NSW Department of Agriculture have also worked hard.

They first calmed these wild cats in the wild by various methods, and then installed tracking devices on their bodies.

Then let these cats go back to nature to explore the living habits of these wild animals.

Fang is one of these experimental cats...

From the moment Fang ran out of the cage, he began his own "slaughter" road...

Fang in the mountains and forests patrols the tops of the mountains every day.

When you meet a lizard and eat a lizard, you will catch a bird without a lizard.

In the eyes of these wild cats, things in the forest seem to fall into two categories:

Small ones can only be eaten, and ones that are too big to eat....

But what surprised these investigators was...

Each wild cat can kill 1000 local creatures every year. Crickets, lizards, and small mammals can't escape cat claws!

however,In addition to catching birds and eating some lizards, this one can even eat baby kangaroos! !

And it's still a gang committing crimes!

"According to observations, Fang has two accomplices, a male cat weighing about 6.7 kg.

And another very cruel cat...

We have seen one of the cats bite oneBush-tailed kangaroo, drag and run "...

For these cats, eating a mouse is not difficult.

After all, some wild cats are about the same size as foxes.

But... cat... dragging... kangaroo... running... this picture... is still a bit peculiar...

They once found aUp to 6.8 kgWildcats hunted 5 kg rock kangaroos. In particular, the super-large breed cats that emerged after crossbreeding are fast-moving and powerful in hunting and hunting, posing a great threat to the Australian mainland wildlife population.

Not only eating kangaroos, the staff of the NSW Department of Agriculture also said,

Whether it is reptiles or various mammals, as long as they can be caught,

It's hard to escape...

Just by looking at the teeth of these wild cats, you know that "victims" will not end up much better...

Moreover, according to the tracking data, Fang and these wild cats have very wide trajectories...

I really like to be the overlord of the mountain

"The wild cats that have lived in the wild for many generations will survive and hunt within a range of about 25 kilometers.

After hunting in a certain area, they will continue to move to a place 20 kilometers away,

Sometimes I share this area with other cats, or reopen a new area to dominate..."

Just Fang, a cat, swept an area of ​​300 kilometers in less than three months...

It’s a killer who eats invincible players all over the world...

After being used to King Mountain, these wild cats are gradually not afraid of people...

Occasionally, I would go to the nearby farmland twice, piggyback on the transmission point of disease....

Investigators from the NSW Department of Agriculture said that these cute wild cats are really harmful.

In addition to infectious diseases, the predatory habits of these cats are simply destructive to the local ecology...

Now that the true face of this "serial killer" is revealed,

Now NSW is ready to carry out tough clean-up actions,

To minimize the ecological harm caused by these "serial killers"...

Due to the unique advantage of "geographical isolation",

The Australian continent used to have a unique ecosystem,

But with the development of human beings,

Great changes have taken place in the Australian ecology...

In the past, the Australian government culled kangaroos on a large scale,

And now,

In order to save 124 species of wild animals,

The Australian government plans to

Cull 200 ​​million wild cats.

However, in order to protect animals, the authorities encourage relevant groups to trap wild cats after trappingEuthanasia...

In the past year, Australia has culled 21 wild cats. Now ecologist John Read is even taking advantage of the cat’s ability to lick his own fur to design high-tech traps.Spray poison on the cat and let the cat take the poison to death while licking its fur.

Expert: "Australia has the worst mammalian extinction record in history. The growth of large wild cats constantly reminds us of our past extinction records." Experts estimate that this wildcat hunting plan can save at least 124 All species are saved from extinction.

This matter also caused discussion among foreign netizens:

There are cats...

"This cat just did what a normal wild cat should do. It kills for food. Big cats kill more... so brutal just means it needs more protein. This cat is very beautiful."

"I was even more shocked if this cat appeared in Woolworths shopping for cat food. It needs to be eaten."

"Then what should these cats do? Starve to death?

Human damage to Australia’s ecology is even more serious, even these cats were introduced by humans.

Well, if a certain species is to be persecuted in order to protect the environment, then people should stop living.”

"These cats are very suitable for farms.

These powerful cats are great for protecting farmhouses and livestock. They did the right thing, they just appeared in the wrong place.”

"Wild animals are just out of survival instinct! What did they do wrong?!

In that case, what's next? The flying bird? "

Of course, there are also anti-cats...

They think that since these guys have caused damage to the environment,

Then... uh... die to death.

"I think cat lovers have overlooked one point. These are not your cats.

I have seen their bodies as long as one metre, and their tails are longer than the body of your whole kitten.

.. They can kill everything except wild dogs. They need to be extinct. "


This "serial killer" is indeed a bit difficult to deal with...

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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