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One of Victoria's most famous travel routes-a tourist bus on the Great Ocean Road lost control and overturned, causing one death and XNUMX injuries.

Just after five o'clock in the afternoon on April 4, a tourist bus driving on Great Ocean Road suddenly lost control near Apollo Bay. After dashing out of the road and rolling over, it crashed into a tree in Glenaire.

According to reports, there are 38 people in the car including the driver. When the accident happened, two passengers rolled over the bus under the bus, and a XNUMX-year-old Taiwanese man died on the spot. Another woman who injured her pelvis was rescued and was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital. According to Victoria Police, her current injuries are still very serious.

After the accident, in addition to the above-mentioned dead and severely injured, an injured man in his forties was sent to Apollo Bay Hospital, and six others were treated at Geelong Hospital. They are all in stable condition. The remaining passengers (reported that the injured included four children) were also slightly injured or frightened to varying degrees. After inspection by the paramedics, they were arranged to rest in Apollo Bay.

All passengers on board are Taiwanese

The Taiwan media further confirmed that the passengers on the tourist bus were all members and family members of the Taiwan Youth Chamber of Commerce who went to Melbourne this time to participate in the World Federation of Taiwan Chambers of Commerce.

According to the Feng Media website, the 38-year-old man who unfortunately passed away was Guo Zhengyong, a young Chicago businessman.

The seriously injured woman is a Philippine young businessman Xie Jiazhen, who has recovered from the operation.

The Taiwanese Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission stated that the World Federation of Taiwan Chambers of Commerce held the 4rd second joint meeting of directors and supervisors in Melbourne from April 7th to 9th. More than 23 people attended.Among them, 28 participants encountered the accident after the meeting and participated in the "Melbourne Great Ocean Road Three-Day Tour" event.

据称, 台湾侨务委员会已经第一时间启动紧急联络机制,并立刻派员赶往医院探视伤者,目前正积极与有关方面处理后续相关协助救助事宜。

Up to now, the Victorian police closed most sections of the Great Ocean Road to investigate the cause of the accident. The investigation results or further information have not yet been released.

Great Ocean Road-a popular travel route with frequent accidents

The Great Ocean Road is one of the most popular travel routes for tourists in Victoria and even Australia, and it is also a place with frequent accidents.

Two months ago, at the same place where the accident happened——Glenaire, A car driving in the wrong lane caused a four-car collision, resulting in six people being injured. Three of them were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Last October, inLocated in Eastern View, near Devils ElbowIn a place, a motorcycle accident with a truck resulted in the unfortunate death of the motorcycle driver.

In July 2014, a small tourist bus carrying seven passengers Gellibrand Lower The accident drove out of the embankment, resulting in the death of a woman in her thirties and a serious injury to a teenager.

Cherish life, safety first

The long holiday in April is approaching, and many people have included the Great Ocean Road in their travel plans. Every tourist, please pay attention to traffic safety during the journey, and try to avoid traveling at times when the weather is not good. I sincerely hope that everyone canGo out happily and come home in peace, Don’t make people such a painful accident happen again.

Friends who plan to travel by car, please read the following carefully before departurePlease Note :

1. The Australian traffic regulations are a mixture of British and American traffic regulations. You should learn the relevant traffic regulations before you officially go on the road. Before long-distance self-driving, you should get used to right-hand drive driving, route and concession regulations on urban roads.

2. The Great Ocean Road has roads of various terrains, especially in the "surfing beach" section. The coastal roads are undulating from time to time and are close to the mountains and the sea. Drivers should always pay attention to the road surface and concentrate on driving.

3. The speed limit on Great Ocean Road is mostly 80km/h, but the actual average speed of most road sections only reaches about 50km/h. Don't be greedy for a while, or speeding.

4. When encountering animals, such as kangaroos, stop or dodge in time: As there are many wild animals in Australia, if you encounter animals that suddenly appear when driving on the road, everyone should pay attention to dodge.

5. Pay attention to fueling. A rented car can generally run 300-700 kilometers with full gas. The Great Ocean Road is a tourist route. At least 10 gas stations can be encountered along the way, but there will be fewer gas stations in the section from Apollo Bay to the Twelve Apostles and then to Colac. Pay attention to the fuel tank. The 1/4 point is the warning line. You can turn on GPS to search for gas stations.

6. Mobile phone signal. Because Australia is very large and sparsely populated, some of the mobile phone signal coverage is not very comprehensive, so if you travel the Great Ocean Road by car, it is recommended to buy one with wider coverage. In addition, be sure to keep the phone open.

7. 切勿夜间驾驶: 海外自驾过程中夜间驾驶有时非常危险,一是路况不熟悉;二是因为夜驾需要注意力高度集中;三是袋鼠晚上出没活动,还有趋光性。

8. The farther away from the bicycle, the better. The law stipulates that you must maintain a distance of more than 1 meter when driving over a bicycle, and it is recommended that the distance be more than 2 meters when the speed is fast. If the bicycle safety is threatened by being too close, it is equivalent to a crime in Australia. Similarly, when opening the right door, you must pay attention to whether there are bicycles and motorcycles behind. It is also a crime to be hit by them into your door.

9. You must wear a seat belt. If you don’t wear a seat belt, you will be fined 200 Australian dollars.

10. Zebra crossings and traffic lights are courteous to pedestrians.

11. In any case, give way to vehicles on the right. You are solely responsible for the collision on the right side of the vehicle.

12. On the roundabout (Round About), let all the cars on the right and on the roundabout.

13. When you see the hexagonal "Stop" sign, whether there is a car or not, you must stop to a standstill before turning or moving forward.

14. When you see the triangular "Give Way", you must slow down to below 20 to give way to all vehicles.


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