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According to "Herald Sun", Australia plans to open it up by Easter (April 4) at the latestThe first in historyInformation labeling system for eggs.

It is mandatory to indicate the density of chicken flocks on the farm on the boxes of all sold eggs.The draft of this system has taken as long as half a year to solicit opinions from all parties, and it will be gradually implemented in the next 4 months from mid-April.

According to this standard, if they are to be called Free Range in Australia, then the upper limit of their stocking density on the farm is 10,000 birds/ha(That is, about 1 local chicken must be at least 1 square meter. According to the volume ratio, Australian chickens are not worse than one person!)

Egg Farmers of Australia (Egg Farmers of Australia, referred to as "Australian Egg Association") means: This density standard means approximately4 free-range chickens are stocked on a double mattress area. The specific density will be clearly visible to consumers in the egg carton in the future, which will help everyone make purchase choices.

In Australia, there are also very rich farms that have reached the standard early, such as the one in the picture below:

Caroline Kissel, an egg producer from Hamilton, said with hatred that the stocking density of my chickens is 30 per hectare. It is a comfortable life and the quality of the eggs laid is very good! (It is estimated that the synchronization of egg prices is also very beautiful...)

Know the MCG of Melbourne Cricket Ground? If it is the standard of 1 hens per hectare, it is equivalent to 2.5 hens on MCG, and the density of chickens on my farm means that you can only see 75 hens on the cricket court.

A large area of ​​Australia is occupied by chickens..........

The implementation of the new regulations may cause Free Range egg farms to need to repackage and label information, leading to closure of the business for rectification.The price of eggs from the ground may soar in the short term, And then stopped at a relatively high position.In the face of price increases and stock-outs, some consumers are likely to switch to caged eggs, and the prices of the latter will continue to rise.

Now that the weather is getting colder, in fact, the chickens are less willing to lay eggs when the winter is gradually entering...

The Australian Federal Government hopes to improve the living conditions of chickens, and the decision to "protect chicken rights" has not changed. Only when they are getting more and more comfortable and feeling better when they are outdoors can they lay good eggs.

A survey last year showed that 40% of the eggs sold in the Australian egg market claimed to come from free-range chickens. However, 30 free-range eggs sold in supermarkets such as Woolworths, ALDI, Coles and IGA were investigated, and only 3 of them were sold in supermarkets. Under the new regulations, the standard can be met.

The difference between eggs

Cage eggs

As the name suggests, chickens live in indoor cages in traditional chicken farms. They have the least dignity, life is miserable, conditions are the worst, and they are in a bad mood. There is no hope for "chicken birth". The eggs laid are "sorrowful eggs". It’s also the cheapest,The average is about 20 to 30cent.

A better chicken coop lattice looks like this:

This is bad:

Cage Free Egg

It is nothing more than the lack of small cages, but in fact the chickens may just go to the ground, but staying in a "big cage" is more dangerous to the survival of the chickens to a certain extent. The whole is like a poor country in Africa or South America. The big prison is full of right and wrong. One day, who died in the flock of chickens, the chicken raisers had bad eyesight, and they couldn't find out immediately.

The eggs laid by these chickens are slightly better than the former in quality. The price is also slightly higher,About 30 to 50cent one.

Free Range

Yes, these are chickens that are lucky enough to have a blue sky above their heads. The eggs laid by this kind of chicken are naturally more expensive than the former two.The price can come from 60 to 70cent.

However, it is said that these chickens are not entirely capable of running happily in nature. The standards are actually very vague. Many farms are very foolish. Their chickens only come to larger places, and they only come out at certain times of the day, and the surroundings are still very crowded. Australian consumers who were deceived first and took a lot of money, and then bought the eggs they lay, were then taken even more seriously.

Of course there are also so-called more advanced onesOrangic chicken, Is more wild, the living environment is more ecological, there is less manual intervention, and the eggs are the most expensive. It is said that they are very nutritious. Because this kind of chicken eats grass and insects freely and easily, soThe price is close to 1 yuan.

There have been reports in the past that many local chickens in Australia have a terrible environment. A big place means high quality? In fact, it may be easy to cause poor management, especially when it comes to cleaning, handling dead bodies, and treating infectious diseases. The quality of eggs is also worrying.

Although the density of free-range chickens on the farm is currently limited to 10,000 chickens per hectare, the consumer advocacy organization Choice still urges that it should be stricter, suggesting 1500 chickens per hectare.

I hope that the chickens' lives will get better and better, and our rations will get better and better, but the problem is that they have to be affordable and can be bought! Maybe you have to consider raising a chicken in Houyuan...

News compiled from "Herald Sun"


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