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Seeing cute koala babies on the Internet, there will always be a large group of people exclaiming below: "So cute! I really want to steal one and hold it home!"

Everyone is just joking!but! Someone actually stole the baby koala in Australia!Also stole three at once!

According to the Daily Mail report, last Friday morning, Brisbane wildlife watcher Samantha Longman cried to the police and told the police that she woke up in the morning and found three koala babies had been stolen overnight!

Daily Mail: "They took away the most docile ones!" The immeasurable thieves stole three sick koala babies from the caretaker's house. If they can't be retrieved in time, their lives may be in danger!

The stolen were a female koala and two male koalas.The weight is between 2-3kg, they have just reached 14 months, they still need milk feeding!

To make matters worse, two of the baby koalas are sick and need medication every day!

The situation is already very dangerous, plus the fear of being taken away forcibly,The baby koala may be life-threatening!

(Samantha and the koalas she takes care of)

Samantha Longman has been engaged in caring for wild orphan koalas for 14 years. She carefully raises and grows koala babies who are only a few days old, and gradually cultivates their ability to adapt to the wild environment. When the time is right, she will bring them up. Released into the wild.

The three koalas that were stolen were still too young and their health conditions were not optimistic. They simply did not meet the standards for survival in the wild!

Samantha put the koala's cage in his backyard, but he didn't expect them to be stolen like this!

She wiped her tears and said, "They must have thought I used to feed them, and now they are gone!"

Samantha Longman provided the police with photos of three koala babies:

This baby female koala is in urgent need of medication:

One of the male koalas has a visible scar on the head:

Another male koala baby has a very dark black-gray fur:

Samantha Longman said: "I don't want to know who stole them or what your purpose is. I just ask you to return them to me!"

"I will tie the koala cage to my mailbox, and I promise to turn off the alarm! So please return them to my care!"

If you have any news about these three koala babies
Please call the police station immediately: 131444

Or contact RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals): 1300 ANIMAL

As soon as this incident happened, netizens in Australia went crazy! Have scolded:

"Is there something wrong with the koala stealer?!"

"I hope you can find them. Obviously some people think they can be treated as pets! I am ashamed of them!"

"I hope the koala babies are safe! Please help everyone find it! Can the police do more this time?"

"It's crazy to see someone doing this kind of thing! Do they find it fun?"

"No matter who stole them, I hope I can send them back safely! If you can see these comments, please conscientiously find out!"

"This is one of the worst things I've ever heard. Who would do such a thing?! The koala babies are so pitiful, my heart is broken."

"God! Why would anyone do this kind of thing! I hope they can find out and return the baby koala back!"

"I'm so angry! I hope the koala babies can be found as soon as possible! These criminals should be sentenced!"

Samantha Longman made a special recording on the show yesterday morning, calling on them to return the baby koala. The editor sincerely hopes that the baby koala can go home as soon as possible without incident!

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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