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Recently, Australia has been rioted by several links. And this hook looks like this, very ordinary, there are a lot of them in the supermarket.

However, the police issued a serious warning about this. If the hook is found in public,Leave quickly and call the police immediately!

because,This looks like an ordinary hook, but it has a tiny camera inside. And it has been secretly installed in public toilets in Australia with a lot of traffic by criminals for sneak shots of indecent videos.

If you are not careful, you will be caught!

(The red circle is the camera)

So recently, the police have also tried their best to hunt down these wretched voyeurs with miniature cameras!

No, the Australian police really caught a pervert. This is how it happened. One day the police received an alarm saying that they saw an uncle who was about 40 years old sneaking into the toilet.

The police hurriedly assembled on the scene, a tiger pounced, and took the uncle down, and found that he was holding a memory card in his hand cringly, and was about to leave in a hurry.

The police checked the memory card and foundAll candid images of passengers going to the toilet!

Moreover, this pervert is still not taboo for men and women, and he has to shoot men in the toilet! Not even a minor...

It turned out that this uncle was a toilet cleaner at the train station. He kept listening to the sound of the passengers flushing, so he thought of peeping further. So he searched for the invisible camera on the Internet and found the hook with the built-in invisible camera.

And because this kind of hook is very concealed, people who usually go to the toilet think that it is normal for the toilet to have a hook. As a result, he has repeatedly succeeded, and the people he is shooting

There are already more than two hundred people,

And this number is still increasing...

Passengers at the train station who heard the news were scared crazy. In addition to feeling disgusting, they also worried about whether their images were leaked and accidentally appeared on pornographic websites!

What shocked the police even more was that this tiny camera hook was classified asHome security equipment, That is,The purchase of this thing is completely legal and very convenientBenefit.

In Australia, you can buy it on eBay!Simultaneously,Its price is very cheap, you can buy it for less than 30 yuan!

And the cleaner also explained,There are more similar hooks hidden in his home, and he planned to install them in a larger area.

At present, the police have found this kind of hook in many different public toilets in Australia. Netizens are also angry when they see this news. They are angry and worried.Moreover, some Australian netizens said that they have found this kind of hook in other road sections!

"No wonder these videos are put on porn sites!"

"Today I saw this kind of hook in the toilet on Mary Street! It collapsed!"

"What kind of pervert wants to see women go to the toilet! The earth is too dangerous, I am going to another planet..."

"This tragedy is happening again in NSW after the United States! Watch out for these abnormal devices!"

But many people will say, this hook is so concealed and looks like a normal hook, how did you find it! If this continues, I will not dare to go to the public toilet!

Here are some tips for identifying this kind of invisible camera. Let's see how we can spot this danger in time!

01. Use reflected light

Any camera needs to collect visible light for imaging, so all lenses can reflect light well.

Taking advantage of this characteristic, there is a simple and effective inspection method, that is, take out the phone and set it to flashlight mode.Illuminate every small hole that looks like a camera and observe the reflected light.

02. Spy Finder

Now everyone can buy a detector similar to Spy Finder to protect their privacy. This type of detector has a reflective detection sensor. If a small red dot is displayed, then there is an invisible camera!

and,There are similar detectors available for download in current mobile apps, For example, Hidden Camera Detector can be downloaded in Apple Store!

I hope that all friends in Australia, before using public toilets and even changing rooms, you can check carefully to minimize the harm, protect yourself and others!

News compiled from "7 News"


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