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Recently, the story of a couple in Australia has attracted the attention of countless people. When the couple was traveling in Egypt, they took a quick photo and posted it on the Internet. The result was an overnight success!The next one is out of control...

Egypt Mystery Tour...

The couple are from Brisbane. Husband Moore and wife Russell are out-and-out travellers.The two will travel together when they have time.

Not long ago, the two of them planned to take advantage of the holiday to go abroad to play a circle. Because the nearby countries are almost everywhere,The couple turned their eyes to Egypt, which is farther away!

Speaking of Egypt, it used to be one of the four ancient civilizations in the world, leaving countless precious relics.Among them, the Pyramid is the most famous...

The story behind the pyramid is even more mysterious, the pharaoh, the sphinx, the mummy, the golden mask...Picking one out at random is very worthwhile for everyone to explore and reveal...

The pyramid is really worth seeing. The couple also wanted to explore this mysterious "Golden Triangle" in person, so they combined,

go! Go to Egypt!

Make a magical movie...

The first thing the couple did when they arrived in Egypt was to visit the famous pyramid!They went into the pyramid to explore, and were deeply immersed in the ancient and mystery of the pyramid...

Looking at the magnificent scene in front of her, his wife Russell suddenly thought that she had finally come to such a wonderful place so far,It's time to take some photos or record a video as a souvenir!

So she pulled her husband together and imitated the walking posture of the ancients in the Egyptian murals.Stretching out two arms, one behind the other...

The two took pictures in this funny and memorable posture,Also recorded a short video...

Afterwards, the couple will use this pose to take photos or record short videos whether they are hanging out in the Egyptian bazaars or diving under the sea.Sometimes there will even be another dance...

What the couple did not expect is,This simple posture has attracted the attention of countless passersby and tourists around!

Whenever they do this action, many people are vying to take pictures and videos with them...

The Internet became popular overnight...

The couple spent a wonderful time in Egypt.Near the end of the trip, the two of them edited the photos and short videos they had taken into a collection of images.

In the video, in addition to the customs and customs of Egypt recorded during the journey of the two, the unexpected action is everywhere.The two funny guys are not static for a moment in the short film!

↓↓Everyone feel it↓↓(The editor has been brainwashed)


Then the two uploaded the video to Facebook. What they didn’t expect was that overnight,

The click-through rate soared to more than 50!

Netizens are full of praise for the video of the couple! Many people find it magical and interesting. Not only do they never forget to say it, but they are even a little moved.I can’t control my own air ticket booking.I immediately wanted to fly to Egypt to take a look!

"Thank you for these awesome Australians! This video is so well done!""awesome!!"

"Great! I have always wanted to go to Egypt, this time I really put it on my travel list!"

"Absolutely! What a great job! What a wonderful time they had spent in Egypt!"

"We will do the same next time XD"

"I want to go to Egypt with you, remember to notify me when you book a ticket."

Looking at the ever-increasing click-through rate, the couple was stupid. They couldn't believe that the videos they made were so popular. In addition to their excitement, they were a little nervous:That’s how it became an Internet celebrity...

However, something that they didn't expect is still behind...

The whole world knows them,Netizens can't stop forwarding

Slowly, more and more people are attracted by this film! In addition to the active sharing and forwarding by Australian netizens,Some Egyptian netizens also actively participated!

For a time, the popularity of this film continued to rise,Stay at the forefront of the major social media rankings!

This video also attracted the attention of many Egyptian tour guides and travel agencies.Recommend it to those who want to visit Egypt!

Aroused the attention of the Egyptian Tourism Authority

What is even more shocking is that when many netizens shared the video, they also paid the Egyptian Tourism Board one after another! Everyone said,Why haven’t you moved on such a hot movie? Come out and have a look!

The power of netizens is immense. The staff of the Egyptian Tourism Bureau panicked when seeing so many people sharing this video.Open it quickly and see what happens!I don’t know the result, everyone was excited after watching: this video is great!

We are going to use it as a tourist promotion film!Also hire a couple of contemporary speakers!

It turns out that in the past 5 years, although Egypt’s historical sites are world-renowned, the number of tourists has been declining due to unstable security factors and difficult weather conditions.The decline in tourism performance has broken everyone's hearts...

After the funny movie of the couple became popular, everyone was attracted! Many Egyptian tour guides and travel agencies also sent private messages to thank the couple.It means that thanks to the two of them, their tourism performance has improved again!The couple did not expect, accidentally,Also saved the Egyptian tourism industry!

Australian media is proud

Subsequently, the story of the couple was reported by many Australian media.Said that the video is almost like a "virus",The spread is scary!

ABC NEWS: The movie about Australian couples "walking like Egyptians" went viral in Egypt EGYPTIAN STREETS: The Australian couple "Walk like an Egyptian" video shows the best Egypt

Australian media said that the couple’s inadvertent thought not only showed the most beautiful side of Egypt,It also attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of people and became a "powerful hand" to save Egypt's tourism industry!

Tourists are coming

The mysterious Egypt is presented to everyone in this way,It has become a place for more people!

Countless travel enthusiasts can't control themselves anymore, and they travel to Egypt one after another.Take photos and videos following the actions of the couple!

No matter where you are, everyone is happy to line up and make moves.Take such a funny and distinctive tourist photo!

Watching the film actually made such a big contribution, the small excitement and tension at the beginning became a sense of cosmic accomplishment.Both the couple are very proud of this!

Now, the staff of the Egyptian Tourism Board can finally watch the rising number of tourists and be happy!

And there will be more people who loveSet off to explore the mysterious country of Egypt...

This experience of the couple also told us:➜ Can’t wait for travel,If you want to go, you have to go!➜ Your travel companion is very important, you must be willing to accompany you madly with you,The kind that will not dislike you without complaining!

➜ When traveling, don’t patronize taking pictures of tourists, taking pictures, don’t patronize beauty, take more real and interesting magical videos, maybe it will become popular one day,It can also boost the GDP of a country. It is like a national hero!

➜ Take advantage of the fact that there are no tourists making this kind of magical film in Australia, hurry up and plan!Maybe the editor should write your story next time!

News compiled from "ABC News"


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