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A super tropical cyclone that happened once in 3 years on March 29"Cyclone Debbie" attacked multiple areas in Queensland and NSWWherever he went, farmland was flooded, houses were destroyed, traffic was paralyzed, and electricity was interrupted.

The home of 11-year-old girl Gayle Parker is located in the disaster-stricken area of ​​Queensland.

Until now, the impact of this extreme weather has not diminished. The local meteorological department previously predicted that the water level of the Fitzroy River in Rockhampton, Queensland will continue to rise.

For the local residents, this week seems to be very long, because they have been spending anxiously and anxiously waiting.

For the little girl Gayle and her 14-year-old brother Ben, this week seems to be too long to see the end.

Gayle's family lives in Alton Downs, Queensland, not far from Rockhampton. The Fitzroy River flows through where her home is, which is also one of the worst-hit areas.

The Gayle family runs a ranch with 120 cattle, sheep and other livestock.Although precautions were taken in advance, the livestock on the farm were not washed away by the flood, but the grazing pasture was flooded, and the family’s livestock had nowhere to find food, and they were in danger of being submerged by the rising water of the Fitzroy River at any time.

Looking at the distraught mother, Gayle and his brother, who was on the school holiday, offered to take on the task of herding.

Every morning at 5 o'clock in the morning, when the other children are still asleep and enjoying a good vacation, Gayle and his brother have already set off in the morning light.

They rode on a horse, walked one after the other among the herds, and took the family's cattle and sheep away from the rising river and went to the higher grassland for food.

When the cattle and sheep are looking for food, Gayle and his brother will jump off the horse, read a book, or play a party for self-entertainment.

When the foraging was over, they mounted their horses again and took the livestock to move on. At sunset, they will help their mother drive the cattle and sheep to a nearby yard for the night, and then take them to find fresh grass the next day.

Every day, these two teenage children spend this way. There is no computer, no TV, no games, no play with friends, no pleasant vacations, some are just hot weather and empty. The grassland, and they have to repeat this life until the flood subsides and the family pasture is dry enough.

Although a bit boring, Gayle, who is sensible, feels that it is better to help mom and dad than to sit at home and watch TV.In such a time of crisis, as a member of the family, she and her brother have the responsibility to share the troubles for their parents.

Gayle's mother said that her husband would go out in a helicopter every day to help drive other people's livestock to a safe place to avoid being washed away by the flood. Fortunately, when Cyclone "Debbie" came, she was in time for school holidays, otherwise she really didn't know what to do.

Although natural and man-made calamities are unavoidable, with such a helpful husband and considerate and sensible children, I believe that this family will be able to get through together no matter what difficulties they encounter.

At present, the people in the disaster-affected areas are doing the aftermath work bit by bit, and I also wish them to rebuild their homes as soon as possible and restore a peaceful life.

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