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According to daily mail reports, a few months ago, an Australian man speeded through a red light during the morning rush hour and staged a "life and death chase" with a group of policemen, causing chaos in the urban roads!

However, everyone was stupid after learning why the Australian man did this...

Here's the thing.

One morning, the police in the city were busy clearing the traffic, and suddenly found that there was a situation on a road...

This road is always blocked in the morning rush hour. However, when a long line of vehicles was waiting for the red light, the police suddenly found:

Not far away, there is a red car racing fast!

(Photo provided by witnesses)

Just when everyone was driving slowly on the urban roads, the red car actually slammed the accelerator to overtake, even the red light.

I was so scared that the car owners couldn't hold the steering wheel...

After the police discovered this situation, they hurried into the police car and followed the fast-moving red car. Whistle for him to stop!

What the police never expected was that the driver of this red car saw the traffic police chasing him.Turning to the bus lane, speeding up the accelerator, throwing off the police and going away...

Seeing more and more pedestrians in the past, a pedestrian was almost hit,The police are very worried!

They immediately reported the situation to the police in other areas. Everyone stood by at various intersections and eventually forced the red car to a stop!

After the red car was forced to stop, a dozen policemen stared at the driver in the car.Because they were worried that the red car drivers would be gunmen, they did not dare to act rashly.

Afterwards, several other policemen behind the car took advantage of the red car driver's attention, strode forward and opened the door from the other side.The driver of the red car was held and tortured!

However, after seeing the red car driver clearly, the police were a little bit surprised. The red car driver is a handsome young Australian man who works as an architect apprentice.It's not like a messenger at all!

(Red car driver)

After the Australian man was held down, he was very irritable and kept struggling to shout:"Hurry up and let me go! Let me go!"

Seeing that the Australian man was so irritable, the police were worried that he would do something extraordinarily, and did not give him a chance to speak again, so they took him back to the police station for questioning.

Just when everyone thought that the Australian man’s motive was to commit a terrorist attack, the Australian manA few words made everyone stay...

When the Australian man was asked about his motive, he was very unhappy and said:

"I didn't want to do anything,I drove fast because I was late for work! "

Before everyone in the room reacted, the Australian man complained again:

"I was late for work!You still chase me and catch me,My salary today will be deducted! "

Yes, you heard that right. The reason why the Australian man is speeding through the red light and messing up the road is only because,He will be late for work...It is a good employee in Australia! !

However, the police do not care whether you are late or not. They charged the Australian man with speeding and threatening road safety.The next year, Australian men will be in prison...

Not only that, Australian menA fine of $1500 had to be paid, and the driver’s license was confiscated...

Thus,The job is definitely not guaranteed...

Australian netizens heard that in order not to be late for work, Australian men not only messed up the traffic, but also sent themselves to prison. They all said:

He is different from the Australian I think...

Tara Nicholson:The Australian people also need to rush to work in the morning rush... I always think they are really leisurely...Paul Pot:Is he Australian? ? This working attitude is really...

Desley Hemmingsen:Now Australians do that to get to work? This is not the Australia I know... Hurry up and expel this boy from his nationality, hahahahaha!

Sarah Louise:I deeply suspect that the Australian people like to live in the countryside because they don't want to get up early! After all, your sheep and horse will not rush you...

Mark Lan Stevans:I think they go to work every day at noon, they can sleep until they wake up naturally before going to work... You are not suitable to stay in Australia!

These netizens are really right! Because in the eyes of many people,The attitude of Australians towards work is simply extraordinary. It doesn’t matter...

I do not want to go to work? strike!

Train, subway, taxi, airport, whether it’s a weekday, whether busy or not,Say strike, strike!

Even the Immigration Bureau quit in three days, making countless lives waiting for visas and other immigrants to be irresistible...

I do not want to go to work? Ask for leave!

Other ordinary office workers, find a reason to ask for leave if nothing happens!There is no reason to make up a reason, just not wanting to go to work! Resign without giving leave!

I do not want to go to work? Change the system!

Recently, Australian political parties have also begun calling forAustralia implements a 4-day work week! Work up to 38 hours a week...

I do not want to go to work? The government raises us!

In addition to these office workers who do things from time to time, there are at least 22 young people in Australia who eat, drink and play every day without going to work at all!

Because Australia's welfare is good!There is a government to support us!

Let me work overtime? Sue you!

Someone asked, if the company is more strict with its employees, can it slowly help them develop a good working attitude?

This friend, you are too naive...

You know, Lorna Jane, a well-known Australian sports brand, has been involved in this matter before. After leaving the company, a 41-year-old woman took the company to court to claim $55.

the reason is simple:She was forced to work overtime more than 20 times in six months, every 1-6 minutes...

She said: Mingming store closes at 6 pm, always keep me until 6:06 before leaving.It's too much to add so long classes every time!

As soon as this case came out,How many office workers working overtime late at night are full of faces...

With the examples above, and looking at this Australian man who is facing the police in order not to be late for work, the editor just wants to say:

This boy, you fight like this,It must be a fake Australian...

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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