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最近,某匿名检举人向7 News 曝光了这么一个醜闻:In order to issue more parking tickets, the traffic police used a despicable trick and deliberately framed innocent drivers!

The informant himself is a City Rangers (City Rangers) who issued parking tickets in Sydney, but seeing the dirty behavior of his colleagues every day, he can't stand conscientious condemnation.That’s why it exposed this dirty fact to all Sydney drivers:

Even if you always abide by the law,The traffic police can punish you every minute!He described in the interview that although the Australian Transport Authority did not explicitly stipulate the monthly fines,But the traffic police will set a fine for themselves!

When the fine is not fulfilled,Some traffic police will find some roads where you need to park by ticket, and use three indiscriminate tricks...

(The sections requiring parking by ticket are very common in Sydney)

Normally, the driver who has issued the parking ticket will put the ticket in front of the windshield. As long as the ticket has not passed the time, the parking is reasonable and legal!

However, this kind of small problem can't stop the traffic police from fine-tuning...In order to cheat people,They will carefully choose an angle to take photos of the drivers' cars, so that people can't tell from the photos that there are parking tickets on the cars!

(The whistleblower revealed to reporters the "tricks" of the traffic police for taking pictures)

But if the ticket is issued immediately after the photo is taken, and the driver comes back to take out the parking ticket for comparison, it will be all exposed.In order to ensure that the fine is successful, the traffic police also came up with a darker trick: wait a month before sending the issued fine to the driver's home!

The vast majority of innocent drivers are miserable by this routine! When they received the ticket a few weeks later, the first reaction was definitely confusion and anger: What a joke, I definitely bought the ticket at the time!

But I was silly after thinking about it carefully:The parking ticket was already thrown away! The only evidence of legal parking was in the trash can!

This group of unscrupulous traffic police framed countless people by taking advantage of the driver’s habit of not keeping expired tickets.Every day I drove abiding by the law, but in the end I was fined a lot of money!

The hardest part is that the drivers know they are right, but they can only get angry!The complaint said that there is no violation, the traffic police carefully designed photos are there, and you are empty-mouthed; you can pay to confess your guilt, but you can't swallow this breath!

Even if a few people happened to leave their tickets and lodge a complaint, the traffic police would only have to say something lightly.I'm sorry, this is a small mistake. If you put on a sincere face and apologize, the matter will disappear...

The next time they go to the streets on duty, they will still use the tricks and take the commission without delay!Some boring traffic police also started a fine money game. Today you pit 10 people, and tomorrow I have to pit 20 people.Instead of feeling ashamed, it's getting more and more vigorous!

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that the Australian Traffic Police has been exposed to a parking ticket scandal.,之前就有一个名为 Robert Watson的男子,曾向City Council 申诉,说自己车被贴了莫名其妙的罚单,Originally parked at the correct location, the ticket did not say that Robert illegally parked in the Loading zone!

(The picture above is a photo taken by Robert, the red car belongs to him)

Two weeks later, Robert received the live photos from the Council. He was silly at first sight. His car was really in the Loading Zone...

(The relative positions of the stop signs in the two photos are completely different)

"This photo is definitely from PS!" Robert was furious and took the City Council to court. Both sides argued differently. The lawsuit has not been settled yet!

As the scandals of traffic police scams were exposed one after another, the drivers in Sydney were completely angry:How can it be so difficult to park a car well!

Sydney’s parking fines are one of the most expensive in the world, It’s more than double that of New York, and it’s much more than that of major cities such as London and Oakland.Pay a ticket, and half a month's food expenses will go in!

(In Sydney, the amount of fines to be paid for parking varies from 108-541 Australian dollars)

(In New York, parking fines only cost 46-236 Australian dollars, which is only half of Sydney's!)

Don’t say the money is expensive,Sometimes seven or eight stop signs can be made on the same road, and the people watching are dazzled, saying that you didn't deliberately scam money. I don't believe it is really killed!

(Image source: Sydney Morning Herald)

Even if there are so many problems before, the drivers can bear it, because at best they are trying their best to fine the money, It's good now, I just started to cheat money without morals!

Australian netizens also said:Even if you park legally, you have to admit and be punished, and you don’t have a good impression of traffic police. Now it’s even more annoying...

"This really happened to me. I put the parking ticket in front of the windshield and left for three minutes. As a result, the traffic police posted a ticket to me and I sent the parking ticket to them. I was still fined...''

"It's really hard to believe in other people in this world now. Scandals are everywhere. Quickly clear these people out of Australia!"

"I have also seen some traffic policemen stand at the school gate when picking up children, just to issue tickets to parents who pick up their children. This behavior is really disgusting!"

"These scandals reminded me of a traffic policeman who was standing by my car before, waiting for my parking ticket to pass the time and fine! As a result, my parking ticket expired one second, and he issued me the ticket. !

I recorded the whole process because it was illegal. Later, I grabbed him by the ear and dragged him to the ATM, asking him to pay the fine out of his own pocket! "

"Swipe your card as much as possible... so that the consumption records will provide you with evidence. Some machines support the card to get parking tickets."

Judging from this posture, the image of the traffic police is definitely not white for a while...

Having said that, their deceptive behavior does make it difficult for Sydney drivers to handle it.In the future, I don’t want to take a 360-degree panoramic photo when I park, and then keep the ticket for a whole year, I really don’t feel relieved...In short, driving in Sydney is really tiring. I have survived traffic jams and fines.In the end, it was the traffic police's deep trick...

News compiled from "7 News"


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