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Today I’m going to tell you a story that is first horrifying and then laughable, so that everyone can feel how optimistic the people of Tu and Australia can be...

Recently, a mother took a photo of her daughter that scared her silly afterwards...

Let's take a look at this picture together:

(Friends who haven't seen the horror in this photo within a minute, I strongly recommend that you go to an ophthalmology department...)

That's right, there is a big snake at the feet of this little girl...

According to the Daily Mail, the little girl is only two years old. Her mother said that she thought the place where the photo was taken was good at the time, so she took this photo. When she took it, she suddenly realized something was wrong: isn't there a snake next to it! !

At that time, her mother was in a panic and hurriedly pulled her daughter away. Later, she wrote on Facebook that she did not believe that the snake did not directly bite her daughter.

Oh, by the way, there is an episode in between. When her mother pulled her daughter back, the other children didn’t care about whether the mother and sisters were scared, but only cared about:

"Have you photographed that moment?"

Then the mother found this moment in her mobile phone photo album. She went home and took a closer look. This look almost didn't scare her stupid:

That snake is one of the most terrifying snakes in Australia, its scientific name is Eastern Brown Snake.

It is the second most venomous snake in the world. Most of the people who die in the mouth of a snake in Australia every year are killed by this snake.

It is also called the Eastern Cobra. It is said that a bite can cause kidney failure without death.

Obviously the little girl didn't realize the danger at the time, even if she was so close to the snake.

But then, our optimistic Tu-Australian netizens are about to appear on the stage, and their comments feel that this news has been completely broken.

For example, the person who ranked first in the comment list said:

"This is Australia. The little girl usually picks it up right away, knots it, takes it home, and makes her own boots and her mother's coin purse, and the rest is made into antifungal."

"A good lesson... if you see snakes don't move them, they won't move you."

"What's the matter? In Australia, more than half of the things in your backyard can kill you."

"If you can't see this snake, you have to look in your eyes"

"The girl didn't bother the snake, and the snake didn't attack the girl. Everything is the same. As a philosopher said, there is no trouble without the beginning."

"This snake is so beautiful and so big..."

"I haven't seen a snake at all! How can there be a snake? Why doesn't this website circle it?"

After reading these comments, the editor really feels that the horror of this news has disappeared. People say that the people of Turkey and Australia are happy. I really understand it today...

The last sentence is going to be a holiday. When you go out, pay attention to safety. If you encounter a snake in the wild, Lotte is useless. I will give you the measures for encountering a snake in the wild:

Except for the eye snake, snakes generally do not actively attack people.

When we did not find it and approached the snake too much, or accidentally stepped on the snake, it bit people.

If you encounter a snake, if it does not actively attack you, don't disturb it, especially don't shake the ground. It's best to wait for it to escape or wait for someone to come to rescue.

The day and night activities of snakes have a certain pattern. Cobras and king cobras are active during the day, coral snakes are active at night, and vipers are active during the day and night. Snake wounds are mainly concentrated at 9-15 am during the day and 18-22 at night.

In addition, vipers are very sensitive to heat sources and have the habit of fighting fires. Therefore, when using open flames to illuminate the road at night, avoid poisonous snake bites.

If you encounter a poisonous snake by chance, keep calm and quiet, don't move suddenly, and don't attack it. You should take a long detour. If you are chased by a snake, you should run towards the hillside, or turn left and right, and do not run straight or downhill.

Fortunately, the Australian summer has passed, and there should be fewer ghosts and snakes in the backyard...

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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