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Isn't it because the weather has started to turn cold recently? The weather says that autumn is not autumn or summer is not summer. Not only is it so depressing, but it is also particularly sweet. (In fact, I just want to eat sweet, don't talk nonsense XD) Speaking of cafes in Melbourne, not only coffee is one of the best in the world, but sweets are also quite good.

5 Lire

5 Lire and the famous hot chocolate shop Mörk Chocolate are both in north melbourne, which has many dessert shops and loves to do things. (There are also many delicious brunches in North Melbourne, such as Auction Rooms)

5 Lire’s most famous thing is their hotcakes. The muffins covered with hazelnut paste and nutella are sweet but not greasy, which is the favorite of sweet tooth. (Of course, the sauce can also be selected) The most people order, and the most famous one is Ricotta Hotcakes
Ricotta Hotcakes
The cheese muffin and nutella sorbet are a perfect match, and the macaron-colored chocolate marshmallow whiskers are stacked, and it instantly becomes dreamy.
Price: $10-$20 Address: 116 Errol St, North Melbourne VIC 3051

Phone: 03 9329 2249

Business hours:

Tuesday to Saturday 07:00–16:00

Sunday 08:00-16:00 (Closed on Monday)

Muharam Café

There are also many desserts in Melbourne that pile a lot of things on top of milkshakes. The Naughty Boy mentioned before has that kind of super luxurious milkshake. Those who are not in the city can go to Johnny Pump in Essendon.
Muharam in Hawthorn is also considered to be one of the earliest shops that started making this milkshake. Topped with chocolate sauce and cream, plus cute desserts. The flamboyant and calorie-explosive milkshakes have different flavors every week.

Stacking cakes, ice cream, or stacking marshmallows or if it is commonplace, Muharam Café directly stuffs its own popular dessert nutella donut on the milkshake. It is a great satisfaction for people who want to eat donut but also want to drink exaggerated milkshakes.

Red Velvet pancakes
If you are not interested in milkshakes (or think they are really too fat), red velvet muffins are also the top brand in the store.
Price: $15-$20 Address: 97 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn VIC 3122

Phone: 03 9818 7722

Business hours:

Monday 07:30-15:30

Tuesday to Friday 07:45-15:30

Saturday and Sunday 08:30-15:30

Baba Sus

The owners of Baba Sus, Midori Hori and Daniel Liao, one is Japanese and the other is Taiwanese Thai. They try to add the flavors they had when they were children to their products, so the products here have a taste of combine.
Baba Sus’s signature dish is their Hong Kong Egg Waffles, a street snack that can be found everywhere in Hong Kong and Guangdong. However, Baba Sus puts vanilla panna cotta, cooked berries and pistachios on the ordinary egg waffles, accompanied by Japanese-style matcha ice cream, no matter how picky people can be satisfied.

The most excessive thing is that the coffee here is still messing up, and the super cute garland makes people hard to eat. It's as cute as a matcha latte.
Price: $15-$20 Address: 15-17 Bardolph St, Glen Iris VIC 3146

Phone: 03 9939 6141

Business hours:

Tuesday to Sunday 07:30-16:00 (Closed on Monday)


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