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The result of Census last year was finally announced. Let me tell you what a typical Australian looks like.

rootAccording to the 2016 Australian demographic data, the Australian government has defined and given various characteristics of the "Typical Australian" (Typical Australian). this kind"Typical Australian"It has the following characteristics:

  • 38 years old
  • Female
  • Born in australia
  • English descent
  • married
  • Year 12 degree
  • Own a three-bedroom house with a loan with her husband and two children
  • Do unpaid housework 5-14 hours a week
  • Own two private cars

Well, it probably looks like this! ABS also named her Claire.

In the 16-year demographic data, ""Typical Australians" are the oldest in Tasmania, at 42 years old; the Northern Territory is the youngest, with an average age of 34 years.And the data also shows that the "typical Australians" in Tasmania and NSW bought their own houses, while the "typical Australians" in the Northern Territory lived more in rented houses.

In sharp contrast to this is the 2006 data. In the 2006 data, the houses that the "typical Australians" live in throughout Australia were bought by themselves, not rented.

In general,"Typical Migrant" (Typical Migrant) is from England, but the situation of "Typical Migrant" is different in different states.For example, in Queensland, on average, immigrants are from New Zealand; in Victoria, most of them are from India; in NSW, the main source of immigrants is China.

Of course, ABS's definition and data analysis of "typical Australians" have also raised questions from other experts.Professor Amanda Elliot from the University of Sydney Sociology and Social Policy pointed out that she can understand the meaning of such a definition under ABS, but the point of "typical Australians" is not linked to the daily lives of ordinary people, nor can it provide useful information to everyone. Information.

Elliot also said: "This definition of "typical Australian" has blurred Australia's diverse society and cultural atmosphere."

At the same time, residents of many communities have different views on the definition of "typical Australian". Mr Uy Vu Le said:"We will also work hard for our children to go to college, and we will also worry about renting, utility bills, telephone bills, and all kinds of firewood, rice, oil and salt." But "for me, I want to be a "typical Australian". , You need to accept this multicultural society, not just this fixed type. "Typical Australians" are not such a "rigid" type of person."

Julie Brett, a resident who lives in the Blue Mountains, also said:"A "typical Australian" should accept diversity, and it cannot be perfected with a simple definition."

The deadline for ABS’s next release of population data information is June 6, when more detailed population data information will be given, including population information for each district.

It is said that Australia is a diversified and multicultural country. To what extent has it been diversified?

The editor checked the population data information in 2011. According to the statistics of ABS, you can check the specific population data of each district in Australia~

You can also look at how diversified this district is~

Melbourne (CBD)

Inhabited 160 people of different ancestry

The population of Chinese descent occupies the first place, up to27.6%

Melbourne East Region

Inhabited 89 people of different ancestry

The largest population of British descent, accounting for28%

The population of Chinese descent ranked fifth, accounting for only4.6%

North Melbourne

Inhabited 124 people of different ancestry

People of British descent at most, accounting for18.9%

The population of Chinese descent ranks third, accounting for14.5%

Port Melbourne

Inhabited 124 people of different ancestry

In this area, most people of British descent account for26.6%

The population of Chinese descent ranks 8th, occupying2.5%

How will this data change in 2016? Wait and see the final data information given by the official in June~

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