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Today's story is related to a kind-hearted shit shoveler and his brave cat.

This man is called Andrew and lives in Adelaide, Australia.

One day 5 months ago, he went out for a stroll, but unexpectedly met a special cat.

This cat is full of fur and has sharp eyes,

Although it was dirty, it couldn't conceal the arrogance and domineering on his body.

But this cat... has one eye missing.

Its left eye is hollow, with dried blood and dust beside it.

His eyes were injured in a Tasmanian cat station.

The veterinarian who treated it took it to Adelaide,

So Andrew and his wife became the new owners of this one-eyed cat.

It may have been caught and blinded while fighting with other cats and grabbing food.

No one knows what it went through...

Andrew felt very sorry for this one-eyed cat and named it Manny.

At the beginning, Manny remained vigilant when he was in the shelter, always keeping a certain distance from Andrew.

But soon, after reading countless people, it discovered that the shit shovel officer really treated himself well.

It slowly became intimate with Andrew, lying next to his pillow every night and sleeping with him.

In the morning, when he was hungry, he "meow meow meow~" woke Andrew up and got himself some food.

Manny was spoiled and proud, but Andrew still spoiled it.

That day, Andrew’s wife went to Melbourne on a business trip,

That night, Andrew slept soundly alone,

Manny suddenly"Meow meow meow"Screamed.

Andrew thought he was hungry, so he got up to feed him.

But Manny went uncharacteristically this time and didn't stop seeing the food as usual...

On the contrary, its screams became very rapid, and he continued to slap Anderew with his fleshy paws.

Andrew was still a little confused and stared, watching Manny mew around anxiously.

It kept paws and claws his clothes, and turned its head to look outside from time to time, as if to remind something.

As Manny's reaction was so different from usual, Andrew became vigilant.

He listened carefully and found a strange noise behind the house.

So he quietly walked into the restaurant with a shoe as a weapon.

He tiptoedly walked to the dining room, only to find that besides himself, there were others in the room! ! !

The intruder pried open the iron door in Andrew's backyard and entered the house in preparation for theft.

"The light in the living room was on, and when I walked in, I found a man standing there with his back to me,"

Andrew asked loudly."What are you doing in my house?!"

Seeing that the situation was bad, the man ran away.

Andrew went out from the front door to intercept the man Hu. He saw a car parked in his front yard, and the man quickly got in the car and disappeared without a trace.

He quickly called the police, and a patrol officer arrested a 45-year-old suspicious person on Days Rd in Croydon.

Soon, the thief fell into the French Open.

Andrew checked the family's belongings and found that there was nothing missing, he sighed.

"If it weren't for Manny's prompt reminder, the consequences would be a bit scary to think about."

He happily cooked Manny a hearty breakfast and rewarded him with many toys.

Andrew said that he still doesn't know,

Manny was to remind him that he still just wanted to eat.

But undoubtedly, Manny saved him.

According to Andrew, Manny is named after a character in the TV series Black Books.

Andrew said,

"Manny is a very cute kitten. I don't notice any problems with his eyes now.

When you have a cat that can only watch the house, what do you want a dog to do? Manny, don't you? "

A cat with dual purposes, can act like a baby, and guard against thieves~!

News compiled from "7 News"


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