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In the long and fleeting life, we have to live every day with passion and eat the most beautiful food in the most romantic age~ Let the 10+ Internet celebrities on INS tell you that the most famous food in the city is Where, maybe you are only a wall away from the Internet celebrities!

Long Story Short Cafe

The pink marshmallows in this store are on fire. The celebrities on INS are rushing to take pictures at their house. The soft and waxy powder mist seems to have stolen the clouds from the horizon. When you enclose the milk in a circle When it is poured on top, the marshmallow melts into syrup quickly, and softly covers the egg in the middle!
There is a kind of surprise
In addition to the tender cotton candy, the pink Beetroot Latte is also worth recommending! In short, this place is like a fairyland of Barbie, satisfying all your internet celebrities ❤️
❤️Address: 40, Crockford Street, Port Melbourne, Melbourne

KUU Cafe + Japanese Kitchen

The new matcha paradise, a sacred place that makes all matcha control and Japanese food control crazy, a unique collection of Japanese breakfast, special matcha desserts & drinks, and a combination of Western Brunch methods, making it a lot of Internet Red heart is good!
All the matcha elements you can imagine can be found here!
There is also the fusion of Chinese and Japanese Brunch, Japanese sushi rolls, wild, sashimi, Japanese cuisine is impeccable, but there are fried chicken, burgers and coffee in this store, and every kind of cuisine is perfectly integrated. , Highly recommended to try!
Address: 190 Park Street, South Melbourne, Melbourne


Egg waffles and taiyaki, in the world of Internet celebrities, relying on their own whimsy, they have cut a bloody way. The sea bream opened its mouth and spit out matcha ice cream. The egg waffles straightened up their belly and installed needles and fruits. And ice cream,
There are more than XNUMX kinds of ingredients in the store to choose from, to make a small torch just for you ❤️ Each one is like a handicraft, holding a photo in your hand, it will always be beautiful~
Address: 59 Therry Street, CBD, Melbourne

Girls & Boys

This is an ice cream shop that can turn desserts into dishes. The owner said: We don’t sell ice cream and cakes, we sell sunshine and happiness! ❤️While the weather is still warm and the scenery is just right, go and taste the clear sky and the joy from the heart!

Cone ice cream is buckled in a golden tray, topped with rich jam, and decorated with fruits and chocolates, it is more like enjoying a gluttonous feast!

In the best years, let's go hand in hand to eat ice cream together. Many years later, you and I will meet the sweetness of the past.

The croissant accompanies the chocolate ice cream. The sweetness makes your heart tremble. It seems that you have tasted the taste of thick and passionate love, but it is the favorite of many vegetarian Internet celebrities~

❤️Address: 382 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Punchbowl Canteen

Just a few months after it opened, it was voted "the most perfect coffee shop" by internet celebrities on ins. ❤️ The whole store looks like living in a tropical rainforest, and a creeper wraps around the entire wall. The color scheme is fresh and natural like dewdrops. Sitting on a wooden chair, the whole body is in a relaxed state!
The most famous and most delicious thing in their family is the picture below ❤️"Golden Meat Egg"❤️, a whole egg is still flowing with egg yolk, wrapped in meat, put it in a frying pan and fry it until golden, and bite it down. , The scent is overflowing!

And their Smoothie or Thick Shake, can let you enjoy the best delicacy without growing meat!

Address: 1 Fennell Street, Port Melbourne, Melbourne

The Glass Den

This is a fairy tale wonderland with bright colors and explosions. It seems that a rainbow is composed of food, so that everyone can't control it. ❤️Grand recommendation: Taro Hot Chocolate (Taro Hot Chocolate)Every bite has the sweetness of taro and the mellow aroma of chocolate, which will make you feel warm in this autumn~

Coconut and taro are magic weapons that everyone can't refuse. The combination of the two, together with the sweet mango, is full of tropical atmosphere!

❤️Address: 15 Urquhart Street, Coburg, Melbourne

The Tradesman

It is regarded as "Hotcake King" by many internet celebrities ❤️"Red Hot Hotcake"Right at their house! The color is extremely gorgeous, the red color is unusual, and the top is filled with berry sauce. The soft and hot taste and the attractive ice cream make it the uncrowned king of hotcake!

Address: Shop 1, 260 Wickham Road


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