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At present, the overall housing prices in Australia are constantly rising, especially in some large cities, even soaring.

However, just on the Australian land boundary where the land is so gold, there are really people who do not take the land as a treasure and start to "sell" the land at a low price!

Speaking of this transaction price, it is incredible:

Only $10 Australian dollars,It is possible to get one of the 800 square meters of land!

According to reports, in a small town called Richmond in Queensland, a $10 Australian dollar exchange for land is really underway.

Although the event is in the form of buying a lottery ticket (1 $10 AUD), the winner can get a piece of the 800 square meters of land! For those who failed to win, it was only a loss of $10 Australian dollars. Compared with the huge return that may be brought, it is really not a high expenditure!

This event is sponsored by the local government. A total of 800 square meters of land is divided into 10 pieces, and the lucky winner can spend $10 Australian dollars to get a piece of precious land pie! This is like a big sale!

The mayor of Richmond, John Wharton, said that the decision to sell the land at such a low price was forAttract more people to live there.

It is reported that the locality is a small town with simple folk customs, and many residents live by animal husbandry. The town covers an area of ​​26,000 square kilometers, and there are 1000 residents living here.

According to reports, the results of the $10 lottery for buying land will be announced at the beginning of next year.

Those who are interested can still participate in the activity now! Anyway, just invest $10, but it may be a big surprise!

As for how to buy... the report did not say, but the editor found the official website of the local city government. If you are interested, you can consult:


It is said that this is not the first time this small town has done such a ridiculous thing. As early as 2013, the government issued a similar appeal to "kneel" to ask for land, but the price at that time was cheaper than it is now. Only 1 yuan....

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