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At about two o’clock in the afternoon of the day, Australian Prime Minister Tan Bao posted a major news on Facebook——

Australian government officially abolished 457 visa

In a 90-second video, Tan Bao said: Australia will replace the previously criticized 457 visa with a new visa.

The specific speech content is as follows:

"Today we are going to announce a major resolution, and I hope you will be the first to know. We have always prioritized employment and Australians.

Australia is the most successful multicultural country in the world and an immigrant country. But the fact is that local Australian employees must have priority when applying for jobs in Australia.

Therefore, we will abolish the 457 visa, which allows foreigners to work temporarily in Australia, and we will no longer allow the 457 visa as a pass to work in Australia.

In any case, it is still important for companies to get the talents with specific skills they need. Therefore, we will establish a new temporary visa to replace the 457 visa. This new visa will be specifically used to (help companies) recruit the best talents who can bring bright prospects to Australia.

The new visa will better solve the real shortage of talents including remote areas in Australia. The new application requirements will include previous work experience, better English proficiency and labor market testing.

In order to help train Australians to fill skills gaps, we will establish a new training fund project. More information about the 457 visa will be announced in the near future. The focus of this reform is very clear, which is to (promote) Australian employment and (show) Australian values. "

The news came out and it was a big news headline for all major media!

The Australian government's remarks about moving the 457 visa have been going on for some time, and there is also a public vote to support the government's petition to repeal.

The reason is also that overseas workers have grabbed the jobs of locals. Previously, Australia's 457 visa included more than 650 occupations. 457 visa holders can live and work in Australia for up to four years, during which time they can bring their family members to Australia.


Some experts also believe that it is problematic to blame overseas workers for unskilled workers in Australia. Chris Richardson, an economist at Deloitte Access Economics, also said that this view that “457 visa holders stole Australian jobs” reminded him of a view decades ago- Married women entering the workforce leave many men unemployed.

The Australian government believes that the current visa system has brought too many skilled workers. For example, some nurses, chefs and mechanics, etc.! It greatly exceeds the local demand.

But the Prime Minister said that there will be new visas to replace the 457 visa.

But don’t be happy.This new visa will have higher language requirements,And need to pass the market test.

This statement also instantly received tens of thousands of praises and support from locals!

Some comments are as follows:

Many people have said that we do not need the participation of outsiders! Tan Bao, you still want to change your visa. What are you doing?

So, what alternative measures will the government take to cancel this kind of visas, and whether it will play a positive role in promoting the local job market? We will wait and see!

News compiled from "Herald Sun"


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