Australia hires a train driver with an annual salary of XNUMX, but the exam questions are even difficult for university professors

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These days, it is harder to be a train driver than to go to college!

Not long ago,Queensland Rail issued a notice to hire train drivers,When the news came out, many people were eager to try. Because it is said that the Queensland Rail train driver’sAnnual salary of up to $92,574, And it's just a basic salary! Such attractive salary certainly attracts many people to apply for the job, including manyExperienced train drivers and private freight forwarders Aurizon have some qualified drivers.

Of course, an annual salary of XNUMX is not something you can get if you want. Before that,Candidates have to go through a written test and interview first.

But let alone the interview,Many people were already crying when they saw the written test questions! becauseIt's really too, too, too difficult!

The written test is an online psychological test, which includesMath test(I don’t understand what being a driver has to do with mathematics.) And the math test questions are like this:

Please choose the most suitable one from the picture below to fill in the picture above? Pattern.

These questions are only part of them.

According to the exam regulations,Candidates must answer within a few minutes, and only have one chance!

Don't talk about it for a few minutes, I watched it for more than ten minutes, but I still haven't understood the meaning of this topic! (A smart friend will answer it)

The drivers who came to apply for the job shouted:too difficult!Can't answer a question!

Even the University of QueenslandProfessor of Mathematics Peter Adams said,"These questions are too difficult, and my own students may not be able to answer them."

"Unless you are a mathematician, computer scientist or logician, it is difficult to answer these questions correctly!"

(It seems that the editor is not enough IQ, so I can rest assured.)

In this regard, Nick Easy, the head of Queensland Rail, even said,There is no problem with such recruitment topics.

"We have introduced this kind of psychological test since 2011, and these questions are the best examples in the world."

"Moreover, our independent evaluation has also confirmed that this kind of test can effectively reduce security risks."

Hehe, we don’t know whether the security risks can be reduced, but the number of applicants must be greatly reduced.

According to one candidate,Because the written test is too difficult, and the test results are not announced until 3 weeks later, many people can't wait and have already gone to other companies.

It’s worth mentioning that becauseA severe lack of train drivers, Last year, a large number of trips were cancelled in Queensland. In order to avoid this situation from happening again,Queensland has adopted indefinitely new train schedules with greatly shortened operating times this year.

In this regard, netizens have also discussed:

"These questions are actually not math questions, but intellectual questions. You have to find out the relationship between them before you can choose the correct answer. Whether these relationships are easy to find is not important, but it is important to the selection criteria of the train driver. It doesn't matter."

"I remember that when I applied for a train driver a few years ago, all I tested were traffic maps, the correct use of the joystick, the correct operation of the buttons, and the quick response to emergencies. Although it was simulated on a machine, it was not a real drive. Train, but I think this kind of test is much more useful than an intelligence test."

"Let me say that politicians should be allowed to do these questions, and those who fail will not be civil servants!"

"You don’t have to think about it. The pass rate must be very low. Even if it is done by existing drivers, it may not be done right. The reason behind this is very simple. The question is given by the labor union and the state government. If people are qualified, the train driver will always be short, and the current driver can continue to pay for overtime. But one thing that surprised me is that the union has such a high IQ person who can solve such a difficult problem!"

"The train has only two modes, either go or stop. They do not need to change lanes, and there are no other modes. So, what's the point of being able to quickly answer these complicated math problems? Just driving a train, and having a high IQ Huh? I think this is just a trick played by the train drivers union to prevent new drivers from coming in so that existing drivers can continue to enjoy high overtime subsidies."

After listening to the explanations of the two netizens upstairs, the editor suddenly realized that there are so few train drivers in Kunzhou. That's why...

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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