The Australian Chinese claimed that the dog was stolen, and countless Australians helped him find the dog until the truth became clear, which angered everyone!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

"Chinatown" media of Chinese Australians

Recently, a Chinese in Sydney made all Australians angry.Because their kindness was used by this Chinese!

Here's the thing:

According to "smh", in February this year, the Sydney police received a report from a Chinese., This Chinese named Qiushi Xia, he is 29 years old.

This is the person:

When he reported the crime, he claimed that he was robbed by three big men in the Olympic Park!These people not only snatched his wallet, cash and other valuable things. What saddened him most was that his dog "Dandan" was also snatched away by them!

Everyone knows that almost every household in Australia keeps dogs.Australians treat puppies at home like family.

When the police heard that Mr. Xia's dog had been snatched away, he immediately paid more attention to the case.He quickly asked for more details of the case and kept comforting Mr. Xia.

Mr. Xia told the police,At about 10:30 in the evening, he was walking his dog in the Olympic Park.

But as he walked, three Middle Easterners suddenly rushed out.These three people look like they are in their 3s. One of them has a big beard and very strong muscles. The other two are also very tall. They look fierce in black shorts.

(Mr. Xia claimed that the dog was stolen at the intersection)

These three people blocked Mr. Xia and told him to hand over his backpack and wallet. Mr. Xia said that after he gave them things, he thought they would leave.Who knows, they even picked up the balls and ran away!

(Mr. Xia returned to the police to restore the scene of the crime)

When everyone heard it, they expressed their sympathy.Not only the police immediately launched an investigation, but the major websites and media in Australia also published articles for publicity.The whole Sydney is full of news about helping Mr. Xia find dogs.

Daily Telegraph: Pug Dandan was stolen in Sydney Olympic Square

7 News: The stolen Sydney Pug still has not been found

All the people in Sydney knew it for a while. There was a poor Chinese who was robbed and lost the dog. Now he is very sad.The kind Australians said the robber was too vicious, and everyone left messages to express sympathy to Mr. Xia.

Kellie:Hope that Dandan can be retrieved safely soon! It is hard to imagine how scared and desperate the dog and the owner are now.

Elizabeth:This is really terrible, why would they steal a puppy? It’s 40 degrees outside now, even though I’m in Melbourne, I’m also worried about dogs.

Stephen:Dandan, please ensure your safety, and hope you can return to your master as soon as possible.

Mr. Xia and his snatched doggie eggs became a hot spot for Sydneysiders to talk about.The photos of Dandan and the appearance descriptions of the three robbers were shown in turns on major TV platforms.There was even a special discussion!

Everyone hopes that through propaganda and the power of the masses, they can help Mr. Xia find the dog.Many media also offered to interview Mr. Xia. Get some more information, so that the possibility of Dandan being retrieved is greater.

But this request was declined by Mr. Xia.He said he was too sad, this time he was shocked and he did not want to face the media.

that's it,Australians still said, don’t be afraid, we will help you find a dog.

A love pass for the whole people to find dogs began.

Sydney dog ​​lovers organized a team of people, Divided into several groups to help Mr. Xia find a dog near the Olympic Park.

Although days have passed, I still got nothing,But everyone did not give up.

At this moment, things took a huge turn!

It turns out that after investigating for a period of time, the police found something wrong! Mr. Xia said that he was robbed at 10.30 in the evening.However, after investigation, the police discovered that there were no such three big Middle Eastern men in the surveillance video! They didn't even see the shadow of Mr. Xia walking the dog.

what happened? Didn’t you say you were kidnapped and disappeared?

After being questioned by the police, Mr. Xia had to tellThe truth.

The stolen dog is fake!

Everything is made up by him. He confessed to the fact that Dandan was already dead.And he lied because he was afraid that his girlfriend in China would scold him.

He claimed that Dandan died of suffocation that day. Because before the egg,He and his girlfriend also raised a dog named Pepper, and Pepper died of suffocation.

So he felt that if he told his girlfriend that Dandan was also dead, she would be very sad, so he made up a robbery and dog-binding case!

What is even more horrible is that the dead puppy Dandan was thrown directly into the Parramatta River by him!

It's no wonder that so many Sydneysiders have been dispatched and they can't be found. It turns out that Dandan has been sunk in the water.

When this news came out, everyone was furious!There are so many people who help to find the dog, just hoping to get the dog back as soon as possible, but you are lying!The dog was dead long ago. There was a lot of scolding online:

Keiza Abigail:I want to kill this damn dog owner!

Un-commonsense:This person is too unconscionable! Can't raise a dog, can't take care of a dog, and is dishonest to his girlfriend. What's wrong with him?

AliceInSydneyLand:Both dogs suffocated and died? He should be banned from keeping dogs anymore! Poor puppies, this way of death is too cruel.

Amel9999:Unfortunately, it is quite possible that the owner killed two dogs and then falsely claimed that the dogs were suffocated to death.

People in Sydney are not only sad that the dogs have left, but what makes them feel wronged is:

My kindness was taken advantage of

Just to prevent his girlfriend from knowing that the dog is dead, Mr. Xia not only deceived the police, but wasted public resources. And let so many enthusiastic people worry about the dogs.

Everything is so ridiculous! Imagine what kind of person would throw his beloved dog into the cold river after his death, and who would make up such a lie in order to hide the fact from his girlfriend.

You can not love, but please don't hurt

At present, Mr. Xia has been prosecuted by the police for reporting a false case. What awaits him will be severe punishment by law.

Over the years, every Chinese who has come to Australia has mostly worked hard and behaved steadily, not willing to embarrass the Chinese in front of outsiders. But there are always a few people who let everyone's efforts in vain. This incident has also made many Chinese angry:

"It's terrible! I think he killed the dog and even lied. What a shame!"

"It's really pitiful for dogs to have such a master. Why do such people have girlfriends?"

"We overseas Chinese are most afraid of embarrassing our family. I can't figure out how he is embarrassed to deceive others. No wonder some Australians don't like Chinese! It's because of these people!"

"Australians really love dogs, and they care about dogs who have a relationship with dogs. I'm sorry, I hope that next time the Chinese have something to do, you can still help. Not everyone is like this."

I hope the egg and pepper can rest in peace,May there be no harm in the next life.

News compiled from "smh"


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