"Can you hear me" phone scam arrives in Australia

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

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Australia is reappearing a new phone scam. The one you said is Yes, it may cause countless property losses...

According to IT NEWS reports, a new telephone scam called "Can you hear me" has swept Australia recently!

This scam is very simple, The criminal will ask the user when the phone is connected: "Can you hear me?"

And most people will definitely answer yes, I can hear...

But with this answer, the question is big.

Because once the user answers "yes", it will be recorded.This recording will be used as evidence that the user agrees to purchase a certain product or service!

This is why every time you handle any business in Australia, the other party will say that you want to record because of security, which is actually for security reason...

Just because you can leave a voice evidence in case you go back!

According to the prediction of the Queensland Police, this scam will soon spread across Australia.

The police also said that they should not make any response after receiving such calls, and should hang up the phone directly.

In addition, if you answer "yes" when you receive such a call, you must pay more attention to the safety of your property in the following days.

If you find financial problems, you must contact the police in time.

It seems that the speed of phone scam updates in Australia is also getting more and more frequent...Let's take a look at the common phone scams in Australia:

1) Fraud for prepaid expenses

This kind of pre-paid fraud is almost the most common method of fraud in Australia.

The scammer said that you won xxx money and asked you to prepay a sum of money, which can be cash payment or wire transfer.

The most typical case is that the victim receives a phone call from a representative of a government agency, bank, or other trust organization, informing them that they can receive a refund or overpay taxes and fees.

Then, the scammer will ask the victim to pay an administrative fee in advance.

Then, you were deceived...

2) Phishing and identity theft

Nowadays, there are more and more phishing scams on the phone, especially in SMS.

For example, the victim will receive a message claiming to be from a government department, financial department, or industrial and commercial enterprise, saying that their personal information will be updated or verified, or they will be handed over to a lottery organizer.

This form of scam is very common, and victims usually do not want to report it.

Because everyone feels that they are too mentally retarded so they were deceived...

3) Lottery and exclusive bets

Scammers in Australia usually notify their victims that they have won a lottery that they have never participated in.

If they want to receive this bonus, they must provide personal information or pay an advance payment.

Then, you were deceived again...

This kind of scam is always enduring and can basically be described in one sentence:

There are too many fools, and liars are not enough.

Telephone fraud seems to be in every corner of the world, and the methods are becoming more and more sophisticated. And it seems that we can only find a way to crack phone fraud from other people's cases.Therefore, please be very careful when talking to strangers.

News compiled from "IT NEWS"


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