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A mother in Sydney committed suicide in her solitary apartment due to unbearable illness. All this happened unpredictably, and the daughter broke down and cried when she learned of her mother's death. She said that if she spends more time with her mother, maybe she won't leave me so quickly... It's too late to regret it now.

My mother committed suicide and was euthanized.

Sydney writer Nikki was notified of the news by the police, and she couldn't believe that this happened.

Although she once hated her mother’s rigorous education, although she was very afraid of her mother’s absolute authority,

Although she had fled Australia to Britain for freedom, although she had quarreled with her mother for her mother’s stubbornness...

But when everything fell into silence, she still felt regret and heartache for her indifference.

But no matter how painful my heart is, it is useless.

(Nikki and mother Elayn)

Nikki, who lives in Sydney, is an Australian best-selling author. She has a successful career and her family is also very harmonious. Husband is considerate and gentle, and four lovely children grow up. The life of a family is full of flavors.

Her mother is Elayn, she was a big beauty when she was young, and she also worked as a graphic model.

After meeting his ex-husband Bob, they got married and had children, and then they had two younger brothers, Nikki and Nikki.

(Nikki and mother Elayn)

After getting married, Elayn did not give up his career, but Bob was very dissatisfied with Elayn's persistence at work. The two people became more quarrelsome and the gap deepened, and finally came to the step of divorce.

Elayn, who is strong, optimistic, and yearning for freedom, was not defeated by the divorce at all.She moved to Sydney with her children and gave them the best education.

(Nikki and mother Elayn)

For her daughter Nikki, she has always held great expectations, hoping that her daughter can also become a sunny and independent modern independent woman.

Nikki is also very well-behaved and has always maintained the position of top student.

It's just that Nikki has always felt a lot of pressure on his mother's "perfectionism".

(Nikki and mother Elayn)

I will become you when I grow up,Also alienated you

It is said that when every girl grows up, whether she wants to or not, she will look more and more like her mother, and Nikki is no exception.

Mother is a strong woman, and so is Nikki.

(Nikki and mother Elayn)

As an excellent journalist, Nikki not only has a good love career, but also moved to London with her husband for XNUMX years.

Free at last.

Sometimes, Nikki misses his mother and his birthplace-Australia. But it is inevitable that Nikki's heart has long been placed in London.

One day, somehow, Nikki woke up from his dream, and suddenly had an urge to go home.

Finally moved my family back to Sydney,Will the time with my mother be longer this time?

Mother suffered from illness and depression,She is busy with work and has no time to care

After moving back to Sydney, there was not much time between them.

As soon as I returned to Sydney, my mother said sternly: "Don't want me to bring you a baby!"

In fact, Nikki didn't want her mother to take care of the baby personally. One is because she knows her mother's temper, and the other is that her mother is getting older and she doesn't want to increase her burden.

Nikki's child really likes Elayn and is willing to accompany this "pretty grandmother".

But with each passing day, the body changes more obviously.

After suffering from leg problems and undergoing surgery,Painful postoperative chronic pain struck.

The mother is suffering to such an extent, where is the daughter?

Elayn has always had a strong personality, She doesn't want to be a burden to her children at all,Reject all help from children . For her children’s concern, she will always express--"No need".

What is chronic postoperative pain?

Chronic pain after surgery is also called "undead cancer."

The possible consequences are: sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, mental breakdown and even personality distortion and then suicide...

Recently, the TV series "The Surgeon" is on the air. In the drama, Dr. Fu Bowen unfortunately became one of the few patients with severe chronic chest pain. The pain and the ensuing irritability made him unbearable, and his emotions changed from sensible acceptance at first to self-harm.

Elayn also tried a variety of pain relief treatments under the advice of doctors, but the pain remained the same and the effect was not obvious. She can't help it,Even opioids are used to relieve pain.

It's just that none of this works.

Finally, Elayn, who was depressed and suffering for a long time, called her daughter and cried,"Baby, I feel too painful."

But the daughter who was busy with work didn't take this matter to heart. After a few words of comfort, she hung up her mother's phone in a hurry.

Other complaints about the mother-"I don't want to live anymore", "I'm dead", "I'm free when I die"Nikki never cared.

Mother’s depression was “incited” to commit suicide,Pass away alone

The mother committed suicide in her solitary apartment and was euthanized. The body was found by the police and there are no last words.

There was a bottle of medicine and a bottle of Baileys on the table at hand, and the TV was still broadcasting when the police entered the house.

Both Nikki and his mother Elayn's doctors thought all this was incredible. Is it painful to despair, helpless, pain left? Or are you ready to leave?

Nikki reviewed everything his mother had experienced during her illness and wrote a column.

Seeing her article, someone named Philip Nitschke commented,"Nikki's mother's suicide was our own initiative."

What? Are you kidding me? You "instigated" my mother to commit suicide?

Nikki immediately left a message to this person named Philip, asking for a call.

Who "instigated" the death of his mother?

Philip Nitschke is the founder of "Exit International", a group that legalizes user euthanasia. The main activities of the group include: selling biochemical equipment to members; instructing people on how to use self-service equipment to commit suicide; instructing suicide victims to avoid legal sanctions, etc.

After members join the organization, they can join the forum to discuss "euthanasia, suicide".

与其他主自杀组织不同, “Exit International” 对象不仅局限于身患绝症的病人,

The organization will provide drugs or poisonous gas to the elderly in need to end their lives simply, quickly and painlessly.

It turned out that his mother, Elayn, became a member of this organization a few years before his death. Philip sent all the materials that Elayn participated in the discussion during his lifetime to Nikki, including the proof that his mother wanted to euthanize himself.

Had it not been for these materials, Nikki would never know how painful his mother was.

In a recording of a telephone call, the mother said in a very weak voice:

"Philip, please help me, I am too weak!

I was very helpless and desperate. I always thought that medication would solve the problem, but in fact nothing would help me.No one can help me! "

Nikki burst into tears listening to this familiar and unfamiliar voice.

I never imagined that my mother endured so much torture. I regret too much! I am not a good daughter, I have not been able to accompany my mother well.

I did not find a chance to tell my mother how much I love her, nor did I say goodbye to her!

If God gives me another chance, even if I can only spend one minute with my mother, I will tell my mother:

I really really love you!I really really appreciate you!I really can't do without you!

The female is weak, but the mother is strong. But behind the strong, there are actually fragility that we can't see. When we feel helpless, they unconditionally shield us from the wind and rain; but when the wind and rain fall on themselves, they always choose to bear it by themselves.

More and more elderly people suffering from illness are unwilling to confide in their children, and will choose to seek help from third-party organizations. Where is the problem?

Why does the tragedy of "the tree desires tranquility but the wind keeps on, and the son wants to support but does not wait for relatives", why do it happen so often? Do you know your mother? As far away as Australia, when was the last time you called her?

The annual Mother's Day is coming, find some time, go home and have a look, and accompany my dear mother! Don't let love become a deep regret.

News compiled from "Huffington Post Australia"


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