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In the southeast corner of the Australian mainland, there is a small island named King Island.

The island is attached to Tasmania, where the scenery is pleasant and the folk customs are simple.

There are 1700 permanent islanders. Regardless of the size of the island and not many people, Kings Island is quite famous in Australia because the island grows the most fertile grass in Australia.

The pasture feeds the top food cows, and the milk produced by the cows here is also rich in nutrients.

Especially suitable for making cheese, so for many years, the handmade cheese of Kings Island has been a sought-after item on the market.

This is more than that. The geographical location of Kings Island is unique, and the seafood is also quite abundant, lobster, oysters, mussels...

They are also the world's top. In addition to producing top-quality ingredients, they also have several high-end golf courses, and golf enthusiasts often make special trips to play.

It's such a small island, but recently it has attracted much attention, because they are going to betray...

Here's the thing:

Although many excellent ingredients can be produced on the island, the transportation cost is too high.

So the Tasmanian government made a decision to reduce the shipping services of King Island.

Because there are fewer ships, it is not only inconvenient to export, but also the daily necessities of local residents have become tense.

Those who opened bars found that there was not enough beer, and those who opened supermarkets found that food supplies were also tight.

In short, they feel that they have been neglected. The Tasmanian government has not put King Island in its eyes at all, so an initiative was put forward by the residents of King Island.

They said that since you don’t care about me, my lobsters, oysters, and beef don’t look down on you. We are going to seek refuge in Victoria!

Victoria is obviously close, so why did you look at Tasmania blindly? !

After this proposal was put forward, everyone agreed to it.

At present, this initiative is in the stage of preparing for voting, but it is very likely that after a while, Kings Island will become Victorian!

Are you guys in Melbourne happy?

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