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The weather in Melbourne, I like to surprise you. If you are not careful, you will be surprised. This is not when I wake up this morning, the social platforms have been swiped by Melbourne. What did you brush?Heavy fog! Such!


There is such a thing!

Many people were shocked when they got up and looked out the window...Am I in a dream?

This is what people see when they go to work


And like this

Am I in Melbourne? !

In fact, it is not just us "immigrants", Australians are also scared, I have never seen this scene!

Where is Melbourne?

howThe city is gone when you open your eyes?

Is this road different from usual?Am I going to enter the illusion?

I can feel surprised when I look at this lens...

Hurry upTake the kids out to see the excitement!

The area covered by this heavy fog is really not small!

In fact, it is not us who is most surprised, but the drivers and pilots!

See this road is blocked, say this isSpeed ​​of 100 per hourDo you believe it?

City is also blocked

Flew to the airport gate and was driven backTigerair flights...

Despite all kinds of delays, many people have noticed that the fog brings beautiful scenery that is rarely seen!

The sea of ​​clouds overlooking the sky~

as ifMovie CG effectThe Holy Light~

Outside Flinders station, Ye Zhu Qingtian...

It is said that this is when the fog is thickestA view from the top of the Eureka Tower, the highest building in Melbourne.

The angel is down!

It looks beautiful, but the air is actually quite bad...Melbourne's PM2.5 index is already greater than 170!

Actually, this is Melbourne,Although you will get a bad temper at every turn, you will still surprise you from time to time

Whether it israinstorm

still islightning

EvenRainbows are double!

So, when someone asks you why you should choose Melbourne, look up at the sky and tell him,I love the constant surprises this city brings me!

News compiled from "Herald Sun"


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