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LEveryone knows that when the winter in Melbourne comes, there is a place that is crowded with people.Peninsula Hot Springs (Peninsula Hot Springs) in Mornington, a 90-minute drive from Melbourne City.Absolutely an intensive program for tourists to check in!

The environment is blessed, there are more than 20 kinds of pools, this is in the past, is definitely a must-push project in winter,Attracts more than 40 tourists from all over the world every year.

But recently, it has a major event, and Peninsula Hot Springs has been targeted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The EPA found that they wouldHot spring wastewater is injected back into the underground water storage system,evenSome waste water returned to the reservoir.This waste water becomes stagnant water,This triggered the EPA’sWorry.

The Environmental Protection Agency said,They were worried about the purity of the groundwater in their hot springs and ordered the Peninsula Hot Springs Company to develop a sewage testing program to assess pollutants and water quality.

Next month, the company will again go to the Victorian Civil Administrative Court to continue its investigation of water pollution.

The CEO of Peninsula Hot Springs (Charles Davidson) said that before, the company did reinject all the hot spring wastewater underground, but some of the hot spring wastewater was returned to the reservoir due to "technical problems." But he emphasized the companyDid not detox underground"We are not industrial wastewater."

However, the EPA stated that the hot spring water reinjected by the peninsulaIt has not been tested and processed for pathogens and bacteria, and its pumping wells may also draw water from the same underground aquifer. Besides, the behavior of storing stagnant water must be stopped immediately. This waste water will breed various environmental pollution.

This is embarrassing. Soaking in a hot spring was originally intended to kill bacteria, but if the water quality is doubtful or even the bath water has not been soaked by many people, this feeling will not be so good...

As soon as the news came out, it was attracted on FacebookMore than 4000Comment, it just becameHot Spring Complaint Conference-

"The last time I saw a woman squeeze acne on her boyfriend's back in the hot spring, I dare say there is a problem with this water..."

"People's dead skin and body hair are floating on the water. Thank you, I will not go again"

"Remember that time we found a dead toad in the water?"

"The last time I went to play with my son, he started to get a serious illness, and his stomach problem took 2 years to heal." (Did you accidentally drink the hot spring water?)

"Why would anyone want to go? Taking a bath with a bunch of people makes me uncomfortable just thinking about it."

Under the passion of the crowd, Peninsula Hot Springs also quickly posted a response to the news on Facebook:

"In response to the quality of the peninsula hot spring water, CEO Charles Davidson clearly stated:"Our water is the purest in the world".

Peninsula Hot Springs is an ideal bathing place. Our hot spring water is rich in minerals and originates from deep on the earth's surface. It has been naturally heated to 54 degrees Celsius and flows directly into the pool.The water is pure and can be classified as a source of drinking water according to EPA standards.

Peninsula Hot Springs has been committed toEnsure water quality and fluidity, To ensure that guests enjoy a world-class bathing experience in a carefully monitored bathing environment.

In Peninsula Hot Springs,Our guests can rest assured that when bathing in pure natural water, all this is guaranteed by the most advanced procedures. "

However, this statement is more like telling tourists that their hot spring water is of good quality, and it does not answer directly what problems their wastewater treatment will cause.

(Charles Davidson, CEO of Peninsula Hot Springs)

However, Peninsula Hot Springs also stated thatIn the next year and a half, a 4-km long pipeline will be built to discharge the excess hot spring wastewater directly into the ocean, rather than into a reservoir. The pipeline will be completed in the next 12 to 18 months, but the hot springs will remain the same. Welcome.

Moreover, relevant water quality experts must be entrusted to evaluate any waste water discharged into the groundwater layer to determine that the water quality will not have a negative impact on the environment.

Okay, then the question is, do you dare to go to the hot springs this winter?

News compiled from "Herald Sun"


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