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Several famous brands of coffee beans in Melbourne,Do you want to bring a copy?

In the 50s, Melbourne ushered inThe first Italian coffee shop Pellegrini Espresso BarSince then, this city has opened a glorious coffee chapter to this day. In particular, the new wave of professional coffee roasters and baristas that emerged at the beginning of this century has allowed Melbourne's coffee culture to spread to every corner and enjoy the highest reputation as the "City of Coffee in the World".

Because Australia’s climate and geographical environment are not suitable for coffee beans cultivation, people here are more committed to importing the best coffee beans from different varieties from all over the world, and then making a cup of rich and intoxicating coffee with the craftsmanship of various coffee shops. In the Port of Melbourne alone, an average of 30 tons of coffee beans are imported every day, and about XNUMX million cups of coffee can be made!

In addition to visiting the store to taste the coffee made by professional baristas, many coffee lovers also like to buy high-quality coffee beans from the store and go home to do it themselves. Indeed, many boutique coffee shops in Melbourne produce excellent coffee beans, and there are a variety of choices suitable for Italian, siphon, and drip coffee.

Next, the editor will introduce to everyoneSeveral famous brands of coffee beans in Melbourne, Whether you want to enjoy a good morning with coffee aroma at home, or bring a unique Melbourne-style souvenir to your friends in China, you can find the most suitable one.

Market Lane Coffee

Address: 109/111 Therry St, Melbourne VIC 3000 (Vima Store)

Market Lane Coffee, a professional coffee roaster, has branches in Collins St, Carlton, Victoria and South Yarra. Unlike the customers in other coffee shops, most of the customers here habitually choose freshly ground and freshly brewedlong black (double espresso + hot water) and short black (espresso), It can be seen that the reputation of espresso here is really not small.

Market Lane tirelessly looks for new seasonal coffee beans, and processes and roasts them by themselves, with various flavors. The coffee beans sold on the brand's official website include Espresso Beans and Filter Beans. The former includes Mbilima Espresso and Seasonal Espresso, and the latter includes Don Carlos, Sitio da Torre, La Loma and Sao Judas.

Mbilima is produced in the Mbilima washing plant in Rwanda. The coffee produced has the taste of caramel and citrus, and the aftertaste of cloves can be felt in the mouth after drinking. Seasonal is a comprehensive seasonal coffee bean, 75% is Corrego Seco from Brazil, and the other 25% is Muduha from Rwanda. Dark chocolate and peach are rich in aroma, which can add a different flavor to the Australian coffee Flat White.

Don Carlos is a Geisha (Geisha) produced in the bush and mountains of Bolivia. The drip coffee produced has a floral aroma with orange and blueberry flavors. Sitio da Torre, from a Brazilian family farm located at an altitude of 1100-1300 meters, benefits from a mild year-round, four-season climate and an evenly distributed rainforest. The fragrance is very strong, and it has aromas of chocolate fudge and tropical fruits. La Loma from Colombian farms has a touch of sweetness: milk chocolate and vanilla blend together with the sweetness of maple syrup. Sao Judas from Brazil is the perfect combination of hazelnut chocolate flavor and honey, and the taste is pleasant.

Seven Seeds

Address: 106-114 Berkeley St, Carlton VIC 3053

In Melbourne, whether you like coffee or not, you must have heard of the name Seven Seeds. In fact, many coffee lovers from all over the world have come here and leave with satisfaction. Seven Seeds is not only a professional in-house roaster, but also a coffee bean supplier to many well-known coffee shops in Melbourne. Brother Baba Budan's coffee beans are selected from Seven Seeds, which shows that its coffee beans are indeed recognized by the industry.

Seven Seeds online store offers five types of Espresso, three types of drip filters and two types of dual-purpose beans. Seven Seeds Espresso Blend and Golden Gate Blend are synthetic beans. The former is 25% Robot Mata (Isobia) + 50% Andino (Colombia) + 25% Qoroma (Isobia). The coffee produced has red currant. Flavors of jelly, almonds and caramel; the latter is 65% Matambo (Colombia) + 35% Haro Sana (Isobia), the combination of the two beans gives the coffee a caramel, peach plum and chocolate flavor.

Kenyan coffee with bright fruit aroma and well-balanced acidity has always been popular. The Kenya Thunguri produced by Seven Seeds comes from the Kirinyaga region. You can taste the berry-like sourness when you drink it. The sweetness of brown sugar is left behind, which is very refreshing.

The other two drip coffee beans, Brazil Fazenda Progresso and Burundi Kinyovu taste a bit similar, they both taste peach and caramel aromas, but the latter is more sour and has a cranberry flavor, while Brazil Fazenda Progresso has There is the sweetness of brown sugar.

Proud Mary

Address: 172 Oxford St, Collingwood VIC 3066

The red brick house where Proud Mary is located is no stranger to friends in Melbourne, and this coffee shop is also well-known on The Age Good Café Guide all year round. Looking for a weekend, come to Proud Mary to enjoy a full Brunch and a cup of fragrant coffee. Picking one or two bags of Mary is proud of coffee beans before leaving is the right way to open life in Melbourne.

Columbia El Encanto from the Vera Plateau in Colombia is Proud Mary’s best-selling coffee beans. It is a combination of Bourbon and Typica. The drip coffee produced has nectarine and floral aromas. The taste is mild and the bright acidity is distinctive.

Cadefihuila, also produced from Veraco, is a combination of Columbia and Caturra. It has the sweetness and soft taste of Colombian coffee, but it is not the fresh fruit fragrance of Caturra. It has dried apricots and black vinegar. The taste of chestnut and cream dessert.

Nossa Senhora Aparecida from the Mantiqueira de Minas mountains in Brazil is an excellent choice for making espresso. Nourished by the rainforest climate, this Yellow Catuai coffee bean is of high quality, with red apple, white peach and papaya flavors. Very special.

Dukes Coffee Roasters

Address: 247 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

Dukes, located in Flinders Lane, is the source of daily energy for office workers in the city, and it often welcomes an endless stream of guests early in the morning. The small storefronts, crowded crowds and diffuse coffee aroma make people believe that it is worth the wait to get up ten minutes earlier.

There are countless unforgettable coffees made in Dukes. The first choice is its signature Dukes Espresso Blend. Since its adoption in 2009, it has been continuously improving and upgrading its flavors. The current version combines Sao Joao from Brazil and La Hammonia from Nicaragua. , Hererra Plandas from Colombia and Sasaba from Isobia, the flavor is rich, balanced, and black and white. The recently released seasonal Autumn Blend is more suitable for people who like to drink black coffee. The carefully selected yellow cardduai from Brazil and Heirloom from Isobia are the coffee beans used for black coffee in Dukes. Neutralizes fruity aroma and soft sweetness.

La Riviera (Mokka) Filter collects coffee beans from Risaralda, a high-quality producing area in the Andes. After being washed and treated by La Pradera, the natural cherry, floral fragrance and caramel sweetness blend together, giving everyone the best coffee experience.

Dukes also intimately supply Decaf espresso, produced in the mountains of British Columbia, using Swiss water treatment to avoid the use of chemical solvents, smooth taste and aroma of almonds and cocoa, making a cup of decaf coffee the same Can satisfy your taste buds.

There are so many specialty coffee roasting shops in Melbourne, it is really difficult to introduce them one by one. You can only attach the following options that are also not disappointing. Let's go hunt for treasures!


Address: 89/116 Cecil St, South Melbourne VIC 3205

Everyday Coffee

Address: 33 Johnston St, Melbourne VIC 3066

Industry Beans

Address: 3/62 Rose St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

St ali coffee roasters

Address: 12-18 Yarra Pl, South Melbourne VIC 3205


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