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From May 2017th to 5th, 19, "Unbounded" Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition was grandly opened in Newport News, Virginia, USA. Newport News citizen representatives, representatives of congressmen, university professors, national laboratory researchers, chairman of the Chinese American National Committee, vice president of the University of William and Mary, vice president of CNU University, Chinese dean of the Confucius Institute, deputy dean of the United States, The chairman of the sister city committee, the standing committee and other special guests, and 26 artists from China gathered together to celebrate the art event.

(The Mayor of Newport News speaks at the opening ceremony)

Culture and art in the context of today's globalization require cross-regional and cross-border dialogue and exchanges. In this "Boundless" Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition, the artistic individuality of artists from different regions was displayed, and the participants felt and understood the regional characteristics and styles presented by the artists.

(A great number of guests)

The famous curator and artist Mr. Wang Jianjun said: For this exhibition, I have invited a group of the best artists in China. They have their own direction and subject of artistic value. From their works, they can see the "globalization" of art. Knowing, seeing the unique charm of different space art, seeing the new artistic context and breakthroughs, seeing that the work does not remain in the form of the new, but the real direct deepening and awakening from the concept and the soul!

(Erhu performance at the opening ceremony)

An artist from Sichuan, Feng Ge, was invited to participate in this exhibition, bringing Chinese and foreign artists and enthusiasts a series of oil paintings of Peking Opera that had been carefully created for several years and received high praise.

(Mr. Feng Ge recent photo)

Mr. Feng Ge has been engaged in art education and painting creation all year round, and is committed to the artistic reproduction of Chinese traditional classic culture. Over the years, Mr. Feng Ge has not only created many high-quality oil painting works based on traditional Chinese culture, but also developed and created many well-received original animation works of Chinese Studies. Among them, Feng Ge's hard work "Tao De Jing" and "Comic Book of Changes", etc., completed over ten years, borrowed the form of comics to show readers the obscure traditional Chinese classic culture more intuitively. Among them, "Comic Book of Changes" has been reprinted three times and has been collected by Spring University in the United States.

(Mr. Feng Ge took a group photo with guests)


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