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After the latest budget was announced,The Immigration Bureau immediately updated the details of the parents’ visa yesterday.What are the clues of this latest "local tyrant parent visa", let us take a look...

Non-mandatory substitution, the longest single time is five years

First of all, the Immigration Bureau denied the previous rumors in the official explanation that this visa will completely replace the old existing parent immigrant visa system. In other words,We just have one more choice when it comes to parental immigration. Reunion with family members is not the only way for this kind of "tyrant visa".

Secondly,The maximum length of this visa is 5 years, There is a chance to pay for a renewal for another five years.

This is not much different from the news that everyone got before.

The procedure is cumbersome: first approve the guarantee qualification, then approve the visa application

In the latest information disclosed by the Immigration Bureau, the visa application procedure is also given: This is a division into "Two-step visa procedure First of all, the guarantor must first apply for approval of the guaranty qualification.Later, you can submit a visa application for your parents,

The guarantor and applicant need to meet a series of conditions to qualify for the application, which is really relatively cumbersome...

Guarantee qualification: more expensive but stricter

Regarding the guarantee qualification of the guarantor, this time the Immigration Bureau gave an accurate reply:Must be a PR or a citizen. The so-called quasi-permanent resident is definitely not acceptable (for example, visas such as 489 skilled immigrants in remote areas).

The specific requirements for the qualification of the guarantor are as follows:

Guarantor requirements
  1. Is the applicant's biological child, adopted child or step-child
  2. Provide valid identification
  3. Be an Australian citizen, PR or qualified New Zealand citizen
  4. 18 years old and above
  5. Live in Australia for at least 4 years
  6. Meet the income threshold
  7. Meet character requirements
  8. Bear public health insurance debts caused by parents
  9. Fulfill related guarantee obligations

Some additions to the above requirements:

First of all, if the stepfather/stepmother divorces the biological father and mother, it is no longer considered a parent.

Secondly, if both parents are divorced and find a partner, in theory, two pairs of parents can be sponsored, but the Immigration Department requires only one parent at a time.

In addition, the guarantor is required to live in Australia for more than four years,The existing parent visa system only takes two years.

Finally, there is no need to meet the family balance test. The so-called family balance test means that after the parents divorced, the mother and stepfather gave birth to two more children. In this case, the family is unbalanced.

In this way, mothers cannot apply for parental immigration unless they have at least two children who are permanent residents or citizens of Australia.

However, the new parent visa has no requirements on this point, and it can be regarded as a slight relaxation of the review.

The only comfort: there is no requirement for English!

To say that the only comfort of this visa may be that parents do not require any English scores.

It is estimated that the Immigration Bureau is also thinking that this visa fee is so expensive, and if English is required, it is estimated that this visa will not be sold...

In addition, as in the previous news, the parent visa holder is not allowed to do any kind of work, but can participate in community studies.

No matter what, if you don't need English scores, we feel a little bit of relief.

Other: some rules

other aspects,The official implementation time of this visa is about the end of this year. In the announcement of the budget, the government also mentioned that it will be launched around November this year.

In terms of costs, it is the same as the previous news.3 Australian dollars for 5 years and 5 Australian dollars for 1 years.

Considering the deadline + both parents want to immigrate mostly together, this is definitely a local tyrant visa.

Oh, right,This visa does not require a deposit...The current parent visa requires a deposit of 1 Australian dollars.

In addition, all applications must be submitted online (existing parent visas are paper-based); renewal of the visa must be overseas.


In general, compared with the current parent visa, this visa can be summarized in one sentence:

It is more expensive and more troublesome, but it still has advantages.

If you do not consider the economic cost, this visa is actually a good choice for parents to reunite.

But there are too many times in life, money is not a problem, the problem is that there is no money...

In any case, the editor here wishes everyone, no matter where you are, no matter where you are, to reunite with your parents as soon as possible, and share a peaceful life.


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