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In other words, in the last few months of the fiscal year, the Australian government really can’t stay idle, and it feels uncomfortable if it doesn’t do anything!Following the reform of employer guarantees, naturalization, and parent visas,This time it's the spouse immigration visa's turn!In the future, it will be more and more difficult to obtain PR in the short term! Yesterday's official notice from the Migration Agents Association MIA:The spouse immigration visa (820/801,309/100) will also be reformed.

For those who want to passFor spouse visa immigrants applying for PR,It is undoubtedly bad news!

Reform focus

3-year validity period for spouse's temporary residence category

It is reported that each year, spouse visas account for 30% of the total immigration quota. Among these peopleThere is no shortage of fake marriages and unreliable marriage foundations, so I can barely make up for PRIf you get a visa, you will get a divorce right away. This not only wastes social resources, but also makes people take advantage of it!

Currently,The temporary residence category 820 or 309 for spouse immigration is valid for unlimited length.

Take an applicant’s 820 signed letter as an example:

That is,The current 820 visa is declared invalid at the moment of receipt of the 801 visa/rejection letter or when the 801 visa application is cancelled..

However, the new regulations announced today for 820 and 309 visas will bePlus 3 years of validity.

This meansIf the applicant does not supplement the second stage 3 or category 801 visa materials within 100 years, the temporary residence visa he holds will be invalid!

Cost increase


It is reported that this fee will be slightly adjusted to 2017 Australian dollars on July 7, 1.

The recent reforms announced by the Immigration Bureau mean that 820 and 309 temporary residence visa holders need to pay an additional second visa application fee when they transfer to permanent residence.The specific amount has not yet been announced.

Key data

Nearly 9 spouse visas are under review.

According to the latest data from the Immigration Bureau, there are currently as many as 88,000 spouse visa applications in the queue.其中包括35,000个820申请,28,000个309申请,以及25,000个801申请!

Compared with last year, the processing speed of overseas spouse immigration processing will be faster than that of domestic applications.

At present, the number of applicants from abroad has dropped by 10-30%. This is because many applicants choose to switch to China and submit online applications in China..

According to data from the Immigration Bureau, this fiscal year, the online visa application rate for spouse immigration applications was as high as 80%.

Main country of origin

Applicants are mainly from four countries,The spouse immigration application submitted by the Chinese took the first place.Followed by the United Kingdom, the Philippines and Vietnam.

The surprisingly low rate of spouse immigration visas

The Immigration Bureau also gave the rate of visa approval last year.

From the data, we can see that in the first stage of spouse immigration, that is, the rejection rate of the 820 category is about 20%, and another 1/4 of those who transfer to permanent residence are rejected!In other words, of 100 applicants, only 60 of them can actually get permanent residence visas.,Or,The probability of getting a permanent residence visa is only 60%!

Visa processing time


 820 visa processing speed

The Decision Ready 2017 visa application (that is, 1% complete visa materials) submitted before January 820 has entered the processing stage.It is very likely that there will be results before June 2017, 6.

801 visa processing speed

The 801 permanent residency category was processed for 2016 visa holders who qualified to submit permanent residency documents in April 4.The trial period is more than 1 year, which is consistent with the current notice on the official website of the immigration bureau.

There is no quota limit for domestic spouse permanent residence visa.According to the current trial speed, 820 plus 801, the trial time is 3-3.5 years. In other words, it takes at least 3 years to apply for spouse immigration in China from submission to final permanent residence visa! The waiting time will continue to extend as the number of applications increases!

Guarantor character review

In order to effectively prevent domestic violence elements from becoming guarantors,Starting from November 2016, the Australian Immigration Service requires all spouse sponsors (that is, the party with Australian permanent residence or citizenship) to submit a non-criminal certificate for Australia and overseas.

After the guarantor has passed the qualification review, the visa officer will start to process the spouse’s immigration application, But the applicant’s visa and guarantor’s character review can be submitted at the same time.

Currently, there are about 8000 guarantors under review, of which 6000 applications have not yet been assigned a visa officer.It takes 6 months to process the process of guarantor qualification alone! It is reported that only applications submitted until December 2016 are being processed. Therefore, friends who plan to immigrate through their spouses should submit the information as soon as possible. No one can predict what changes will happen to the next policy.This article comes from: Neolithic study and immigration


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