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In other words, a few days ago, the Australian media exposed a piece of news that made many people seriously doubt life...

News headlines are very attractive:"What's the use of going to college?!In Australia, we have a lot of non-degree requirements,A great job with an annual salary of over 10 Australian dollars! "

You know, the average annual salary of Australians is $77900, which means that for these simple jobs, the income can be much higher than most Australians!

So why are these jobs so highly paid? According to relevant experts, this is because the expansion of Australian universities has resulted in lower academic qualifications, and many people have difficulty finding jobs.

In Australia, there is an extreme shortage of miners and people with all kinds of physical labor (commonly known as "blue collar"). Therefore, many jobs with no technical content are very popular, and wages are rising! More than most white-collar workers!

Let's see what works:

  • Air traffic controller-$108,040
  • Operations Manager – $94,400 
  • Construction Manager – $83,860
  • Transportation and Distribution Manager – $80,210
  • Police officers and detectives – $78,260
  • Radiation Therapist – $77,890
  • Nuclear Energy Reaction Operator – $75,650
  • Elevator installer – $70,910 

Have you moved a little too? In addition to the above-mentioned jobs, what other occupations in Australia can get high salaries without academic qualifications? Let me make a big inventory!

Air traffic controller

In the 2017 latest earning career list released by Australian media,The first place is the air traffic controller!

According to Australian media reports, the top of the listAir traffic controller,The annual salary can reach one hundred and eight thousand Australian dollars!

Raife Watson, CEO of Adzuna, an Australian recruitment network, said,"This is a super high-pressure job,No mistakes are allowed, so the salary is quite worth it. "

If you think you are as careful as your heart and can handle the high pressure, you might as well try this high-paying job~

After all, think about it, any job you have to do is under pressure. If you do this, you can become a millionaire in a few years!

Traffic Controller

I often build roads in Australia, I must have seen such a group of people~

Wearing fluorescent-colored overalls, they stood at the intersection with a sign in their hands that read "slow" or "stop" to control the flow of traffic and prevent accidents.

This is the traffic controller in Australia. All their job is to stand on the street with a sign~

And it’s such a super simple job,The hourly salary is as high as 30 Australian dollars!

Bricklayers in the construction industry

Speaking of which, housing prices in Australia have been soaring. What the Australian people need most is naturally someone who is diligently building new houses!

The Australian government introduces many construction plans every year. Therefore, the demand for construction workers has always been great!

The average annual salary in the construction industry is more than 10 Australian dollars a year!

But in Australia, because no one wants to do this job, the Australian government has to repeatedly increase the hourly wage of bricklayers!

As early as 2015, moving a brick can earn 2 Australian dollars. A good bricklayer can lay 1500 bricks a day, which is 3000 Australian dollars a day!

The average bricklayer's weekly salary is as high as 6000 Australian dollars, and only need to work 4 days a week.

No wonder the Australian Bricklaying and Bricklaying Training Foundation's NSW regional manager, John Whitewhite said: "I also know that some bricklayers live in houses worth 700 million Australian dollars!"

A few years ago, Australian media also reported on an Australian man named Phillip Johnathan Harrison,

He started as a bricklayer in Australia,Earn 5 million Australian dollars in assets!There are houses worth more than one billion Australian dollars!

Carpenter in the construction industry

In addition to bricklayers, carpenters who also belong to the construction industry are also a well-paid job!The maximum annual salary can reach 15 Australian dollars!

The Australian media has reported that

A lady from Victoria, arcelle Bagu, used to be a Victorian government policy consultant. But she decisively gave up her job as a government servant and chose to work as a carpenter! why?Because the woodworker's income is four times that of her when she worked in the government.

Today, her annual income exceeds 12 Australian dollars!

She said that after changing career, she not only got more income, but also got more free time! I feel that the whole person is free at once!


In Australia, hairdressing is also a good profession, and many Chinese immigrants choose to do this.If the barber himself is skilled,Able to retain enough repeat customers,Then the annual income of 10 Australian dollars is not difficult!

According to Xiaobian’s gossip,In 02, a Chinese master opened his own shop to do business,Annual income of 20 Australian dollars!And that was 15 years ago!

Former Australian Prime Minister Gillard’s boyfriend is a barber~

Coal digger

When it comes to coal mining, these key words must come up in your mind: coal bosses are in arrears, mining disasters, crushing...

But mining coal in Australia is a very popular profession!

why? Earn more money!The average annual salary in the mining industry is as high as 11 Australian dollars!

Among them, the annual salary of coal miners is as high as 13 Australian dollars!

There is such a real joke in Australia. The admiral and the prime minister complained that nearly 50% of the officers were lost in the army!Where did they go? Mine!

The mine provides an annual salary of 13 Australian dollars,The army only paid them 8 annual salary,Who doesn't make money?So the officers decisively chose to be miners!

Not just officers, but the profession of coal miners also attracts professional models!

Here is a 25-year-old Australian girl who used to be a model, but she chose to withdraw from the stage and got into an excavator~

right now,With an annual salary of 13 Australian dollars, she already has three properties!


In Australia, the felling of trees is strictly controlled by the government. Even if you want to cut down trees in your backyard, you have to report to the government for approval first!

Therefore, the wages of lumberjacks in Australia are super high. According to the Chinese who have worked as lumberjacks,They can cut a tree of up to 15000 Australian dollars!

And to log in the backyard of ordinary people,The price of a tree is also between 400 and 700 Australian dollars!

And if you want to dig away the roots of the tree together,There will be an additional charge of 300 Australian dollars!

Now in Australia, the market demand for Chinese nanny is unprecedentedly high. According to BBC reports, since 2006, overseas, especially among the elite, learning Chinese has become a trend. In order to cultivate an atmosphere for children to learn Chinese from an early age, they are often willing to spend a lot of money in hiring, or even "compete" for a Chinese nanny, especially a nanny whose mother tongue is Mandarin.

These Chinese nannies earned an average of nearly 2006 Australian dollars a year in XNUMX. One of them was because several white families wanted to sign a contract with her. The salary soared all the way, eventually earning nearly XNUMX Australian dollars a year. contract!

Hospital care

In Australia, "care crisis" has become a frequently heard word in recent years.

Because Australia's elderly care jobs have low wages and high work intensity, this is not a popular career choice for locals who are not very diligent. There is already a shortage of nursing workers in nursing homes in Australia. Now, the Australian nursing agency has set its sights overseas.

It is said that when overseas nurses come to work in Australia,The monthly salary is about XNUMX Australian dollars.


Do you think being a plumber is dirty? The plumber in Australia is like this~

Moreover, as an Australian plumber, their annual salary is around 15 Australian dollars! More than twice the average Australian income! Generally, just screw two screws at your door and it costs 200-300 Australian dollars! And the working environment is indoors, which is much easier than blue-collar workers who work outdoors!

Crane crane operator

Speaking of crane excavators, driving excavators can also make you a lot of money!

The average weekly salary of operators is 3055 Australian dollars, and the average annual salary is 16 Australian dollars!

In Australia, as long as you are willing to contribute, you can make money. People respect every job in every industry, and you will get corresponding compensation according to your hard work!

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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