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Melbourne City Hall has officially announced that it will carry out a large-scale rectification of Elizabeth Street at a cost of 150 million Australian dollars, aiming to make this famous street in Melbourne brighter and more convenient for pedestrians.

Several main features of the rectification:

  • The section between Flinders Lane and Flinders St at the southern end of Elizabeth St is closed to traffic
  • It is forbidden to turn left from Elizabeth St into Flinders St
  • Turn the southern end of Elizabeth St into a beautiful pedestrian street
  • Tram line on Elizabeth St, turn left and extend to Flinders St

According to the latest budget report of the City Hall, the southern end of Elizabeth Street is the key part of the renovation. This part of the street is between Flinders Street and Flinders Lane, which is the starting point of tram 19, 57 and 59.

At that time, all cars will be prohibited from passing on this section of the road, but other roads at the northern end will still pass normally.

The City Hall also stated "Through data analysis, we found that the traffic volume in this segment has dropped sharply in the past ten years. "Robert Doyle stated: "Pedestrians use Elizabeth Street the most, especially at the southern end of the road, so we should provide pedestrians with a better and wider space to walk. With the rapid increase in Melbourne's population, this street is far from being able to meet such a large flow of people, so rectification is necessary. "

After the rectification, this block will be more spacious and better lighting equipment will be installed to make pedestrians feel safe. At the same time, this rectified block will also give tourists visiting Australia a good first impression (located at the exit of Flinders Station). "

In fact, this rectification is not only due to the low traffic volume and high traffic volume, but also because the road is'Notorious'In the streets, there are a large number of beggars and homeless people wandering here. Doyle told reporters:"This neighborhood is also a high-risk location for crime, especially at night."

The City Hall stated that the rectification plan will begin later in the second half of this year.Not only will the junction of Elizabeth Street and Flinders Street be improved, the entire Elizabeth Street will undergo varying degrees of rectification in the next few years, and the scope of rectification will extend to the vicinity of the queen victoria market.

News compiled from "Herald Sun"


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