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For a long time, Australia’s immigration policy is not inferior even when compared with established immigrant countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. In recent years, more and more people from various countries have come to settle in Australia. However, the situation is a bit bad now...

1.New Deal


However, when the April 4.19th New Deal came out this year, the Australian immigration circle was turned upside down, and many people's study, work and life planning were seriously affected.

Whether this New Deal is a political competition or for the benefit of the country, the harm to ordinary international students and skilled immigrants is real.

In order to "stop loss" as soon as possible, some nominated occupations were removed or only inS listPeople on the Internet have even retreated, preparing to withdraw their applications.

(Note: The S list is the Short-term Skilled Occupation List, STSOL, which replaced the original CSOL list. Another 200 occupations were completely removed. Nomination of the occupations on the list can only apply for a two-year work visa, and Cannot transfer to permanent residence.)

2.Turn around?
More than a month after the implementation of the New Deal, the Immigration Bureau was overwhelmed by all kinds of questions and complaints, including those from science and technology, research, mining, retail, hotel management and even government departments. In addition to ordinary applicants,More weight comes from the commercial sector!

According to the Australian Financial Review, some occupations removed by the Immigration Service and remaining on the S list are consideredPriority occupation(Top Priority Jobs)Without these talents, Australia's economic development will be seriously affected!

Faced with the demands of all parties, the Immigration Bureau requires them to come up with a list of priority occupations as soon as possible for reclassification, such as which ones need key attention, which ones need to be kept, and which ones need to be movedM listFirst class!

 (Note: The M list is the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List, MLTSSL, which replaces the original SOL list. Nominating the occupations on the list can apply for a 4-year work visa and have the opportunity to transfer to permanent residence.)

At present, some corporate giants and key industries have reached an agreement on these occupations,Named :

ImmigrationHave agreedThe reconsideration of these occupations before July 7 also coincides with the information that the pre-1 occupation list disclosed before will be updated!

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton also agreed"Specific analysis of specific occupations", But the default premise is still that Australians have priority in employment.

3. The retail and mining industries bear the brunt
It can be seen that these named occupations mainly exist in the retail industry and mining industry, and they are also the industries that are most affected in the 457 reform.

The retail industry has urgently convened high-level meetings and collected relevant evidence, including why locals in Australia cannot complete these key jobs, and the serious economic impact of the removal of 200 jobs.

Last Thursday, some CEOs and senior presidents met and agreed that the Australian government should resumeCEOs, Marketing Specialists, Retail Buyers, Merchandise Planners and Web DevelopersAnd other professional status.

They believe that these executives from all over the world are vital to the development of local Australian retailers such as Kmart, Target, Myer, etc., and can help them compete with international brands such as Zara, H&M.

In addition, because the e-commerce giant Amazon is stationed in Australia, the local retail industry also hopes to introduce more IT talents and improve their online services so as not to lose out in the competition with Amazon.

"After our investigation, we found that the demand for these talents cannot be met in Australia and can only be imported from overseas. In most cases, 80% of companies cannot recruit suitable talents. On average, the time cost of recruiting a person is 3 Up to 6 months.” said Russell Zimmerman, executive director of the Australian Retailers Association (Australian Retailers Association).

Oil and gas extraction industry
The Australian Mines and Metals Association (Australian Mines and Metals Association) warned that maritime support services are particularly important for Australian overseas oil and gas projects operated by large companies such as Woodside Energy and BHP. Some members of the association said that if there are no overseas technicians working at sea, many projects will not be carried out.

Tara Diamond, head of AMMA's industry service department, said: “For these key technical positions, although the number of talents introduced from overseas is small, it is very important for the operation of multiple resources. Every overseas technician can work for a local Australian. Bring multiple job opportunities."

The association believes thatAircraft Pilots, Helicopter Pilots, Flying Instructors, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and Ship Engineers, Masters and OfficersSuch occupations are all priority occupations and should be restored to their original status.

4. Other institutions and people have also suffered
Jenny Lambert, Director of Employment and Training of the Australian Chamber of Commerce, is currently assisting more than 60 industry groups to speak out on this matter. She said that universities, restaurants, and other catering departments are also in bad luck. Therefore, she hopes that the government can adopt the suggestions of people in the industry.Revise the occupation list before July 7.

The Parkville research laboratory and Broadmeadows production plant of the blood products giant CSL company recruited about 40 457 workers.If the government does not change the status quo, the company's research and development work will also be affected.

Australia's four largest accounting firmsFacing a crisis, it is difficult to attract foreign talents. EvenNBN's American boss-Bill Morrow, Now you must also apply for a new visa.

Xianzhong Lau from Singapore has just received his PhD and is employed by OccuRx, a Melbourne company, and is doing a major research on blindness. However, due to the 457 reform, he willHad to terminate the research and leave Australia.

Chris Lucas, head of Kisume, a restaurant under construction in Melbourne, worried that the abolition of 457 would make themIt is difficult to introduce top Japanese chefs to train local chefs and promote the development of tourism.

Randstad, a multinational recruitment agency, specializes in recruiting talents for the finance, education, engineering and IT industries. 75% of the company's employees hold 457 visas. According to the current policy, by March 3 next year, at least 18 employees will not be able to apply for permanent residence.

The French Chamber of Commerce and the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia also jointly launched lobbying activities. More than 80% of the members believed that the New Deal would have an adverse effect on attracting overseas talents.About 70% of people want to keep the original 457 visa system.

The two chambers of commerce also conducted a survey, and 95% of respondents said that their business in Australia provided training opportunities for Australians and improved their skills.Not only did 457 visa holders not take away jobs from Australians, they also created job opportunities for them! But now that the government suddenly changes its policies without saying a word, it will cost business owners a huge price.

Frank, chairman of the French Chamber of Commerce and CEO of Randstand, said that half of the executives in the Chamber of Commerce hold 457 visas. They sold their properties, moved their families, paid taxes in Australia, but now they are isolated and helpless because of the New Deal. These people have made contributions to Australia but were refused to stay. If so, how can Australia attract overseas talents?

Australian agricultural giantMark Palmquist, CEO of Graincorp He is an American who joined the company in 2014. During his tenure, he led the team to overcome difficulties, reorganized the operating mechanism, and made great achievements.

In this 457 reform storm, Mark Palmquist was not immune. His 457 visa expires next year, and he can only apply for a shorter 2-year visa according to the new regulations.

The head of Graincorp believesThe 457 reform may lead to an increase in CEO salary and make it more difficult to attract talent! Because many people think that a two-year temporary visa is not worth their family relocation. Graincorp is particularly concerned about the difficulty in finding the best talents for positions in innovation, technology, and management.

And Mark Palmquist faces the same situation as-

British-born David Jones CEO John Dixon, 

Colombian-born Orica CEO Alberto Calderon,

And Scott Bookmyer, head of KKR (Australia) who was born in the United Statesand many more.

In short, there are far more people affected. So if the Immigration Bureau can adopt everyone's suggestions and re-categorize the occupation list, then it will really be another village!

Source of this article:Neolithic study and immigration


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