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Since the Australian Immigration Bureau proposed the 4.19 New Deal, the follow-up information updates have been all chaotic and elusive. No, according to the latest news received by some migration agents yesterday, the 4.19 New Deal has been explained again, and several details have been clarified. :

1,Next MarchAfter that, applicants of 186 and 187 need to have 3 years of work experience!

2. FromFrom July 7 this yearThe changes are:Whether it is a one-step transfer or a permanent resident, 4 IELTS 6 points are required.

3,The upper age limit for 186 and 187 one-step applicants is 45 years old.

The news previously announced by the Immigration Bureau is more like an "Oolong"...

This "suspected Oolong" originated from the latest 457 Agent News published by the Immigration Bureau a week ago. In this document, the Immigration Bureau explained some details of the previous policy of "abolishing 457 visa".

However, in this document, we found a puzzling contradiction:The Immigration Bureau announced that a one-step 7/1 visa will require three years of work experience from July 186 this year!

This is strange. Because according to the information given by the immigration,The 186/187 visa will only require three years of work experience until March next year!

It's different from what I said before!

In the official statement given by the Immigration Bureau,It will take three years of work experience to start the 186/187 visa in one step in March next year!

Well, if the News letter of the Immigration Bureau a week ago was an update and change of the previous policy, then yesterday, this statement changed again, according toSome immigration agents reported to us that they received the following email from the immigration office :

It can be clearly seen that this email clearly states:The Immigration Bureau's requirement that 186/187 requires three years of work experience in one step will not take effect until March next year!

Change and change, is the immigration bureau in the masses?

Of course, the Immigration Bureau seems to be accustomed to this kind of "oolong".So every time there is room for the last part of the letter to say: more details, we will update in the future...

The current practice of the Immigration Bureau is: announce a policy, and then I want to talk about it. I really want to know the details, please listen to the next time.

This also shows that, first, despite the long preparations for the abolition of 457 and the introduction of the New Deal, there are still cases of hasty announcements and insufficient preparations.

Second, there are also disputes and differences in the interpretation of the details of the New Deal within the Australian Immigration Bureau. The thinking has not yet been unified, and there is no adequate training among employees.

A supporting fact is that the immigration agent called the Immigration Bureau to inquire about the changes in the New Deal in detail. When talking about many details, the answer given by the Immigration Bureau's caller was:Uh...Wait for further news, we are also discussing...

Although we have not yet seen any further official explanations, there is no doubt that the Immigration Bureau has made ups and downs.Subtle changes between gestures may change the life of each applicant...

Because, I don’t know how many 187 visa applicants need crazy preparation materials or test English, just to be able to submit visa applications before July 7. (The one-step 1 employer sponsored visa itself requires three years of work experience, so it has little effect)...

Sorting out: a summary of the 457/186/187 visa situation

Based on the information obtained so far, the final 457/186/187 visa requirements will be as follows:

About 457

Existing 457 visa holders are not affected by the "419 New Deal"!Unless you change employers or nominate positions...

Affected by the "419 New Deal", the visa processing time will slow down in the near future...

"419 New Deal" does not affect 187 permanent residence visa! (Nominated positions will not be affected on the mid-to-long-term or short-term list)


The newly added restrictions for some nominated positions will not affect existing 457 visa holders to switch to 186 permanent residence visa!

If your nominated position is placed on the short-term list (STSOL), you can still apply for the 186 permanent residence visa! Existing 457 holders are not affected by the adjustment of the latest nominated job list, and everything is done according to the old rules!

After July 2017, 7, 1 visa:

  • Expand the scope of occupations requiring occupational assessment;
  • Must provide a non-criminal certificate;
  • Strengthen vocational training;
  • High salaries (above A$96,400) are no longer exempt from English.
About 186/187 visa


1. IELTS four six;

2. The upper age limit is 45 years old (186 or 187 in one step)

Starting from March 2018, 3 permanent residence visa and 186 permanent residence visa requirements

1. The upper age limit is 45 years old;

2. The nominated position must be on the list of medium and long-term positions (MLTSSL);

3. A salary of at least $53,900

4. At least three years of relevant work experience

5. Work for the same employer for at least three years.

A 4-year TSS visa holder must have at least 3 years of work experience to transfer to permanent residence

Think about the news that the Immigration Bureau announced last week that the 187 visa will require three years of work experience on July 7. How many people’s lives fell from heaven to hell within a week...

How many people are going crazy to get the IELTS test before July XNUMXst, and how many people have lost their last emigration road, faced with returning home or a longer wait...

It really was a move by the Immigration Bureau, enough to make us feel that the whole world was shaking a few times...

In any case, the editor here sincerely wishes all friends on the immigration road, all the best, and get the visa in your heart as soon as possible.


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