Australian mother forged government documents to threaten her daughter, the little girl was scared to pee! And netizens laughed

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

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Many ordinary people have never seen what a government document looks like in their entire lives. If they suddenly receive it, they will sternly say that you are suspected of breaking the law. Most adults are also terrified, not to mention, if it's just a child, then you shouldn't be scared to pee!

Recently, a 7-year-old girl in Australia, Amira, received an official document from the government.The document actually said she broke the law!

Amira was naturally frightened,But as a mother, Sue Taher was not nervous at all, but smiled secretly..

(The picture shows Su and Amila and her brother)

It turns out that all of this is a "conspiracy" of a mother, and all of this must start with an IPad...

Unable to put down the IPad

During this time, Su always saw his 7-year-old daughter sneakingly holding the iPad in the middle of the night, playing secretly when he wasn't paying attention, and still laughing out of it.

She thought it was unusual, so she secretly checked it while her daughter was in school.My daughter is still chatting with strangers randomly every night, Some strangers even offered to take her to the amusement park!

Su Da was shocked, because she had always had three chapters with her children, andI have repeatedly emphasized the danger, No one knows what the people behind the Internet are like.

Before, justIt almost happened that my daughter was taken out to play by a strange uncle, At that time, Su did his best to stop him, and he just gave up. I didn’t expect my daughter to...

Su was furious, and immediately thought that he would scold his daughter severely and confiscate her IPad! But she changed her mind again, it was useless to do so.

I must teach my daughter a lesson,Let her take a lesson!

Make a document

Su thought and thought, how can she impress her daughter? During the lunch break, she finally had an idea!

She decided to fake the name of the government and officially issued a document!Scare your daughter well and let her remember! She did what she said. She made the government's head up and inscribed the real thing, and deliberately forged a government official named Mr Richard Mitchell, and then wrote a letter.

Dear Tahes, we unfortunately inform you,Your daughter Amila has been suspected of breaking the law. Because she chats with strangers online without permission, in order to protect her safety, we have to cut off your home network. If you need to restore the network, please wait for further notice. Ask the Taher couple to properly educate their daughter on the issue of online chat,Although not everyone on the Internet is bad, there are also some very annoying and dangerous people out there. Children must learn to protect themselves."

Then, she looked at her creation with satisfaction, quietly put the letter in the mailbox, pretending that nothing happened, and waiting for her daughter to leave school.

Shocking education class

My daughter came home from school. As expected, she picked up the iPad and started playing as soon as she got home. Su pretended to accidentally take out this letter and read it aloud: Dear Mr. and Mrs. Tahe, your daughter Amila is suspected of breaking the law... …

Amira was stunned.At the age of 7, she heard that she had broken the law as if the sky had fallen! Immediately began to cry in fear!

Su also acted with a serious expression, she said to Amila:Your behavior has been targeted by the government, and they will always monitor you!

Amila sobbed and asked why she broke the law, what should I do...

Seeing her daughter crying and shaking her head, Su slowed down and told her softly: The government said,Talking to strangers casually on the Internet is harmful.Every child must first learn to distinguish good from bad. As long as you follow what the letter says in the future, it will be fine.

Then she told her daughter in detail how to protect herself, and this time,Amila is no longer as impatient as before, but settles down and listens carefully.

Su also struck the iron while it was hot, and reconvened three chapters with Amila.If she wants to chat with a stranger, she must first talk to her mother, and get her consent.,otherwise,The government will come and disconnect!

This "intimidation" was deeply imprinted in Amila's heart. Every time I picked up the iPad, I would think of the government document and the sincere education of my mother.

So now, not only does she get her mother’s consent every time she takes the iPad to chat,Still in school telling classmates don’t talk to strangers online, Then the fruit can be serious!

Seeing Amila's changes, Su naturally was secretly proud of her for a long time. She also said that she didn't know how old this could be to hide her daughter, but she had already decidedWhen the daughter is 18 years old, I will treat this letter as a gift.

Tell her it's mother's love and protection for her.

After that, Su proudly put this fake letter on the Internet, and even attracted 9 NEWS reports!

It is true that the Internet is not entirely bad, but for his young and unable to distinguish between good and bad children, Su uses his own brain to protect children, and netizens are still amazed.

Good News: Australian mothers created fake government documents to teach daughters how to face harm from strangers

"You did a great job! This lesson is worth more than anything learned in school!"

"I applaud for you! You are the perfect parent! Whether you mind or not, I will steal your ideas, and I will also send letters to my children. You are such a genius!"

"Learned...I might do the same thing too! We parents must do anything to protect our children!"

"This is exactly the same as what happened in my house! It's just that a lot of weird strangers come to chat with my child, which is really a good idea!"

"We should print this out and use it for our children."

As soon as this document came out, Su could be regarded as leading a trend, and a lot of Tu-Australian parents also planned to join the army of forging government letters...

Sue taught her child Amila a good lesson, and she also got an A+ in the course of motherhood.

News compiled from "9 News"


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