Yuhua gem introduction

Yuhua gemstones enjoy such reputations as "God-sent National Treasure", "A Must in China", and "Queen in Stone" in China, and have unparalleled ornamental value, scientific research value, humanistic value and collection value. Since the Northern and Southern Dynasties, literati and elegant scholars have used the Yuhua stone to appreciate the landscape, and reached its peak in the Tang and Song Dynasties. The Qing Dynasty writer Cao Xueqin described the "tongling treasure jade" in the masterpiece "A Dream of Red Mansions" refers to the Yuhua stone. . In 2016, Yuhua Stone has successfully applied to become "Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage".

According to the research of geological and mineral scientists, the Yuhua Stone was formed about 1 million years ago (Mesozoic). A large-scale volcanic eruption occurred in Nanjing and surrounding areas. Magma was ejected from the crust and trickled into the rock, and then washed by river water. form. The main component of Yuhua stone is agate, which also includes chalcedony and quartz stone. Yuhua Stone was created by Chinese geologists at the 1924 World Geological Congress and has been recognized worldwide.

Volcanic eruption volcanic gas filled with agate-containing volcanic rock weathering denudation pores filled with agate weathering

The river transports the gravel layer containing rain flower stone

Because of its natural charm, Yuhua Stone has a crystal clear texture, exquisite and exquisite; its color is varied and radiant; its texture is brilliant and dynamic. On the basis of good quality, beautiful colors and strange patterns, various pictures and artistic conceptions such as figures, plants, animals, landscapes, abstractions are presented, and the big world is presented on the small rain flower stone, which makes the rain flower stone exude incomparable unique charm And collection value. There is a Chinese saying: Gold has a price, jade is priceless.

Rain flower gem introduction

Rain flower gem in China enjoy the national treasure “bestowed by heaven”, “a unique”, ”queen of stone” reputation, has a unique ornamental value and scientific research value, cultural value and collection value. Nature of rain flower gem, since the southern and northern dynasties, scholars, through the landscape, enjoy valentine rain flower gem to reach its peak to the flourishing period of tang and song dynasty, Qing dynasty writer Cao Xueqin described in the book a dream of red mansions ”The psychic treasure jade ”Means of rain flower gem.2016 years of rain flower stones have been successfully applied to be “Chinese intangible cultural heritage”.

According to the geological mining historians, generate rain flower gem in about 100 million years ago (Mesozoic) massive volcanic eruptions in Nanjing and the surrounding areas, magma from the earth's crust, a trickle into rock, after the river erosion and form again. Main ingredients for rain flower gem agate, including chalcedony, quartz, etc. Of rain flower gem already by the Chinese geologists 1924 world geological conference a name and get the world recognized.
Because of its natural charm, rain flower gem it glittering and translucent texture is collected fully clever, delicate and exquisite. The color change myriad, colorful,The texture, dynamic. In quality, color, grain, on the basis of the present all kinds of people, plants, animals, scenery, abstract, such as images and artistic conception, will present on small rain flower stones, which fills the world of rain flower stones radiate very unique charm and value for collection.We have a saying in China: gold has a price, jade is priceless. As rain flower gem contains a rich culture and the Chinese gem, take the lead in successfully in Melbourne, Australia in 2016, opened the “rain flower road” to the world, its significance same as the "Silk road".