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In the past two days, a Chinese aunt became popular in Australia.Because she ate the Bawang meal in the restaurant, not to mention, she even scratched the waiter!

Because the aunt’s behavior of biting people at a disagreement is too radical,This matter was reported by many Australian media, Aroused heated discussions among foreign netizens,Many netizens said: Their impression of the Chinese has been refreshed again...

7 news:"Diners will be prosecuted for biting the waiter"

The Advertiser:"The police arrested a woman who beat and bit a waiter"

9 news:"How the 50-yuan grilled fish caused an arrest and sent to the emergency room"

The thing is like this. According to 7news, a middle-aged aunt was welcomed in a restaurant in Australia some time ago.

The main dish of this restaurant is grilled fish. According to the restaurant manager:When placing the order, the aunt asked the waiter if he could order half a fish.

The waiter of the grilled fish shop immediately explained:Their shop only sells whole fish, not half. After the aunt placed her order, the restaurant served her a whole fish.

Originally the restaurant owner Olivia Zhu thought this was just an episode, so just explain it clearly to the aunt.

But what happened next was beyond everyone’s imagination,When the aunt paid the money, she insisted that she only ate half of the fish so she only gave half of the money.The whole grilled fish is worth 50 yuan, and the aunt only plans to give 25 yuan.

Of course, the restaurant does not accept the aunt’s practice.If all customers say that they only eat half of the food, they will only give half of the money. Isn't that messy?

(And a plate of fish was almost eaten)

So the waiter repeatedly said to the aunt who wanted to eat Bawang's meal: she could not accept her approach.But the aunt was so good, she directly said she wanted to call the police, so the store said that she was willing to wait for the police to solve it.

(The waiter persuaded the aunt to pay)

It can be clearly heard from the short video that the two parties are communicating in Chinese, the aunt's tone is a bit excited, and the waiter is trying to persuade her.

After a stalemate for a while, the aunt couldn't sit still and tried to leave first. Did not pay the full amount before leaving,I only gave 25 yuan and threw the money on the restaurant staff rudely!

One of the waiters, who was only 19 years old, saw that she had escaped the order and was determined, so he chased her out and grabbed the strap of her aunt's shoulder bag, trying to delay the time so that the police could deal with it.

(The waiter hugged the backpack strap, trying to keep the aunt)

But at this moment, something stunned everyone happened.Seeing that she couldn't leave, she punched and kicked the waiter!

Restaurant manager Olivia Zhu said: At that time, she hurried over after hearing that her staff was beaten.As a result, the aunt not only pinched the waiter's neck, but also scratched and scratched it.

(There are obvious strangulations on the neck)

Even teeth are used! He opened his mouth and bit the waiter's arm forcefully, trying to let him go.

(The waiter was bitten on his arm, red, swollen and bleeding)

Because there are many pedestrians in the place where the aunt makes trouble, it immediately aroused everyone's onlookers!Passers-by were frightened by this scene, and they picked up the phone to call the police.

Seeing more and more people watching, the aunt claimed:I have already given money, they only gave me half a fish, but they asked me to give all the money...

Subsequently,The police rushed to the scene and immediately put the aunt in custody after the investigation. The aunt will be charged next month for intentional injury.

It is reported that,The injured waiter was still an international student, He went to the emergency room immediately after being bitten,Because the wound is too deep, it needs to be sutured and will undergo a blood test.

Once this matter was exposed, foreign netizens left messages:

evy le azzopardi:This behavior will only be produced in China, and she and her family should be banned from coming to Australia forever

saber tajik:She only wants to give half of the money, because she only ate half, we can try it next time.

majka lusaka:Rich, rude, made in China.

yasmi baluch:It is very interesting that everyone only attacks her race. Seriously, this is just her personal behavior, not the whole of China.

karen ryan:Do they do the same in China?

natasha rutter:OMG, like a dog! If she dares to bite me, I will definitely break her hand! ! ! Chinese tourists are the worst.

Seeing the comments of foreign netizens, the editor is also Wuwei Chen Za, as netizens said:Those who don't know much about the Chinese, such an aunt, can bring the image of the Chinese to the bottom.

What's more, this is not the first time this happened in Australia.

Chinese aunt makes trouble at Australia airport

Before, a Chinese aunt was found with contraband at the customs. After being stopped by the customs officer,He cried and made a lot of noise, throwing quilts and throwing things, and went on Australian TV.

Chinese tourists over-explore Pipis

There are also Chinese tourists who gathered together to dig pipis in Venus Bay. Excessive mining and the large amount of garbage generated aroused the resentment of the locals.It was directly declared that tourists were not welcome to dig again, and the matter was once in trouble.

In many cases, a person's improper behavior will cause others to resent and dislike the entire group.When going out, everyone's every move is more or less representative of their own race.The editor just wanted to say:Don't let other people set up a good image outside. If it is destroyed like this, the face of the Chinese still has to win on their own.

News compiled from "7 News, 9 News, Daily Mail"


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